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  1. America is made up of immigrants. The government is a military industrial corporation not a ruling body and the flag is a representation of secretive martial law by the federal government agreed to by the people unbeknownst to the majority of them. Actual Americans are mislabeled or revealed and treated as minorities. This is modern day Rome. Football is a gladiator sport. The owners are the real slavers and the fans are the mob. Simple.
  2. If only America was actually a republic and not a doomed democracy..
  3. I'd rather trade Thomas Dimitrioff for Harry Rosemond straight up
  4. He has to learn the playbook himself. If Matt & Julio couldn't learn it in one year I highly doubt that Sark will either. My biggest thing with him was those toss plays and how they just seemed to be the default "My First Year As An NFL Coordinator" play. I'm sure quite a few people were irritated by those predictable azz calls. Secondly, when he did happen to scheme successfully they would go away from those successful plays and/or players. Seems like he redshirted this first year and the team was ready to put up numbers. That's what I personally attest the drops to, being out of sync from the top down. I don't blame him though it's tough trying to replace one of the best OCs in the league in one year when you've never even coached at that level before. Stephen Ambrosia Strange has nowhere to go but up. Lastly, SPREAD THE BALL AROUND. Never thought I'd see Matt Ryan play the way he did in 2016 and I think others would agree he had an elite year. What was the difference tho? Was it Shanahanny? Matt LaFlower? Or just having that many "Matts" in one building at the same time idk. I remember reading the article about him going to some sort of QB Whisperer? I was like wow whoever he's talking to must not be pulling any punches with his ads. But on the field the one thing I really noticed him doing better was relaxing in the pocket and gauging those defenses they faced by reading the safety play and having a good feel for blitz packages opening up a hot route. Fundamentally it was the best I'd ever seen him play because he wasn't forcing the ball. Especially not to Julio. And there lies the blueprint for Sark to follow. The creativity is gonna have to come organically but the scheme is was put into place 3 years ago. Now it's Sarks turn to pick it up that's all. Throw in a wrinkle or two but essentially we should be running the same dammed offense as the Niners. If not better. Success breeds motivation and the better this team plays the higher they seem to hold their heads Matt included. Sark just has to get comfortable driving a Lambo as a work car rather than opting for the more economical performance of a Mustang GT. Long read with no indentations and exotic car references but just my 2 cents. Enjoy.
  5. The fact that Deadrin Senat was the second highest graded run stopper in college football last year really surprised me. I get the feeling he can be as impactful as Grady was given the opportunity. If Oliver, Ito or Foye pans out this will go down as one of this Franchise's all time best drafts. I'm just glad I finally got to see a true BPA draft in my lifetime.
  6. If only we hit on players like Carl Lawson and Dion Dawkins last year. A player like Grady is just a testimony to me to how many quality young guy's we've actually passed up on. I guess you can't just emulate the Patriots overnight but that pick was definitely a step in the right direction.
  7. Dropped balls and bad ball placement go hand in hand...
  8. The magic of Shanahan and the 2006 season was how they utilized Julio to spread the ball around. Last year especially in the last game the ball was consistently forced to him and not spread around. Though Julio may mask some of the weaknesses of Ryan he really isn't the whole offense but you can build an offense around him. I think Matt's new contract is gonna bring up more issues with this team than people care to admit. Julio is a generational talent. Is Matt Ryan? The majority of NFL fans say no. The league maintains it's austerity. Matt got paid a King's ransom after a down year why shouldn't #2's Number 2...
  9. Has he signed his tender yet? Rico wants a new contract to go along with that degree and I don't blame him.
  10. Yeah Lowndes county is a low key football mecca
  11. Surprise surprise
  12. But if they resign Hageman then it all works out.