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  1. Golden is 6'3 260. Beasley is 6'3 250. Golden had an awesome season in 2016 before falling prey to an ACL injury. Beasley had an awesome 2016 before falling prey to "position switching" and poor interior line replacements. Golden's a AZ Cardinal FA and he needs a prove it year while on the last year of his rookie contact. Beasley is on the verge of becoming a FA and he probably could use a prove it year too buuuut because of his "outlier year" he has leverage to negotiate the last year of his rookie contract. Golden will only cost half to a third of what VB44 would. But judging by their respective careers thus far (i won't post full careers stats because you internet genius' probably can find those for yourselves) the future production would most likely be equal or greater playing at a similar amount of snaps barring further injury. Lastly, the Cards just snapped up TWO of our ex-ballers at a discount. Although they made no-brainer equilateral moves that were not "big splashes" they were SMART moves based on budget. My question is.. WTF IS STOPPING US??? It's a no-brainer move. And that's why I'm afraid. The past culture of this Franchise has been one which BLATANTLY IGNORES NO BRAINER MOVES in order to ahem! "Look more classy"??? Last year actually going BPA in 1st Round with Ridley was the first time in a while I couldn't say: "Wow. Why didn't they just go with the no-brainer move?" Last year and the off-season of 2016. Keep going with the no-brainers DQ! Letting Beasely go is a no-brainer at this point Coach. It's just facts.
  2. But his pass protection is complete crap. He is a serious liability when it comes to picking up a "fast & physical" blitzer.
  3. Sign Mitch Morse to a 5 year deal. Have him fill in at guard and backup center. When Mack leaves you'll have your next guy ready to go plus he'll be playing at a discount by the time 2 years rolls around. THAT IS AN INTELLIGENT, INSIGHTFUL & CREATIVE ROSTER MOVE. Anything in that realm, I'll dub it "IIC" will sit well with me personally. But the same old partially IIC moves already tells me what will most likely occur with this franchise.
  4. Great zone running ability.
  5. Frank Clark fell in the draft due to domestic violence so we definitely won't be picking him up. Seahawks will probably tag him anyway. He would have been my #1 target tho.
  6. If he could be packaged into a draft day trade I'd be curious. Trade-down or trade-up + Beasely would leverage his value a bit I would think. Me personally I'd prefer a trade-down in the attempt of picking up at least two additional 2nd day prospects to go along with the two we already have. That would makes sense plus reinforce our willingness to get better as a team by any means even sacrificing future usage of certain football stars...
  7. Does anyone else wonder about this too? Our FAs always seem to walk in or out unimpeded and by that I mean we're never really trading guy's who're leaving anyway for some sort of additional value other than cap savings. Is this the doing of Dummy-troff? Why aren't we cycling players thru the roster til we find our guys like a normal team? Has the Falcons FO developed that much a reputation of being poor sports or suckers?? We pick up guys off the street, we've put some guys back on the street BUT WE RARELY IF EVER MAKE ANY VALUE TRADES. That's weird right? Is the draft compensation for failed 1st & 2nd round picks THAT appealing?C'mon apologists I know you've got some half-baked excuses stored up just ready to go! Flame-proof I am lol
  8. Touche'
  9. Thomas Davis? Markus Golden? Levine Toilolo? Spain? Warmack? Just a couple of solid & consistent role-players is all I'm asking for lol
  10. I could live with that. Qb rating against. Let's gooooooo!!!
  11. This is why I thank Kyle Shanahan as much as I still kinda hate him. He unleashed Matt Ryan and gave us all a taste of what we could have been seeing from him years ago with a real deal OC. Now all he needs is an oline. Same thing he's always needed lol
  12. No this I could see. This is what I was wondering. Is the comp picks making up for the "lack of trades"? I just thought maybe the creativity within the roster building process had been lost. Teams of our caliber should be constantly looking to upgrade and save money simultaneously. But we seem to stand pat a lot and hope for the best.
  13. They'd also be off the hook in terms of guaranteed moneys as well right? They could renegotiated him in house at that point. As could we most likely..
  14. Seriously? Buffoon? Nobody even uses that any more but the well-to-do or trailer parkers with limited vocabs . Buffoon hahaha. Stymied! Omg lol. My third-grade homeroom teacher would loooove you man. Lol
  15. Now this is actually funny
  16. I see what you're saying friend but look how long it takes for our castaways to be snatched up on the open market and tell me they didn't have significant trade value. Alford didn't even make it one week before he gotta better deal lol! If Beasley hits the wire? Snatch. Grady hits it? Snatch. ****, even Matt Bryant's gonna get snatched up by somebody! Probably the Bears!! Lol
  17. Exxxxxactly. We released a guy we could have easily gotten both cap relief and potential picks in THIS years draft from. I personally don't get it seeing how competitive the league has become lately in every aspect. We hold on to guys like sacred cows here then kick them to the curb when they no longer provide any use. But what we don't do often enough is LEVERAGE their value. Why? Everyone else does it to us? The media included. They're gonna talk about the eliteness of Grady Jarrett until he signs a Top-5 deal when HE'S NOT IN THE TOP 5. So even the media leverages our star players better than we do? Smh. Amazing.
  18. See. Right here. In no way shape or form am I calling anybody on here Winners! Or Losers! Now that would be attacking them. I have an opinion like anyone else on here and I'm not getting paid to post it. Neither are you. So leave the butthurt stuff alone pls. We don't need a recurrence of age-old "high school mentality" to have interesting yet severely limited discussions on this board. There are no Ls or Ws for any of us on this board unless it's either in your personal life or when the FALCONS finally win the big one.
  19. I think we consistently let guys hit FA that we could have gotten something for. Alford being the latest example. He signed an even better deal than the one we gave him. Clayborn as well because we all know when healthy he is quite productive but rather than resigning and packaging him up in a deal we just let him walk. I guess the comp picks kinda make up for it tho idk yet
  20. Right that's what I should have emphasized: trading players before we lost them to free agency. That's exactly what I was attempting to elude to..
  21. Also, I see all the mentions of who we actually traded for but my question still remains: who have WE traded? Why are Falcons players so commoditized as to not be moved around for value??
  22. PFF plays favorites imo. Stats are just straight up.
  23. Jesus you guy's are sensitive to be such avid footballers. There are a lot of apologists on here but I didn't automatically assume they'd all be here for the present discussion. But hey if the shoe fits...
  24. Experience is both subjective AND objective. Also opinions and facts go hand in hand on this bored like a fat kid and Dairy Queen. Sorry if that's too allegorical for you.
  25. And he only went full speed one season here lol.. Rode the next season off into the sunset like the wise man he was!