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  1. Interestingly enough Dan Quinn seems to have an Achilles in that he will stick with a bad decision out of loyalty. I looked up both Sarkisian and Knapp's history and I'm left to scratch my head. Seems to me their hiring was based more on a coaching tree philosophy than it was actual success and production. I'm left to scratch my head. Sarkisian has had some talented coaches in his tree but nothing remotely proved that he was some sort of great offensive mind prior to his hiring. Smells an awful lot like a Good-Ol-Boy hiring rather than one based on actually offensive football competence like Shanahan's hiring presumably was..
  2. No those head scratching toss calls were pretty bad. Embarrassing really. Stopped watching full games midway through the season last year because I could already predict the outcome.
  3. Seems a bit of favoritism to me. Riley is trash. Worrilow was better than him. He hit his peak at LSU. We got 6th rounders and UDFA rookies out balling this guy. Like either ballout or cut the mullet dude smh. I'm just waiting for the PED scandal that gets him the hel up outta here...
  4. Wow. No wonder he plays with such intensity. Heart wretching story but glad he is showing how a beautiful life can come out of such a ugly place. That's amazing I'm rooting for you Dee man.
  5. Wonder what his 40 was? His closing speed is legit. Definitely a run and hit guy. DQ might wanna keep this guy on board. Hometown guy too? If we don't keep him somebody's gonna snatch dude up with the quickness.
  6. Interesting. Analytics are a *************** ain't they? Whole lotta word reading round here but numerics speak in undeniable volumes.. Lol
  7. I'm with Free.. **** it. Safety first sometimes means acknowledging a battering ram and reacting accordingly. If it lowers his chances of concussion and keeps him running successfully who am I to nitpick. The rule is almost guaranteed to be changed or altered by next offseason anyway..
  8. Sux not necessarily .. Overrated and overpaid definitely.
  9. Smh the Trufant elite cb myth continues ..
  10. Underrated since he got here imo
  11. Share the wealth Matt, Share the wealth !!
  12. Shouldn't Schweitzer be lining up on the left side too? That's where he was in college and as a Levitre replacement he'd be plug & play ...
  13. Hmmm.. I'm up for a wager on this one Vandy.
  14. You're cool with losing our best corner?? Wow. Falcons fans be on one boy I tell ya smh
  15. Brotherhood Rules lol