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  2. Yeah they are
  3. Nah we need an entire energy overhaul including using our own oil, but more specifically nuclear
  4. Probably not Saudis own both parties until we can move away from their oil
  5. This is unacceptable.
  6. Not ok, not ok at all
  7. Vulgarity and ordering me to be quiet. Seems hostile
  8. hmm wonder why hostile? Must be guilty..that was your reasoning as to Kavenaughs guilt lol
  9. I didnt say might as well I said why not who cares life is meaningless. More proof of bad faith argument
  10. No it's you starting stating please define my ethic , I do, you say I dont i do again you say i didn't, i then compare my ethic to an atheistic world view and you just go on a tirade. Yes bad faith. It was never about discussion It was just delaying the inevitable attack.
  11. As I figured. Bad faith argument. Time likely wasted.