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  1. 600 yards and 50+ points... Let's blame Matt for all that ****, yeah? LOL
  2. Defense aint stopping nothing
  3. Un****ingreal. You do something good, and you punch yourself in the d*cks...
  4. Who's responsible for the lack of talent on the Defense? Last I heard, these guys are hand picked by DQ
  5. If Quinn isn't gone tonight, I'm not following or spending any more money on this team until the day he is fired. Period. No excuse for 500 yards and 33 points with a full ******* quarter to go.
  6. Do we even have any this season on Defense?
  7. He's a better running back than Freeman this year... His runs ONLY come on plays when he bails out the OL or RB for terrible blocks.
  8. Let's be real. The only positive to this game is Ryan. Playing behind this putrid OL with these lackluster WRs, half assing their routes and dropping balls.
  9. He's supposed to bail Linemen out for bad blocks? LOL
  10. Definitely. Need to bring in a DC who isn't playing a padded zone system as well.
  11. Has to go, as soon as tonight. Put Koetter in his place for the rest of the season, hope for some sort of bump in play. Rehaul the rest of the staff in the offseason.
  12. 28th ranked offense average 7.4 yards per play.
  13. F the entire coaching staff. Trash
  14. OL is completely banged up.
  15. Tennessee first 5 possessions, Punt, TD, TD, Punt, FG. That on the Offense as well?