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  1. Didn't intend for that to be any possible thing. That's unfortunate wording. I meant the insults and name calling not actual crimes
  2. No one is deflecting. Its makes him a trash person but it's not impeachable offense.
  3. I never suggested him committing a crime was not reason.
  4. Calling people names isnt a crime
  5. Yes that I'm for depending on the replacement.
  6. Ya this is insane! How does something like this even come up. Like "Hey, we just gave the military a raise, fixed the va and created a new branch of military. What do you wanna do next? I dunno how about we let predatory load dealers target them?"
  7. How can you "hold him accountable" for anything he did prior to being president while still in office? Gonna impeach him for what being a terrible person? Unfortunately that's not a thing.
  8. Mods gonna get you lol.
  9. Well are there millions of illegal canadians crossing the border? Theres like 300 last year? They all need to go back too. Do it right or go home.
  10. It's not a white nationalist policy to support the United states, its citizens, and its borders it's an American one.
  11. My favorite part of this whole discussion has been by the left who has cried but what about the 4th!!! Are the same ones who say skip the 2nd ban guns the constitutionis outdated. Which one is it?
  12. Wrong part of town vs Known criminal hotspots. that's not the same. If I frequent of meth dealer Bob's house I'm gonna be stopped eventually and questioned. That's not even close to the same thing.
  13. I'm not a white nationalist either