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  1. How about...We stop picking fights and expecting the refs to bail us out ? Don’t start a fight, kick a man in the nuts, and then get outraged when he knocks you over the head. Rudolph is a little weasel and should be suspended right along with the rest of the guys.
  2. Run up = Get done up
  3. Sounds like Alford..
  4. Luka was definitely the more seasoned player due to him playing professionally in Europe. Luka has a much better supporting cast around him too. I say that not to take away from Luka, but to emphasize Trae would look better with better teammates. I think when it’s all said and done it’ll be an argument similar to Kobe vs Tmac when both players were great at the time and it becomes a matter of preference. The tie breaker becomes the potential extra lottery.