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  1. One Atlanta fan to another "This year is cursed with restrictions, but luckily we can enjoy football this year..." Atlanta Falcons: "Hold my beer".
  2. The team is not cursed. If that is the attitude, Falcons will never improve. Can i just explain the obvious? Horrendous team management! We saw it last season, the season before and i can track it all the way back to the SB. This team does not know how to win games, and if Falcons win a game, it is always a close game coming down to the last play. Today we got punished, maybe next time we will be lucky, but we will never be a play off team by keeping on going like this. The defense always sleeps. I just wonder if the other teams are not aware of this. Allowing to throw the ball, when they really need it, clearly works for them! Allowing a 45 yards pass so close to the end is just not acceptable. Call a pass play on a fourth and 5 with a LEAD is just not acceptable. What has been going on this season is totally a lack of commitment from the team, and we need some big organisational changes. It even comes down to kicking some of the veterans out, i am afraid. I am surprised why DK still has a job...
  3. If Lions score, and they miss their extra point, it will be draw. I mean at least it is a free try.
  4. I hate to be a Falcons fan. I just know that Lions will get down that field! Argh
  5. What is the logic in taking a shot on a fourth down with a LEAD? And it is 4th and 5. So the D knows you will throw it. Really risky. Koo legs are cold. Can he take the kick when asked for it?
  6. We are going to lose on not taking a field goal. Yet another embarrassment to this season. Morris is probably a good caretaker, but he will not be our coach next season.
  7. Quinn will probably get 7 wins, and we will all discuss how it is a learning process, we need to come out stronger next year, more tougher and faster and blablabla. Everything is possible in this organisation. Believe it!
  8. I am so happy that i live in Germany where all the focus is on soccer. Then at least i can avoid all the noise from media and friends... Hopefully
  9. Ok. Then i have the answer for what needs to be done. Thank you 😄
  10. The guy who decided to throw the ball with a 16 lead in the 4th quarter needs to be fired. I don´t care if it is Matt Ryan, Dirk Koetter or DQ. That was so bad. I have never seen anything like it.
  11. Well, **** the trolling from other fans. It is not me who makes the call, makes the play or makes the stupid penalties. DQ does not pay my rent, and he does certainly not force me to watch another game under his book. I will rise above this team and spend time on things i can control. I am Falcons fan for life, but what is going on the field has nothing to do with the support of the franchise. It is destroying the franchise, and it needs to be put an end to it!
  12. Look at the positive side. Nothing can justify keeping Quinn here for another week. Or nothing can justify me watching a another game under Quinn at leat...
  13. 2 turnovers and a QB change, but it is Atlanta Falcons. You just can´t lose.
  14. We manage to get 20 sec of the clock! Achievement unlocked..
  15. what the heck is going on? This is trolling our fanbase. The playcalls are outragous bad!
  16. We need to get rid of Quinn ASAP. Bears throwing picks, playing ****, switching QB and Falcons just say hold my beer. Goodbye DQ!
  17. https://saintsreport.com/forums/
  18. What is D-Led trying to say? Something about preparing for the play offs but i don’t get the context of it. And what was DQ response? Is there a link?
  19. No way we are taking down an AFC opponent. I can already see Matt Ryan getting thrown around by Denver Broncos’ pass rush.
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