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  1. Bench warmers better than the starters?? Sounds like Falcons bidness to me lol Somebody needs to fire Chris Morgan like TODAY
  2. I wouldn't be opposed but I'd also be taking a hard look at the Iowa State coach as well. He might be the real deal..
  3. I'm curious to see who's going to be the better pro tho: Zach Wilson or Brock Purdy(Iowa State QB). I think Zach has alotta upside but Purdy is definitely more pro-ready than anyone's going to openly admit on these Boards. Go look at Iowa State offensive scheme versus BYU's lol
  4. Louis Riddick hands down. And I wouldn't give him a super long guaranteed tenure. I'd give him one directive: CREATE A CHAMPIONSHIP CULTURE HERE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY WITHIN THE NEXT 3-4 YEARS. That's it. That's would be his job. And if he's successful and wants to stick around? Why not. I've seen some REALLY BAD CHOICES made here countlessly by Whomever was in charge.. Why not take a chance?? WE CAN PLAY BETTER! WE CAN DRAFT BETTER! WE CAN GET RID OF WEAK PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES! WE CAN DO BETTER DEALS & CONTRACTS! WE DON'T HAVE TO OVERVALUE TALENT & UNDERVALUE LEADERSHIP! WE CAN ACTUALLY HAVE A TRUE HOMETOWN FANBASE THAT WOULD KEEP THE SPHINCTER DOME FULL OF GOOD VIBES! AND ULTIMATELY WE CAN LOWER PSL PRICES WITH A WINNING CULTURE THAT PEOPLE ARE PROUD TO BE APART OF! But until Arthur Blank finds that vision idk. We may just keep spinning in circles.
  5. Boom. Couldn't have said it better. Even the Iowa State coach is a guy I'd be willing to interview right now lol
  6. It's Me. Yes. I posts da nonsense 😜
  7. I'm with you 100% on this one although I'd opt for Dex pick over Burns. Regardless the second round oline talent was super solid. There was absolutely no need to trade up for McGary. Dimitirioff was always a UP year DOWN year guy. Meaning he hit on at least 50% of his picks. The questionable parts had to do with how well he was able to forsee certain decisions with the cap in tandem with relatively successful drafts. That's where he messed me up. We always left smarter more affordable options on the table and went 0-60 in 3 secs with too many questionable moves smh. Overall TD was an Average GM.
  8. He's not even all that but for sheer pocket-presence, playbook familiarity and ability-to-read a defense I could get Brock Purdy in the 2nd round before even taking a sniff at Zach Wilson ANYWHERE in the 1st round lol. But great job otherwise OP πŸ‘ Our Russell Wilson is out there somewhere!
  9. Put him in the middle. Stop over thinking it. Foye has great "inside" speed. Deion has great "outside" speed. Switch their roles. Heck even if it's only by a slightly higher percentage. PFF has it's flaws but it's also based on analytical data. Something like that should be a simple enough diagnosis by a coach like Ulbrich.
  10. For the price? I know this isn't fantasy but definitely. Yes he is.
  11. It depends on the system. People don't seem to get that around here as much as they claim to. I.E. It's Cheaper To Have System Players in a Highly Equitable System i.e. IT COSTS LESS TO FIELD A REALLY GOOD TEAM WHEN YOU HAVE A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL SYSTEM IN PLACE. That means picks like Ridley make sense only if he can play as good as Julio or nearly as good #11 for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE. Average TATFers don't understand how badly WE NEED TO BUILD AN NEW IDENTITY. But the only way to build the new is to burn down the old. SIGNING RIDLEY TO A HUGE CONTRACT... Now that's what we are really wondering about lol! Matt Ryan & Co. already cost TOO MUCH MONEY for my meager "Moneyball" tastes
  12. Ryan's job at that point IMO was to do the same job off-the-field TOWARDS the coaching staff that he was doing ON-THE-FIELD towards fellow Falcons: LEADING THEM. You know who really failed Matt Ryan at that moment? ARTHUR BLANK. He should have known that Matty-Ice really DIDN'T have as much ICE WATER running thru his veins as we were being lead to believe. THROW THE STATS AWAY AND LOOK AT PURE KILLER INSTINCT... Does Matt Ryan have it? Did Matt Ryan EVER have it???
  13. Hey man. If we draft Lawrence, Fields or King I will def buy you a beer! πŸ€₯
  14. EVERYONE SAY IT WITH ME: 1... 2... 3... IT'S NOT HIS FAULT!!! πŸ€₯
  15. We all thought the Falcons 2016 Draft was the greatest ever. Meanwhile the Saints 2017 Draft ends up quietly being better than our "best draft" SMH. What a laughing stock Tommy Dee has left us.
  16. Idk. But he has to be cerebral. Like Joe Burrow or even Tua & Kyler to some extent. Smart enough to pick up an entire playbook in 2-3 seasons. Accurate enough to make multi-level reads consistently. Passionate enough to take full accountability & lead on wider scale than a Matt Ryan. To me Matt has been a great professional but he's never been a true Stand-up leader. And that's a tough statement looking at the record books. But even up to his present day play has shown he isn't the guy to lead an entire franchise on his own. I want a guy who can do that. And win a Super Bowl. Matt's great. But he was never THAT guy. Never will be. So let's find him...
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