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  1. This makes paying Carpenter/Brown starter money look even more ********. Guess we're giving up 500 rushing yards a game next season. Gave up 2 picks for someone who was gonna be there at 45
  2. Gave two average to below average guards starter money just to draft another guard and keep turnstile sambrailo at tackle. thems my falcons
  3. It astounds me they brought this bum back at 13 million.
  4. don't see the joke
  5. Once it came out how much money he might want, now people are starting to throw out "overrated". Didn't hear any of this **** before, pretty sad tbh.
  6. Beasley needing a foot in his *** five gd seasons in isn't very endearing. go away.
  7. These idiots decided to win at the end of last season only when it was already over, so no Ed Oliver for us. don't think it matters what his measurements
  8. i knew that would show up eventually. has nothing to do with how ALMOST Jamaal Anderson-esque this dude looks more than 75% of the time
  9. i'm sure Brees does though
  10. he'd be dead weight at $25 and a pack of beef jerkey
  11. I don't really have a desire to watch this dude "try his best" to tackle anyone for another year. He's Jamaal Anderson with a fluke season, and nothing more. It doesn't matter what position they play you when you whiff on everything in sight.
  12. They need to send Chris Morgan out on a rail while they're at it
  13. Lost in all this the fact that Beasley couldn't tackle a light pole the entire gd season. doesn't really matter who the DC is
  14. it wouldn't be the end of the world like everyone here thinks. never knew a seahawk fan to directly **** on him, most of that blame goes to Tom Cable coaching the offensive line to be a bunch of invalids. Only reason anyone here has for not hiring Bevell is "BUT HE DIDNT RUN THE BALL WAH"