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  1. Angela Kang strait up saved this show. 1000% better than gimple. Best showrunner hands down
  2. Radical Islam is a race? In thought it was a religion. Hmm
  3. Not all of them are jihadis calling to defund defense and military though
  4. Soooo.. the newest mulsim Congresswoman wants to defund military and homeland security. Now why would she want to do that? Because shes at best a terrorist sympathizer st worst one herself. Way to go Democrats you elected the first jihadist to Congress!
  5. When you oppose Trump more than you oppose sex trafficking.
  6. Might do it. At least this president isn't obstructing justice the way the previous one did. Obama basically shut down any investigation regarding his staff in that controversy.
  7. I have, I've watched the whole thing several times before I commented on it
  8. Then you know you are woefully wrong
  9. I mean go look it up
  10. Hey kids.lets play Obama protected holder when he was in contempt of court which, had he testified would have resulted in who knows how much chaos up to the president himself with fast m furious. Get outta here with that nonsense.
  11. Watch the whole vid not your cnn mashup broseph
  12. Wrong again watch the whole video. The guy approached the crowd, walked into it, and stopped at the guy who didnt move out of the way for him and beat a drum in his face. So white males must move if a minority tells them too? Can white males also tell minorities to move too or no?
  13. And your points are totally irrelevant. They were clearly not the aggressors and your white power, white privilege, white supremacy nonsense falls apart. This is what the fellow I told to quit posting was referring too. It doesnt matter what you say about caucasians on this board but had he posted your racist trash about a non white person he would have been modsmacked. It's just nonsense of a whole lot of the people on and running these boards.
  14. Young white males protesting the slaughter of innocent children. Black Israelites yell racial and homophobic slurs at young white males Native american man walks into crowd of young white males and bangs on a drum inches from a young white males face Conclusion its the white folks fault , white supremacy.... ok again the left has a mental disorder.