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  1. Looked like #67 was holding on the play. I saw jersey being pulled. At the very most this should have been a replay of down.
  2. Here you go, enjoy: Karma? Vikings fans erupt in joy as Saints lose NFC Championship Game in overtime to Rams
  3. Visit Minnesota in the summer or fall, you'll love it. We actually do have very nice summer weather and very beautiful falls. It's not Alaska, as some people think. I've only been to the Atlanta airport. I'd love to visit Georgia someday too. Going to the Masters golf tournament is a dream of mine. As for Louisiana, the most depressed place I ever visited was Tijuana, Mexico until I went to New Orleans. There are parts of that city that make you think this can't be in the U.S.
  4. Also, I'll tell you Vikings fan never held a grudge against the Falcons after the1998 NFC Championship game. Our guys choked, plain and simple, esp. the kicker who saved his first miss of the season for that game. Personally, I wanted the Falcons to go on and win the Super Bowl.
  5. Vikings fans are 'really (expletive)' making Saints fans mad I thought you all would find this amusing. I guess Saints fans have very thin skin and here's a shock, some of these swamp people are starting the hate Vikings fans more than Falcons fans. BTW, Saints fans have a reputation in Minnesota as the worst visiting fans in the NFL, yes, even worse than the Cheeseheads from Green Bay.