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  1. 5th or 6th round pick ?
  2. This is like being a young kid watching your parents divorce. They both have legitimate gripes and I can’t choose sides. I just wish they’d work it out.
  3. Because the value of the league goes up every year. That’s why their salaries go up. Everybody makes more money when the league does well. If it wasn’t for the union, then that wouldn’t be so. Without getting too political, there used to be a time when regular people had many unions nationwide that secured fair wages etc. Even still, in today’s labor market, the skilled worker looking for a job is in a favorable position.
  4. Change jobs or force your employers hand. It happens all the time.
  5. Bet they come back down to Earth this year.
  6. One thing that’s really understated is just how bad the other secondaries are in the NFC South. I’m pretty sure every DC in the South cried in their pillows after the draft.
  7. Maddens ratings were never fully coherent I don’t care about all the other stuff in there. FWIW, Beasley’s rating was what it was because Madden treats him like a LB. Ryan, Jones, and Jarrett are all too low though. I wish I could see Ridleys route running. I bet that fudged that...
  8. My point you are missing is Hindsight is 20/20, Nostradamus. My point is that you’re blaming him for something out of control and changing the subject to something I wasn’t even talking about so you can sit on your high horse with scorn. There was no way he could’ve known that this crazy broad had a PATTERN of using false accusations to ruin people. That JUST came out in the court room. Now that you know it NOW, it’s easy for YOU to say that BS about messing with crazy women. Does that make sense to you now ?
  9. You’re moving the goalpost now. The fact is we NOW know she had a history after she testified in court. And he was completely innocent in “this”. Hindsight is 20/20.
  10. How is he not innocent? and how was he supposed to find out about her scumbag history ? its not scumbags advertise the foul stuff they’ve done in the past. This whole issue came to a head when he tried to break up with her. I don’t understand your point of view on this at all. Please help me understand.
  11. My problem isn’t that Julio is asking for more money. Once he signed the last contract I felt he cheated himself out of money. It’s the fact that he’s waiting until we’re cash strapped to ask for it. Not only that, he’s sitting out of team activities after a down year where he seemed rusty and out of sync too much for our top receiver. He literally left touchdowns on the field and let us down in more than one big moment last year. It’s a tough position to be in because you’re likely not going to get equal value for him and well..we are primed for another super bowl run and having him on the team makes it easier. I’m just disappointed with how Julio is handling this..
  12. I mean how ? She literally flipped out on him when he tried to walk away from her.
  13. To piggyback of the OP, but take it in a diff. direction. How about The Ridleys run blocking ? I know he spent his college career mostly with a running QB and great run game. I haven’t watched any tape on this, but he should come in as a polished run blocker (as far as WR are concerned) due to the system he played in. Thoughts ?
  14. The real story is.....Sark is still the offensive coordinator and we are gonna suck because of it. /sarcasm
  15. Well that question is a lay-up that I’ll take. First, Sarkisian should naturally improve as acoordinator in his 2nd year. It’s hard to imagine how he could actually get worse. He’s got a strong, tenured assistant (Knapp) to lean on. He should improve (I believe significantly). We should also begin to see why Sarkisian has been praised as an offensive genius in the past now that’s he’s through with his “rookie” season. Second, We should have more weapons offensively. Let’s just face it. Outside of Julio last year, everyone else is average at best. I expect Hooper to emerge as a better contributor from that TE spot. He’s been putting in more work than he ever has AFAIK. Not to discount the additions of Ridley and Ito Smith (who may be dynamic enough to play a Percy Harvin type role for us). I think Saubert emerges as a really good back-up TE or shine in twin TE sets. Not a world beater, but a guy who can beat linebackers at least. Thirdly, Our offensive line has improved. Perhaps not by a huge leap, but we’ve shored up weaknesses and can count on some level of improvement from our younger players along the line. This is all, of course, barring any major injuries.