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  1. Been sayin this guy was a "DQ Dud " for years now.. SMH.
  3. As is Matthews. A real football coach would have benched #70 long time ago. Instead we are stuck in limbo with another Big Name/Contract player versus a productive yet lower costs. They faked the whole Oline fixed thing from the jump honestly.
  4. The point is he was easily upgradeable two seasons ago. And DQ holds on to guys too long. Especially not always the best. DQ of anybody should have seen how pivotal players like Poole & Keanu really were. Not resigning certain guys versus keeping guys who's value per production doesn't really equal the better talent level guys especially on Defense
  5. Just like America's bi-annual housing market crash. Buy up all the land. Go bankrupt. Make it out like bandits. Kinda like that old movie with Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd in it. What was it called? Yeah, that one. Wish we could trade some of these old DQ Dummy Move Decisions huh? Maybe drafted a couple a different guys like say Phillip Lindsay lol. Now THAT would have been genius. Finding an instant replacement talent for fav talent the Franchise loves but we know that we have to let go of in order to be smart. I mean, it's not like we can keep resigning these types of Bs of DQ ahhhh guys from his 2015-16 draft OVER & OVER. It's impossible. Looking at how shrewd a guy like Shanahan was versus DQs decision making SMH LOL /along with TD who personally has lost my vote like .. 4 years ago lol.. I would have been preparing to upgrade the guy any time after 2009 - He had his run true. But it was brief versus Matt Ryan's overall career. I would have hired a guy that would see Falcon football life AFTER Matt Ryan's achievements. Like since the Super Bowl I'd have been giving serious looks at Qb competition long time ago. Matt Ryan's gonna be done in 4 years. I doubt he keeps it up in his 40s like Brady is. We have to reason with the fact that we are going to have find our own Pat Mahomes man. Or a Brady level smart football guy. The Giants QB is a Brady level smart QB guy. The guy outta Duke? Ryan needs a young gunslinger like that consistently beind him. I THOUGHT HE NEEDED IT THEN AND HE STILL NEEDS IT NOW. Our Franchise HAS to be bigger than one guy. It's a team sport. Matt Ryan as great as he is needs to be looked at as another ultimate cog in the wheel. Not the wheel itself LOL. Short term sucks long term has more than enough backend value due to the reality of his contract. Which means Deshaun Watson was gonna be a great QB and the Atlanta Falcons of all franchises should have been aware of it. Matt Ryan will have his records yes. But Deshaun can win a big game NOW. And he guess what else? HE COSTS LESS. Somebody tell TD to DTM .. Ok? -Thanx frm the guy Who Thought You Should've Been Demoted Ages Ago. Lol
  6. What is this unspoken rule of the bigger name/ bigger paycheck guys getting all the gametime reps? We don't sub in guys who could possibly be potential starters elsewhere but we can millions to an average corner like Trufant or an avergae lineman like Beasley? Seems like the Mike Smith days are upon us again. For me this goes alllllllllll the way back to the Will Svitek days lol. He was clearly a more consistent performer than Baker but only got burn in emergency situations. Even last year we saw the same thing. Oliver barely got enough gametime reps but gets tossed into a starting position outta nowhere. Gono & Grace proved they could play with the 1s then disappeared. I truly don't get it. This sacred cow nonsense needs to end NOW. Sickening to see talented guys sit on the bench for no apparent reason. Or 2nd & 3rd rounders get routinely overplayed or undervalued and discarded. I thought DQ was known to coach guys up. He's always putting receivers in the defensive backfield and ends in the middle and linebackers on the end LOL! Dude has wayyy too much untapped imagination. Maybe he should take up fingerpainting or something because he's coaching acumen is starting to look suspect asL.
  7. Poole should have been resigned and another top notch Box safety should have been acquired. This team went backwards putting all there eggs into the offense.
  8. Gono could be better than Matthews if groomed properly.
  9. This. If Shanahan was still here Gage would be our new Turbo.
  10. Uhhh yea like the parable in the Bible?
  11. My curiosity at this point lies moreso in how Blank & Dimitrioff emphasized gaining skill position players over gaining scheme-based players? Matt's been in Atlanta for over ten years and they've never thought to draft a guard who's athletic and weighs more than 320 until now? Matt's above average but he's not elite enough arm talent to carry a team and yet we are paying him as if he is. That's another scheme adverse decision imo. Soooo many scheme-adverse decisions??? Instead of building off of turns in good fortune like drafting Matt or Grady or having Shanahan come in and teach his scheme personally we see them smugly act as if they've got it all figured out time & time again when I know Falcon fans making less than a 100k a year that could make better football decisions? Consider me appalled but not surprised. The new stadium SHOULD have come with a new CULTURE. One that SHOULD be in enforced primarily by a "No Sacred Cows" rule. Instead we see an outfit full of fake as fuccccn sacred cows! YOU GUYS COULD MAKE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD! YOU STILL SUCK! ARTHUR BLANK INCLUDED. Stop paying so dang on much focusing on players and totally leaving SCHEME & CULTURE for later! DQ IS NOT THE CULTURE HE IS AN EMULATOR! DIRK KOETTER IS NOT THE CULTURE AND NEVER HAS BEEN! Arthur needs to figure this ish out. We have a culture issue in Atlanta. THAT is the problem. Same issue I've seen here for YEEEEAAAARRRRSSS. Thank God for the Braves & Atl United SMH. Embarrassing to be a fan of this bs right now calling itself professional football.
  12. When's the last time u heard Matt Ryan break down an entire game worth of defensive fronts in in less than 90 seconds?
  13. Oliver's not getting the right coaching honestly. He's STILL very raw got more potential than any of the other 2nd round corners I've seen here. Def shouldn't be starting tho lol
  14. The roster is overburdened on offense. Coaching staff overburdened with old losers. And the front office is just plain old overburdened. I'll pay attention again when they shake sum ish up. Something out of the ordinary like trade Matthews and start Gono. Or fire Quinn and hire Shanahan back. Or hire Marquand back as interim head coach. Or trade Matt or Julio or something like that. Otherwise jokes on us. And I don't have time for laughter that isn't either very personally enjoyable or delectably all inclusive.
  15. Intelligent guy in general sure i'm inclined to agree w but football IQ? He's above average sure but not elite in that department either. Also athleticism isn't his issue either it's moxie. He's always been a bland soft spoken piecemeal type a guy rarely ever have you seen him say EF THIS IT'S MY EFIN TEAM! And that's what's missing most about him. Great guy but a subpar leader. Great stats but his entire career win percentage won't say the same thing. I'd rather spend a few years + a few mill to find a great coordinator and draft a Deshaun Watson + get a decent oline and a REAL Top 10 D than keep ponying up 100 mill every 5 years honestly.
  16. Not a matter of if but when honestly. Andy Reid has revived his own career standings with that young gunslinger. And to be fair Reid was rarely ever a bad coach just had a lotta tough luck. Wouldn't be surprised at all if KC brings one home before we do.
  17. Stop begging. AB don't pay your bills. Go to the park or something tomorrow. Don't torture yourself unnecessarily.
  18. What defense? He keeps changing the scheme
  19. When you let guy's like Trufant & Beasley stick around and let guess like Poole & Poe leave I mean... He already signed his walking papers. All he had to do was lose that last game to Tampa to move up in the draft and then grab Dex Lawrence along w/ McGary. YOU'VE BECOME THE PROBLEM MR. DAN QUINN. AND DIMITRIOFF IS ON HIS WAY OUT THE DOOR RIGHT BEHIND YOU.
  20. I think a lotta pundits feel Ryan's stats are not necessarily indicative of his actual value. Meaning a lot of his yards & completions have came during garbage time moments. When they did top 100 players you can tell no dbs were afraid of him. He and Matthew Stafford can go be best friends somewhere else. We need a real QB here. A real leader. If Matt is the best this franchise can ultimately get then I guess 28-3 was our Super Bowl because if he can't be Brady at age 32 he sure as heck ain't finna beat Mahomes no time soon.
  21. Every offseason you see some EXTREMELY headscratching moves from this outift. Like letting go of Poole. Super dumb. Keeping Beasley. ********. Sudden changes to the defensive scheme? Asinine. Shoving Oliver into a starting position w/o giving him adequate game time snaps last year? Huh. Not putting Kazee back at FS?? Yawn. Same old Falcons. And secretly I'm beginning to believe Marquand had his finger on the pulse of this team even more than Dan Quinn ever has outside of his first two seasons here.
  22. Nah that's on DQ. Shuda known to resign at least ONE cb that was familar w/ the scheme outside of Wreh-Wilson who NEVER gets any gametime reps anyway. Poole was always solid. Cheers to him & continued success. We keep the bums and release the ballers. It's the Falcon way.
  23. When he traded out of the 2nd into the 3rd for Duke Riley I was done lol. Who tf trades outta the 2nd round just for a backup LB?? Man TD has done some wacky stuff since he got here. Wacky free agents wacky draft choices wacky contracts. Dude literally lives & dies on his one or two solid decisions each offseason. I never thought he was that good at all. Matt Ryan was a sheer necessity pick. Then he drafted Sam Baker over Duane Brown . He's NEVER been a trench guy. Ever. That's why we picked Ridley over Hernandez! One sudden offseason of trench dudes does not make up for 10 years of weak *** line picks!
  24. Lotta whispers that DQ's moves aren't necessarily his on... For Blank to build a new stadium before the old one had fully had it's time just for revenue purposes says a lot... Then his wife left him.. Our best coaches/coordinators never stick around and always end up leaving the fold... The franchise is CONSISTENTLY known to overpay for talent. I'm starting to think the owner isn't as great as we initally thought he was. Although i really don't want to believe this me being the OP I can't help but question this situation top down at this point. Paying Julio was cool but stupid. Drafting Ridley cool. But dumb. MB Dome? Cool. Especially for the soccer fans. But not necessarily essential. Idk. We never TRADE for value and only in INVEST in value sparingly. You see moves that belie what a real contender is constantly man. I'm just tired of it. Being walking up Northside dr for too long feeling like nothing has truly changed. Looks cool. Same have vs have-not culture. Transplants who don't actually relate to the city but wanna take advantage of it. Bogus ASL smh