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  1. Fans don’t truly have an answer, or anything that resembles what pro football players hear. It’s just vague and obvious “improvements” being suggested. I couldn’t tell you how to improve Georgia States offense on a technical level, much less a professional football team.
  2. Matt Ryan, 189 has more starts than Rodgers, 184, age has nothing to do with it and is a bit of a disingenuous argument. Everyone knows Rodgers didn’t start right away.
  3. Only one on the list without a ring ironically.
  4. Eagles have targeted Slay since last year. Stick to falcons news, figure out how to get that right.
  5. Revis could play in Sherman’s best scheme, Sherman would be toast man to man. It is what it is.
  6. This thread says more about fans and the arguments they feel the need to create to justify their support of a ringless Ryan more than anything else. To watch Sanu yesterday and think, “how can I spin this to make Ryan look better” is kinda crazy.
  7. This really came down to the wins over the 49ers and Saints , beating the awful Panthers twice and Jags absolutely should have played no part in the equation of retaining Quinn. Those teams aren't even waiting until the season is over to start cleaning house, from benching a $50 million guaranteed QB and firing Coughlin and soon to be marrone, to firing Rivera and who knows what else in Carolina.
  8. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-coaches-and-qbs-should-divorce-after-five-years-of-not-winning/ "Of the 31 head coaches to win at least one Super Bowl, 27 of them won their first championship within the first five seasons with that team." So you believe Quinn is like one of the four NOT to win a SB in the first 5 years (Chuck Noll (6 seasons) or Cowher (15 seasons) if the Steelers are your example? You think of the Falcons now of the Steelers of those coaches? Good luck next year.
  9. When did the opinions of dudes who jobs were in jeopardy 24 hours carry weight? Maybe the coaching was a problem? Why wouldn't that be questioned, or is that only on defense that happens? Who's the Falcons oline coach and what's his rep?
  10. How do you imbue rookies and FA with the "positive" results of the last X games of the previous season? Injured players? The defense looked better after a certain player went prior to the last 8 games, is he benched now?
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