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  1. LOL! I know that’s right.
  2. Pierce may not be the guy. He’s got to get out of player development mode and get into head coach mode. It’s largely a testament to the players ability that they’ve won the few games they’ve had without a coach that knows how to minimize their weaknesses.
  3. Nobody knows yet. The Squawk doesn’t go down often but ****** when it does it’s catastrophic. I haven’t been able to get on the site in weeks now. Site Admin doesn’t participate anymore. We just don’t know what’s going on..
  4. Exactly. I’m thinking he played this season to have a chance at the NFL. He’s made a **** good case. I, personally, think the kid would be a special NFL QB.
  5. Is Kyler Murray not in the draft ?
  6. Adding that 3 pointer and shooting it at ~35-37% will be an absolute game changer for him. He’s got pretty good body control and good enough handles to attack closeouts. Also becoming a pop threat makes him more dangerous in PnR situations because defenders can’t sell out defending the ball handler.
  7. Luka was definitely the more seasoned player due to him playing professionally in Europe. Luka has a much better supporting cast around him too. I say that not to take away from Luka, but to emphasize Trae would look better with better teammates. I think when it’s all said and done it’ll be an argument similar to Kobe vs Tmac when both players were great at the time and it becomes a matter of preference. The tie breaker becomes the potential extra lottery.
  8. Man..it’s been like 2 weeks now. I’m starting to miss it.. Btw, who’s who over here ? Probably ain’t hard for Squawk regulars to figure out I’m EazyRoc over there.
  9. I can’t believe someone here was actually trying to convince me that their secondary was good.
  10. They’ve got to run the ball effectively. Without that, this offense will always be easy to stop.
  11. Had Matt threw a good ball Julio would’ve ran that in for an easy TD.
  12. Run ball.
  13. It’s clearly both Sark and Matt together who wet the bed in this game. Until we right the ship with our run game, our offense will look terrible. The run game opens everything else up for us. This is something Shanahan and Mularkey understood. P.S. I should say this though. Sark created enough opportunities. Matt has to play better. He’s looking more like he did with Dirk Koetter than Shanahan.
  14. Falcons have to run the ball better/more. An effective run game/PA game is where Matt thrives. Sark has to get the backs more involved.
  15. I will say this because I’ve been hard on Matt all game. Sark isn’t helping this offense AT ALL. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in his second season, but our plays and play calling looked real uninspired.
  16. Ok. Who’s fault is it when he misses receivers, throws behind them, overthrows it, or holds the ball too long ? Game plan ? Seriously ?
  17. Im not going to defend Sark and the play calling hasn’t been spectacular. However, our QB isn’t playing well enough for the game plan to matter much. It’s the players who still have to make the plays and the plays called have created opportunities for Matt Ryan to take advantage of. He’s just playing really bad.
  18. Take what the defense gives you. He used to be pretty **** good at that. It’s when he tries to force the issue that burns us. He didn’t have to force the ball to Julio in this instance especially when they showed blitz pre snap.
  19. What are you even talking about ? His problems have been purely execution related. Ryan has had opportunities to make plays in this game and has left yards and points on the field.
  20. And he’s starting to let the intermediate passes sail on him. Something I’ve been seeing more of since last year. Let’s just be real. We are all Falcons fans. We want him to be the GOAT. He has looked like a below average QB tonight when given good opportunities. You can’t blame that on Sark.
  21. You can’t be serious or not watching the same game. This is one of the worst games I’ve ever seen from Matt. You can’t blame Sark for his poor decision making and inaccuracies.
  22. This.
  23. Mine has been choppy all game. I’m in a hotel so I just chalked it up to where I was at.