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  1. And that same season both the Panthers and Bucs beat the super bowl team, I guess they should feel even better about their chances this year using that metric. But I guarantee they don’t. you don’t think any of those teams are ahead of the Falcons? Do you think any objective fan would believe that? A team that just fired all three coordinators?
  2. Division II Defensive End who had 3 sacks last year and graded ten points lower than the DE drafted by Philly 3 spots later in the same round who played in the big 10.
  3. I just see a lot of vague criticisms of Manuel, while people simultaneously call out the dline for not being talented enough at pass rushing and the secondary for being soft. Seems like he did fine with what he was working with, based on the criticisms of the players and their grades. I think Cox was scapegoated and also the assistant coaches this past season. What exactly was Quinn responsible for last year?
  4. From what I’ve seen, visited zero other teams. Hmm...
  5. I doubt a defensive line with a rookie and a player who was out the league multiple seasons and was considered a bust would make veteran offensive linemen “scared”, but that’s just me. Imagination is a powerful thing.
  6. I can’t think of any other player in my lifetime of watching pro football that the HEAD COACH states publicly he’s going to personally work with in year three, like Quinn has mad spare time and no other responsibilities, like calling the defense which he said he’s going to do this year too. Other than quarterbacks, I have a hard time conceiving it. And I wonder how other players would feel about this special “tutoring”? Deep down you have to be skeptical.
  7. Ha, he threw that well past it’s expiration date “both GMs from the Patriots tree” in there. The Pats haven’t had great drafts since 2012, when the new Lions GM was director of scouting for them.
  8. Four sentences that make no sense when put together. Newsflash, everybody in the pros is athletic, and athleticism is not a language. Combine? What are you talking about? Tell me what Quinn is going to do with Beasley on a mechanical level, none of this hippy dippy nonsense? Why did he have to fire Cox and release Hagemen if there’s some secret methodology he can pull out? Is he choosing to allow players to fail?
  9. If Quinn can just magically improve a defensive linemen like Beasley, why wouldn’t he want to apply that across the board to all his defensive lineman? Does Vic speak a different language?
  10. Teachers can grade a test because the have the answer key. How are they grading guys if they aren’t talking to the coaches/teachers with the answer keys?
  11. 3.5 sacks last year in 16 games, averaging less than 6 the last 4 seasons.
  12. Is it possible for more than one team to sign bad contracts?
  13. Yup, just like there’s no known video of him at the Super Bowl, attacking a paralyzed person in a wheelchair, right in front of a cop who didn’t arrest him during the “attack”.
  14. Terrible idea. Why should I use a card that has access to bank accounts for the purchase of stadium food? You only have to have your card skimmed one time at a fast food place to see the folly of handing your debit card to someone just for cheap food purchases.
  15. Is this a joke?