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  1. Because Devonta Freeman's agent just left him after his refusal to take a one-year deal! Who else have we given wayyy too much money to over the past 4 years?? Anybody else wanna chime in? Or how about the guys who actually COULD play but were either not retained or actually given a chance to shine? Like Gono? We could have had the O-Line fixed 2 seasons ago. For less money. Think about that. And then fire somebody. And that's if anyone high up enough actually ever reads this one! Y'all are not doing Matt & Julio any favors with these contract shenanigans besides making them richer in the pockets NOT richer in the Legacy and fans care about legacy. Not how big the deal was you signed or how it crippled the rest of the dunce caps making decisions from doing their jobs and keeping a rotation of young cheap talent always available! Frigging Falcons smh. DIMITRIOFF'S DUMMY DEALS KILLED THE SUPER BOWL WINDOW.
  2. Just wondering because I am recalling a recent post of all the draft picks that have produced at a high level immediately. One of them in particular being Dex Lawrence who I absolutely thought was the most no-brainer ist choice I've seen since GJ and also McCoy who the Saints got who I thought was lights out heads and tails beyond what Dimitrioff decided to pickup at the time. But there were other names in there as well. Guys who would have made big differences in the organization and on the roster. I'm really tired of having the GM we've got but if the owner is really the problem then somebody's gotta say something man. This is bad when even guys who have no interest in your profession see how bad you actually are at it.
  3. Or are they? For Atlanta to be the set-up the way it is demographically I sure don't see our hometown organization really stepping forward on these serious present day issues besides a basic ahhh press-release... It's to my understanding that Arthur Blank was against players kneeling the last couple years am I correct? Not sure how that action or decision stands that far from the Brees statement. Just saying.
  4. I'll never believe that the Falcons have a lack of talent like EVER... Maybe depth of talent? Sure, now that one I could agree with. But just look at all the questionable coaching and roster moves that have taken place since 2016? DQ has literally proven that he's no better than Gus Bradley. At least I think that's the guy's name who was the first DC from that tree to be thought to have greatness in him. Nope. And just like he didn't neither does Quinn. Funny how our franchise always talks Patriots and yet seems to consistently emulate the Jaguars! Why may as well move the team to some small country town if we can't find any better coaching leadership than this smh
  5. I think it was because he showed too much potential actually. That 2017 year you started to see the entire team especially the defensive side of the team looking more towards Marquand than DQ. IMO Manuel with time could have potentially even been a half-decent HC if properly groomed. But the Truth Behind the Atlanta Falcons was yet revealed... Meaning anytime somebody comes in an shakes up the culture in a way where the frauds behind this organization may be revealed he gets ish-canned & maybe even scapegoated as well. I've seen too many coordinators show more propensity towards long-term successful coaching who were under Quinn even moreso than Quinn himself. IMO Dan Quinn will always be a good football guy & coordinator but as a HC he's failed already. MM AND Sark should have been retained at least for another year. Beasley should have been jettisoned for draft capital a year before paying him a king's ransom for small-time production. Keanu should have been brought back more slowly. This is all on Quinn. Great guy but an average leader at the end of the day. Congrats to Marquand Manuel man he deserves it. Philly has a great program as well. I won't be surprised to see him excel there and in hindsight realize that we lost of key piece of our Culture w/ MM. Thanks and Good Luck Brother.
  6. As long as it's a borderline average Falcon signing .. let's waste more money and draft capital and go 8-8 or 7-9 or 9-7! Woo-hoo.
  7. Wonder what happened to Marquand as well? Both he and Cox should have immediately gotten picked up. Not saying Manuel was the best coach ever but he really did have a core connection with a lot of the Defensive guys. Once Quinn sacrificed him and then claimed Bustley as another failed personal project I was done. If you wanna gas us on your development skills go right ahead but throwing a guy like MM under the bus (and Sark too low key) without even giving them the proper chance to succeed meanwhile Dan Quinn keeps getting chances? Nah b. Quinn is dead in my eyes honestly. He had his moment. Time to move on.
  8. Gono definitely earned the right to compete for more snaps hopefully they give him a shot this year!
  9. Hopefully we don't have an Eli Apple situation of our own 😷
  10. Yet somehow he still went to Pro-Bowl last year 🤯 when was the last time Trufant was in the Pro-Bowl 🤯
  11. Didn't the Giants pick up Golden last year? I wanted him leaving Arizona. Seemed cheaper than Beasley with the same overall potential production.
  12. Look at the FA pool right now! Imagine we had actually saved some cap dollars BY NOT SIGNING Dontari Poe but waiting instead for Dex Lawrence to come out. Or not giving Beasley and Carpenter and Sombrero and these all other guy's all these FAITHLESS one off deals! That's still cost the cap quite a bit! Imagine never doing those long-term deals with Trufant or Devonta Freeman? Plus Julio's new deal? Common sense smh. Heck, imagine if we didn't have Fans who cared about being labelled "Tankers" and could see the benefit in sneaking into the Top 10 picks of the NFL Draft while maintaining the overall depth of a playoff roster year over year! WE CAN'T AFFORD A SUPER BOWL ROSTER W/ MATT RYAN at least not if he doesn't PLAY TO THE LEVEL OF DREW BREES OR ATLEAST AARON RODGERS FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS ENTIRE CAREER! If we had a FO that esteem itself on being ahead of the curve like the Eagles & the Ravens do then this OFF-SEASON would have been wayyyy huger and bigger and better just like the last one should have. It's time to get rid of someone up top. Period.
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