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  1. MNF

    You didn't refute anything. Produce data that shows the majority of Ryan's stats weren't compiled in the second half and from behind. Your obfuscation about 'in every game' and using dramatic words like 'truly horrible' don't change a thing. The numbers are there, emotion or insults won't change that. He's completed 18 passes with the lead this season. But 168 of his completions were when the Falcons were tied or trailing. Let's look closer 1st game Minnesota 1st drive three and out 2nd drive interception on third down 3rd drive punt 4th drive 4 plays punt 5th drive 7 plays punt end of half Philly 1st drive 11 plays FG 2nd drive 6 plays punt 3rd drive 3 plays punt 4th drive 9 plays missed FG 5th drive 5 plays TD M Ryan 6th drive 4 plays INT end of half. Indy 1st drive 6 plays punt 2nd drive 5 plays interception 3rd drive 9 plays FG end of half Titans 1st drive 3 plays punt 2nd drive 6 plays TD I. Smith 3rd drive 6 plays fumble M Ryan 4th drive 3 plays punt 5th drive 9 plays 33 yds turnover on downs 6h drive missed FG end of half Texans (best 1st half) 1st drive 3 plays punt 2nd drive 6 plays TD M Ryan 3rd drive 10 plays FG 4th drive 6 plays punt 5th drive 11 plays TD M Ryan end of half Cardinals 1st drive 10 plays TD 2nd drive 4 plays punt 3rd drive 3 plays punt 4th drive 11 plays FG end of half 2019 1st halves 4 passing TDs 66% completion 7 ypa 2nd halves 11 passing TDs 77% completion 8.4 ypa Leading or Tied 66% completion Trailing 74% completion What are you arguing?
  2. Pretty losses, early in the game is when you need second half Matt Ryan. Why isnt' that happening if the defense is bad all game?
  3. So why crow about the numbers? I'm placing context. Appreciate the nom de plume.
  4. You’re wasting your time, the advanced stats support you. They’ll never admit it. The majority of his numbers have been generated coming from behind and in the second half of games this year. This is not debatable .
  5. MNF

    too bad the majority of those stats were compiled while losing and after halftime, in a lot of cases by double digits, with the exception of one, which was an interception negated by a roughing the passer on Philly's Barnett. Look at the scores.... 18 completions in the red zone in the 2nd half just 7 in the first half. Stats have context.
  6. Matt Ryan Completion % by quarter 2019 1st - 64% 2nd - 64% 3rd - 69% 4th - 81% by half 2019 1st - 64% 2nd - 76% TDs by half 2019 1st - 3 2nd - 8 INTs by half 1st - 3 2nd - 8 1249 of his 1655 yards passing have come with him trailing in games. His completion % when tied or leading is 63% when trailing 72% on downs with 3 or less yards to go, 76% completion passing, on downs with greater than 3 yards, 65% completion passing
  7. Falcons tied for the worst record in the conference with, and second in negative point differential to the Washington team that fired their coach.
  8. They did, and Atlanta is a cursed sports town.
  9. This is what’s important right now, defending Ryan’s reputation. Finally, a bad game where that’s not needed. not like the first four where he had one TD in the first half all year, no it’s not his fault today and that all that matters.
  10. Comparing Goat Brady with Ryan is Manute Bol level reaching. Have fun with this team and reasoning. At least you can crow about your QB I guess, which is what counts
  11. You sure? They’ve never questioned the offensive acumen of their coach or it was as unproven as Quinn on the defensive side of the ball. i remember them blaming bountygate, weird.
  12. Good thing you’re not a Saints fan then. Wonder if they’re having these feelings and conversation about their team and QBs today?
  13. He’s a sub .500 Q since the Super Bowl, which was seasons ago.
  14. What is this called psychologically?