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  1. 2 minutes ago, Jdrizzle said:

    That's quite a subjective opinion as far as what a mobile QB is. I think the fact that you have to dive into the differences between mobile QB and a QB who can escape pressure or blah blah blah.......I mean you're diving really deep based off of a really bad OP and taking a way more nuanced stance and it's kinda weird really.




    But yeah......Ryan is a far superior QB.

    Ok well... Ryan Fitzpatrick and Daniel Jones are  11/12 yards behind Cam and 14/15 behind Wilson.

    Which of those 4 are truly mobile QBs in your opinion?

  2. 16 minutes ago, Jdrizzle said:

    Besides the whole tying every mobile QB to Cam despite there being several mobile QB's in the NFL who have achieved success? 



    I mean......it's a dumb post and there's a childish nickname attached to said horrible post.

    Mobile QBs and QBs who can escape pressure are two completely different things. There are currently like 2-3 mobile QBs in the NFL.

    As far as his point on Ryan being far superior, which is the beef of his post, is he wrong?

  3. 2 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

    I'm actually okay with a lot of Quinn's gameplan today. It's blown coverages. That goes on him, but this defense just isn't that talented. They aren't going to beat the guy across from them. They lack confidence and identity, and at this point they just don't look very talented.

    Who's responsible for the lack of talent on the Defense? Last I heard, these guys are hand picked by DQ

  4. 1 hour ago, mvcrook said:

    Wait a second my nigga....Did you get rid of my clips with the unshaved migdet broad dressed like Winnie the Pooh and the Great Dane? 

    You know **** well I saved that to my personal hard drive. Hit me up if you want a copy...

  5. 23 minutes ago, mvcrook said:

    Maybe it's me, but now I have even more questions:

    1. Is the fantasy football section of the site open?

    2. What's a php error?

    3. Is there an estimated time of the site being restored? Today? Tomorrow? What?

    4. Who the **** is Steven?

    5. What is that a picture of in Steven's avatar?

    6. Who is leading the NFCS right now and by how many games?

    1. No

    2. The SQL database was huge, which means you ******** are uploading your porn to the site like it's some cloud service. Disgusting. I had to clean it all...

    3. Whenever GoDaddy gets back to me. Their Customer service is garbage and their phone line is either busy or takes 2 hours to get a hold of someone.

    4. Steven is my name

    5. It's reece catching some feelings: See below

    6. Some garbage team that isn't going to win in the playoffs...


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