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  1. I know this sounds bad but as long as we can display a consistent level of offense proficiency I don't mind a losing season this year. Gives us a chance to find some playmakers in the draft as well as low-ball a few upcoming contracts. Young players get to develop, vets get to heal, coaches get to evaluate players as well as themselves. Unless some weird turn of events occurs this is a season best salvaged by plugging holes, finding depth, establishing experience and negotiating more cost-effective contracts.
  2. Levitre looked worse than Fusco honestly ... PFF is bullcrap, PFT is wayyy better with analytics imo. PFT graded everyone negatively except Matthews and Mack.
  3. Brian Dawkins was swoll af lol .. And fast. And developed a nose for the ball with age.
  4. Alls I know is Devondre Campbell needs to step tf up and make plays this year! Always keep an eye on him and he is infamous for letting plays come to him rather than him creating the play. Really hope he steps his ish up this season cuz so far he's a bit overrated in my eyes.
  5. It's like they've almost been pre-scripted to go to the Super Bowl this year huh .. And then they were attempting to get Khalil on top of that !! Wow. Thanks NFL.
  6. So basically the 2018 Rams offense is the closest thing to the 2016 Falcons offense I'll see this season ..
  7. Our screen game has been inept for years now outside of Koetter's first year and Shanahan's second year. For some reason with Matt Ryan we've never had that potent of a screen game until 2016 when we used it to keep opposing defences honest. Check out the Rams offense tho, they are the closest version of what we were doing in 2016.
  8. 3-step drop quick passes and getting your backs the ball out in space and finally screen game and play action when you can read the blitz
  9. Yeah Levitre was getting effed in the bee all dam game smh .. Fusco took his share of pumps too but for the first time since Andy got here I'm honestly wondering why we haven't replaced him yet...
  10. Yeah with the way KZ be hitting I wouldn't be worried about it
  11. He's been over-payed since 2012 smh
  12. This thread needs to be moved, shutdown SOMETHING !! Jesus H.
  13. Not enough FB and two (or three) tight end sets in the red zone. That's the issue. Simple. People getting paid millions to figure out something fans can deduce for free. Same old Falcons.
  14. Top 5 Production based on yards maybe .. How about touchdowns and wins tho. Stats are clearly Matt Ryan's friend based on how he plays. Based on actual results? I'd have to disagree.