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  1. He could easily double as base DE and probably be at the very least a top-notch run stopper. I guess Beasley is just too perennial of a player tho to find out.
  2. I'm convinced he saw the warning signs or noticed something disturbing about this franchise and got out before it was too late. I kept wondering why his departure was so abrupt. I know they said he wanted to be GM elsewhere but he's not involved in any front offices this season to my knowledge. Very weird and uncharacteristic w/ no highlight of any internal turmoi or issues before he left. I'm beginning to believe that the man simply saw the writing on the wall with this group. Our cap distribution is garbage. We don't draft positions with a mentor we constantly draft out of a completely obvious need or a completely obvious LACK of need. I think something stunk up there in that top office and he knew it.
  3. Sure he is
  4. Betcha Gono doesn't play either as much as he deserves to
  5. Because this isn't a team that's built to win its built to entertain
  6. Could a started working on that last year when the writing was already on the wall . Probably would have saved Quinn his job in the long run just losing ONE GAME slightly on purpose. **** we already gave a way the big one. Did we really need to pad Matt Ryan's who Julio Jones's stats THAT much?
  7. Matt Gono made the Gary pick expendable. And a Chris Lindstrom pick makes sense when you still gotta guy like Chris Chester around. Not years later. It's just like Will Svitek outplaying Sam Baker in 2012-2013 but Baker STILL GETTING THE GOOD OL BOY NOD and coming back to start when Svitek was playing lights out at LT. Anybody else remember that? How does the entire coaching & management staff NOT see that you actually LUCKED up and drafted another late round stud so now you don't have to spend so much money for talent on the front-end and can find Franchise caliber players galore on the back-end? KAZEE LEAD THE NFL IN PICKS! KEEP STARTING HIM AT FS! Bonehead moves man. Just the same old dumb corporate moves! Like drafting Marcus Green over Michael Dogbe smh. Or RIDLEY OVER HERNANDEZ. It's not gonna make sense to the avg Falcon fan but it does to REAL football people. The FRANCHISE IS BUILT AWKWARDLY. Offense eats up too much cap and attention because the RIGHT COORDINATORS are not retained in order to GET A SUCCESSFUL SCHEME SET UP CONSISTENTLY ENOUGH TO MAKE THE SUM OF ITS PARTS LESS EXPENSIVE AUTOMATICALLY INJECTING A LOT MORE TALENT AND A FRACTION OF THE COST. ONLY PAYING TOP DOLLAR FOR ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL POSITIONS & ROLES. Albeit the letting go of Matt Bryant and then suddenly scrambling to bring him back set a very subtle yet familiar tone for this season. I fear this offseason reeked off failure wayyy more than we realize due to chronically choosing players out of need moreso than scheme.
  8. Offense is too top heavy compared to the d. Easy to diagnose easy to beat. I'm gonna bet against my own home team this year and probably win. These guy's STILL haven't figured it out. You can't run a Ferrari into a fricking Ford F-350 and expect to survive. It's insanity. It's doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. That being said I know I'm officially NOT crazy because i LOVE this team enough to bet against them and make some dough when it truly matters. Gratefully, this Atlanta Falcons Org has truly taught me the essence of the real American Way.
  9. Neal needs to tighten up. I don't see all these 1-st round picks having the longevity with think they will in the long run and if Keanu doesn't tighten up his game by working equally at his coverage ability as he does big hits then to me he's making himself expendable.
  10. To many Matt Ryan has always played his best when you intentionally call plays that make him look at every potential routing tree on the entire field. THAT'S THE MAIN DIFFERENCE I NOTICED IN MATT THAT YEAR! KS forced Matt to account for the entire field with his EYES & FEET before after and regardless of the pass rush coming at him. He called plays that forced Matt to keep his head up and equally read hot routes that split off in either direction based on coverage. MATT ALWAYS HAD A TOUGH MENTALITY AS A QB. Even when he first got here so what Shanahan did for that man IS A MIRACLE. We saw Matt equally valuing all his receivers throughout the entire field regardless of defensive scheme. THEREFORE IMO MANAGEMENT FAILED HIM. Matt Ryan should have been had a custom built oline & the long-terms services of a top-notch coordinator. INSTEAD we get mustard & cheap ketchup.
  11. To me it's more fundamental than that. This franchise just does weird things compared to the year-to-year perennial playoff teams. That's what worries me most is the fact that Dan Quinn will ALWAYS be Dan Quinn. And Thomas Dimitrioff will ALWAYS be Thomas Dimitrioff. One is a really great articulate passionate loyal rah-rah defensive guy that has a throwback feel in terms of coaching. The other is a shrewd analytical dedicated Bill Belichek-sidekickesque type of guy who definitely tries hard to manage well not to say the least. But that in itself is why I can't see us winning Super Bowls. The league has evolved awfully quickly but I can't see very many telltale signs that these two guys are evolving WITH it. Brand new stadium is wonderful but ALWAYS remember: Nothing was wrong with the old one. But if you are gonna move into fresh new digs IT BETTER COME ALONG WITH AN IDENTITY CHANGE AS WELL. Maybe that identity change is more fundamental now than ever. Not the NEED of it but the ACTUALITY of it. Top 5 paid QB, Top 5 paid RB, Top 5 paid WR, Top 5 paid LT and it STILL doesn't matter because the handful of guy's who were closely associated with KS & tasked with learning his unique style of WC Offense were all allowed to walk out of the building WITHOUT retaining at least ONE guy who was under Shanny that could help keep the real INSIDE ZONE RUNNING SCHEME intact. That my friend is fundamental AND therefore systemic. It's the coaching and yet at the same time it's even deeper than just the coaching. It's the culture. Looking like IT, acting like IT and ACTUALLY being IT is as distinctive as the the 3 phases of this glorious game we've ALL come to appreciate so much. When it comes to LOOKING like it this franchise always seems to pass with flying colors but when it comes down to actually BEING it? We have yet to consistently figure that part out. Still putting undeveloped product out on the field with this level of expertise? I really truly wonder WHY...
  12. Exactly. No mentions of injury until right before Game 1? Mike Smith era all over again lol.. Just the Extended version PLAYING BUMS AND OVERPAYING EXCHANGEABLE PIECES. #73 SHOULD BE STARTING AND SWINGING ASAP MR. QUINN
  13. Sounds like Quinn's taking the catalytic converter out the exhaust bottoms of a v8 engine or something
  14. I'd imagine in terms of actual bottom line revenue though that market size does matter. Obviously the cap was created to keep things fair. Plus there's seemingly more & more loopholes in the cap rules every year. My curiosity is based more on opportunity cost than anything tho. Obviously what this franchise is able to do ranges from year to year I just wondered how much market share actually plsys into some of those bottom line decisions?