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  1. The eagles play with heart! Our team plays with garsh-darnet we will get em next time.
  2. Quinn will say he is our brother and brothers do stupid thugs all the time, so Quinn will give him more money to play better hahahah
  3. They are going to pad Julio’s stats so that stupid people will think we should pay 80mil to a receiver!!!!
  4. That game had a lot more influential plays other than that catch! A receiver isn’t worth millions! It’s funny how every team in the league has a blueprint to follow and it is called New England but yet are to sturbun to follow the true leaders! You see how it works with them when a receiver says I need more money!! They gone!!!!!
  5. If Ryan could a better oline it would give him a little more time to throw and a bigger running back I know we would be a better team! Think back to the Michel Turner days. The problem then was defense. We just need to quit being so stuck on 1 player. In the NFL you need a good QB, awesome Dline, Oline and a running back those are the main key things to football!
  6. Dude it is pointless to try to discuss football with you if you think 1 wide receiver is that important.
  7. Weee we have a star and no super bowl! Man you are spot on!!! Haha this guy
  8. I know how can any team make it with out a over paid receiver? Umm New England because they put money into the QB and make sure he has a good online! They have Gronk sometimes and receivers that are 5’10 so yeah!
  9. What good is julio to the falcons really? If you have a line that gives Ryan time to throw any NFL receiver should be able to get open without needing a 80 million dollar contract! Kinda like Brady has always done because they put picks in the most important part the oline. Running backs and receivers should be picked up in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Never waste the money nor picks on those positions!
  10. Ryan’s record against rookie or first year QBs go take a look it’s not good! We will lose.
  11. Thank you!!! Ryan has always panicked!! If he can’t release the ball in 3 seconds he looks like a baby giraffe trying to run for the first time back there in the pocket!!!!
  12. If we would run more quick slants we could control the game at the line better. We have 5 awesome receivers but we try to make them run to long of routes
  13. O I have embraced it!! The team has too ever since they came up with the stupid moto!
  14. Haha love the heart but remember the falcons don’t play with there heart. They really could careless about winning this game! Payton will use the most deadly plays on us and the score will be 52 to 10.
  15. Umm you are crazy, our identity is no heart go through the motion and say we are a better team than how we played! Then the coaches are going to say some stupid stuff about brotherhood bla bla we will be better next weekend! Then we all think it will and yeah no we just suck.
  16. Man the falcons don’t come to play with heart! The offense is perfectly fine freeman is the only one hurt on the offense they have no excuse! The defense has 3 main starters hurt and are playing better than the offense.
  17. You are crazy if you think we will beat the saints!!! They are going to beat us 58 to 10! I guarantee there plan is to embarrass us on thanksgiving!!
  18. Dude you are crazy 3 main players out on defense they kept the score at 19 as long as they could!! The offense has more money on it than the defense could ever dream of!! Julio sanu Ryan Mack and Matthew’s! And they can’t score come on are you blind! Don’t blame the defense rookies and second to 3 rd year players!
  19. I am with you it’s all fake look at the money! Coaches all ways stay the same they just move to different positions to control the games to make the right out come! Just like today julio catches a deep ball in coverage to tie the game with a minute 150 on the clock how stupid a play call is that!!! Knowing our defense can’t cover! They were covering the spread knowing the would win by 3!! It’s all fake look at how the gladiators played to keep pwominds busy back in roman days!!!!!
  20. You will see choke a lot Thursday it’s going to be embarrassing!!!
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