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  1. Site is up....
  2. You know **** well I saved that to my personal hard drive. Hit me up if you want a copy...
  3. 1. No 2. The SQL database was huge, which means you ******** are uploading your porn to the site like it's some cloud service. Disgusting. I had to clean it all... 3. Whenever GoDaddy gets back to me. Their Customer service is garbage and their phone line is either busy or takes 2 hours to get a hold of someone. 4. Steven is my name 5. It's reece catching some feelings: See below 6. Some garbage team that isn't going to win in the playoffs...
  4. Quinn needs to figure this **** out and quick. I'm not sure why it has taken him this long so far. With this offense, you score and score at will. If the long pass is working, stick with it. If the run isn't working, stop forcing it. Score a **** ton of points, and force the other team to sprint at your side or fall behind. Stop trying to be something we are not, which is a game managing offense, bend but don't break defense. The sooner he gets this, the sooner we will start dominating teams like the Saints.
  5. Quinn is starting to get on my ******* nerves. I'm sick of this turtling ****.
  6. These guys can't provide blocking for a f'in 3rd and 2? The **** man...
  7. Sark needs to stop with the predictable runs... If everyone watching knows it's coming, so does the defense.
  8. This loss. Yes I'm calling it a loss... Is on Quinn and Sark. These dudes have no concept of how to call a game.
  9. 10 accepted penalties against us... I'm starting to get really ******* tired of the refs.
  10. Can we just quit and move on to the regular season?
  11. Roughing the Passer is going to be stupid this season...
  12. Why is Benkert still playing? Is this a joke or something?