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  1. So somehow we end up beating Tampa two times in a row in end-of-season meaningless ra-ra games and giving them the advantage of both rebuilding a real defense last year AND grabbing Brady this off-season PLUS picking ahead of us giving them a chance to "GET OUR GUY". It's insane how many ways we can bend over to make all these shenanigans seem plausible if not altogether POSSIBLE. Whelp thanks Dimitrioff! It was fun while it lasted.
  2. If you average his nickel play throughout the entirety of his career?
  3. Not sure if the phrase offense doesn't win championships matters around here but the fact that so much of the cap goes to underperforming offense each & every year is vexing.
  4. Threads like this are golden to me and yet so futile. I can almost guarantee that any well-researched later round talent us as fans and not professionals can easily spot will be blatantly missed out on by the current front office. I've seen late round talent come & go here with emphasis put on some of the most oddly chosen guys I've ever saw in my life. This my friend unfortunately is the Falcon way. But still this is a nice find kinda like that undersized small school kid who went to the Redskins last year.
  5. Thought we should have grabbed him last off-season.
  6. McGary had questionable technique coming out so if there was anybody to move up for it would have been that Center that the Saints ended up picking up. Def would have been a better value pick out of Texas rather than going with a guy who's not really gonna be ready until his third or possibly fourth year. By the time McGary contract comes up he'll be worth a dam. But in order to justify the precious draft capital spent on him he'd need to be productive right out the gate. Another middle-thumb by Dimitrioff imo.
  7. Courtney Upshaw was a spark on the defensive line when he was here and he had similar physical measurements to Senat. But he was allowed to play all over the line sometimes at end sometimes in the middle. That's Senat's best bet as well imo. Simply putting up at d-end on obvious running place would make him serviceable at the very least. I mean what's the point in bringing in guys that your just gonna use incorrectly? Beasley was a bust. Senat still hasn't been allowed to scrape his potential. Same old Falcon flaws tho. Nothing new. Hang on to guys too long. Overpay guys. Lose key free agents. Trade up for an extra guy who won't pan out anyways. And disregard the potential sitting right there on the roster for some eyecandy from somewhere else. Then draft an unnecessary offensive player when your defensive is bottom of the league under a highly-touted defensive Coach? Sounds about right. Falcons gotta keep Falconing.
  8. Ironic that the LT drafted right after him to Houston both played better and lasted longer... I forget his name tho
  9. With 3-4 looks
  10. And why didn't Blidi-Wreh get more burn? He was actually the veteran guy over the young dude and STILL not getting consistent looks. This team is just weird like that I guess.
  11. I've been under a mask sir. How is it possible for this many established fans to not feel comfortable actually touting the truth on this board? It's like to be a real fan you have to be okay with denial?? That's weird asllol
  12. Senate would be perfect for base defensive end tho. That's why I'm surprised than Dan didn't give him any burn last season with no apparent reason! That's was weird asl imo lol and NOBODY made an issue out of it! How was Quinn able to find a way to use Courtney or make a guy of Courtney's stature useful but not Senate?
  13. Davison is undeniably useful and versatile sure but a True Nose like a 3-down Nose is still missing on this roster. I'm not sure why a guy like Dan shies away from that kinda contact but it's still a big hole IMO.
  14. I still don't see a highly achieved Nose Tackle in our ranks outside of Grady who's definitely an overachiever. Of course everything is gonna talk about a running back or tight end maybe even defensive end but NOBODY HAS YET TO MENTION THE GAPPING HOLE OF A FALCONS BEHIND.. A true nose tackle. Without one of those idc HOW good Ryan throws this season it's not gonna be enough. Dexter Lawrence was the pick. So was Hernandez. Maybe I will have to just settle for watching a couple Giants games as well this year !!! If there is A YEAR this year.
  15. TD is officially a high paid weirdo in my book. I've seen this guy miss out on value for purposes of entertainment so much in the last 10 years I don't know how to even take his words seriously anymore. We've settled into being an average team w an average front office. Come draft day I expect more of the same.