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  1. Football was meant to be a violent and dangerous Sport. That’s my point. Such injuries and trauma are all part of the game. These players know what they signed up for. Why are you assuming nobody knew about this but some scientists? I think the players know better than anyone.
  2. The NFL is a joke now. These players are overpaid getting paid millions of dollars. They keep changing the rules and making it an even more ********* Sport. Seriously they’re grown *** men out there act like it. *******!
  3. Best QB/Coach combo in your opinion. What has Tom Brady and Bill Belichick ever accomplished without cheating? While we’re on the subject of Tom Brady. Think about how bad Brady looked when he first came into the league as opposed to how great Mahomes looks. Brady looked slow, had a slow release and was slow to make his reads. Rookie Patrick Mahomes looks light years ahead of what Rookie Tom Brady did.
  4. Crazier things have happened in this League. That’s why this is MY OPINION on what I think is going to happen. Remember the Saints and Colts Super Bowl? I predicted them being in the Super Bowl with the Saints winning because of Hurricane Katrina.
  5. The Patriots I hope. Mahomes may be young and inexperienced but that kid is going to be an Elite QB some day. I’m blown away by his arm strength and accuracy alone, but the fact that he makes such quick reads, is elusive in the pocket and has the guts to go for the big play. Andy Reid obviously feels that he is ready to be a starter. He also has a lot of great offensive weapons to work with. The Chiefs WR Corps is pretty **** good and they have Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce.
  6. I have the Falcons and Vikings making it to the NFC Championship with the Falcons advancing to the Super Bowl. I think the Steelers and Chiefs make it to the AFC Championship and the Steelers advance to the Super Bowl. Falcons win it all at Home.
  7. In the words of Vince Lombardi. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Rise Up!
  8. Falcons should be #1. Doesn’t matter though, no one will be able to doubt this team after they win the Super Bowl this year.
  9. I try my best to avoid these fake and fair weathered Falcons Fans that give our fan base a bad rep.
  10. How is it a stretch when the Facts are on the table laid out in front of you?
  11. Nobody has anything to say about this? We have some fake Falcons fans on this site.
  12. The Game WAS fixed for the Eagle's to win just like the Falcons vs Eagle's game was fixed for them to win. Don't believe me go read my thread in the Game day section. The NFL was created by a group of gamblers from the Italian Mafia. Wake up the F up!
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