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  1. Im just sick of it all. Too many people embrace him because he has an R. His negatives far outweigh his positives at this point.
  2. So the Trump presidency started strong but the reality is this 1. He put a pro abortion scotus on the bench. Total failure. 2. His economy was rising but a recession Is coming every financial advisor knows his tax plan only delayed the inevitable of what should have already happened. 3. He has been a total failure on the social aspect 4..failed to get anything accomplished on healthcare 5. He cant stay off twitter for all the wrong reasons. 6. Everyone he surrounded himself with was either criminal, incompetent, or is wanting to leave. 7. seperating families with no plan in place to be able to reunite them I mean this is enough
  3. So when does the impeachment of Trump begin? If this is going to happen let's go ahead and get it over with before he appoints anymore "conservative" judges.
  4. Uhhhhhhh........ yep not with this . This sounds like you were at the rally guy.
  5. I don't consider you leftist.
  6. Called the Jewish conservative the nazi collaborator guy helping load fellow Jews on the the trains . And others. And the radical base not the radical fringe of the democratic party is in constant nazi calling mode. Just browse Twitter and Facebook and YouTube for a while. But there is a fringe element of the right that does the same and it's just as unacceptable and abhorrent.
  7. Missed that part. Carry on then dude is a murderous nazi and anyone defending him shouldn't refer to themselves as conservatives but neonnazi sympathizers
  8. Huckabee? Really? Lol he like most of Republicans of that era need to go away.
  9. I don't remember people calling him a nazi. A socialist? Ya, a communist? Ya I heard that too. A Muslim? Heard that. Never heard nazi. Though anyone doing that isnt helping their cause and its just as destructive
  10. Not sure. It isnt accurate. Maybe hes using accomadative language because that's what leftist use when speaking about nazis. Or maybe he has another issue. Either way its poor wording at best.
  11. Im ready for the trump era to be over with. I see nothing positive that he has left to offer. If he isn't guilty of a crime, he surrounded himself with a boatload of people who are guilty of major and multiple crimes.
  12. No, you just call us that. Theres nothing about conservatism that's inherently racist. But the left calls anything not itself racist.
  13. Removing Pence would be the dumbest thing hes ever done and thats saying something.
  14. Hes a disgusting murderous Neo nazi, but the left has labeled all conservatives nazis over the last few years. This is where you lost so much by calling everyone a racist nazi. It lost its effect. Fields was an actual neo nazi but you on the left (maybe not you) call trump a racist nazi and ben shapio a racist nazi and joe Rogan a racist nazi and anyone who supports trump a racist nazi until that loses its meaning and what you are really saying is conservatives are nazis.