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  1. Ryan's job at that point IMO was to do the same job off-the-field TOWARDS the coaching staff that he was doing ON-THE-FIELD towards fellow Falcons: LEADING THEM. You know who really failed Matt Ryan at that moment? ARTHUR BLANK. He should have known that Matty-Ice really DIDN'T have as much ICE WATER running thru his veins as we were being lead to believe. THROW THE STATS AWAY AND LOOK AT PURE KILLER INSTINCT... Does Matt Ryan have it? Did Matt Ryan EVER have it???
  2. Hey man. If we draft Lawrence, Fields or King I will def buy you a beer! 🤥
  3. EVERYONE SAY IT WITH ME: 1... 2... 3... IT'S NOT HIS FAULT!!! 🤥
  4. We all thought the Falcons 2016 Draft was the greatest ever. Meanwhile the Saints 2017 Draft ends up quietly being better than our "best draft" SMH. What a laughing stock Tommy Dee has left us.
  5. Idk. But he has to be cerebral. Like Joe Burrow or even Tua & Kyler to some extent. Smart enough to pick up an entire playbook in 2-3 seasons. Accurate enough to make multi-level reads consistently. Passionate enough to take full accountability & lead on wider scale than a Matt Ryan. To me Matt has been a great professional but he's never been a true Stand-up leader. And that's a tough statement looking at the record books. But even up to his present day play has shown he isn't the guy to lead an entire franchise on his own. I want a guy who can do that. And win a Super Bowl. Matt's gr
  6. Jesus you guy's sound sooo desperately loyal that you will go down with a burning ship for the sake of the captain! Whelp u guys can gone on and cry your tears for Matt but some of us are ready to move on.... 🤷‍♂️
  7. It's the fellow Falcon fans like you that I CAN NOT sit next to dude i swear smh...
  8. EVIDENCE?!!! Do we literally have to re-live the last 13 FRIGGIN YEARS???? Pls let's not.
  9. I regret to have to be so informal yet genuine about this but MATT RYAN IS NOT GONNA WIN US NO FRIGGIN SUPER BOWL DUDE BRO! Whether we restructure him, resign him, re-evaluate him doesn't matter. MATT RYAN IS NOT THE GUY. Once you get past that life get's easier. Don't get me wrong I love Matt. I swear I do. But he's not the guy. He's just not. And that's just what it is.
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