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  1. I'll never understand how wishy washy this fanbase is depending on what's going on. Morris is not a good coach. The whole foundation needs to be destroyed, its the only way.
  2. Cedric Smith (running back), and country singer Jamey Johnson was born there, that's it as far as i know
  3. Does this fragile scrub head case really expect anyone to believe that ANYBODY offered a second for him? Just ship him off for a bag of jelly beans
  4. Radio still has the same idiotic tendencies that Quinn does. Don't want this dude anywhere near the HC chair next season.
  5. God what a **** show. Demolish this team completely even the ******* slab
  6. Good riddance if they do. Guy has been nothing but a disappointment since they drafted him. ****ty attitude and bad work ethic, he's made out of toothpicks. Guy is just a bigger Vic Beasley without a fluke season
  7. JA98, Lamar Holmes, and i feel like its necessary to add Duke Riley and Jordan Richards to the short list as well
  8. Go find that goofy lookin falcons fan doin the milly rock and make him HC
  9. It actually gives me a sharp pain in my balls that people are still trying to find ways to defend DQ.
  10. As long as we have a drooling senile idiot as our owner, don't count on it.
  11. The whole FO has to be purged. there's gonna be no progress until that happens. and i see a whole lot of defending Koetter for game 1 when half of those 25 came from when we were already down 20 god**** points. Stop the delusion.
  12. Hey guys if you find that momentum we were supposed to carry from last season, let me know. Whole FO/staff needs to be cleansed
  13. i think this is Dan Quinn. never seen so much company man BS in all my life.
  14. Quinn presided over a late season collapse in 2015, the worst super bowl collapse in history in 2016, hiring a dumb*** who doesn't know his *** from a hole in the ground who never called plays in the NFL in 2017 to call plays in the NFL only to lose in the playoffs in embarassing fashion, scapegoats Marquand Manuel in 2018 after injuries killed the defense, takes over the defense in 2019 to awful results, gives up play calling and the defense immediately looks not great but actually decent. Hires a retread in Dirk Koetter and is keeping him after ruining the offense FURTHER and wasting the 349568th years of Ryan and Julio's primes. and he gets to keep his job. Thats the ONLY lesson. He's Jason Garrett with no hair and less clapping
  15. If anyone needed proof that Arthur Blank simply doesn't care a lick about this team, this is it. I wish i could fail at every facet of my job and still have my boss's blessing. 7-9 on the way lets go.
  16. As much as i see Quinn gone, TD is gonna be allowed to stay and continue to run this team into the ground even more. Signing injury prone turnstiles like Carpenter and Brown, SAMBRAILO, holding onto mediocre Matthews and breaking the bank for a ******* running back will force us to part with one of the best TEs in the game. Because falcons
  17. this front office is a colossal joke. just purge the whole thing
  18. We really had people asking about Beasley last year and Quinn really held onto this garbage bag. cant wait for this dude to kick rocks
  19. we're not doing anything at the deadline as per usual so i'm not even getting invested
  20. This makes paying Carpenter/Brown starter money look even more ********. Guess we're giving up 500 rushing yards a game next season. Gave up 2 picks for someone who was gonna be there at 45
  21. Gave two average to below average guards starter money just to draft another guard and keep turnstile sambrailo at tackle. thems my falcons
  22. It astounds me they brought this bum back at 13 million.
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