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  1. Haha, someone in there offers 100 dollars for the lawsuit. Roger Goodell must be ****ting in his pants right now!
  2. I agree. I hope people in here stay away from the Saints boards. It's just ******** and it brings nothing. If Saints want to discuss, they are welcome, but if they are just doing SaintRay things please stay away!
  3. He's right. Saints will for sure be coming to Atlanta...NEXT SEASON! HAHAHA! And wow, a non PI call? Saints are expert, so why are they complaining?
  4. They haven't done the Sark-toss, so I guess that Sark is not hired....yet!
  5. Well, to be fair I like how the Saints are using different targets all the time like throwing the ball to the 3 string TE. Hope that Koetter can think in similar ways and not just force the ball to Julio.
  6. Listen, the Saints should basically get a penalty for illegal formation and too many players on the field with those refs!
  7. It could only be on Rams that PI call. Remember that Lattimore is immune to PI calls. Not sure how the officials agreed on that part...
  8. Anderson the king! Because he shares the same last name as me. Almost...
  9. Well, not many were expecting Rams to beat Saints in their own backyard, but the least you could hope for is a close game. So far Rams have messed that up big time!
  10. Watching Saints vs. Bandwagon United would be a solid kick to my face as a Falcons supporter. At least, there comes a time when the SB will be long history!
  11. Goff seems to be very one-dimensional in his game when the running game is shut down. It was the similar pattern against us last year in the play offs. I'm afraid we are going let the Saints march into our territory on this one. Hopefully the opponent will defeat them!
  12. Yes, i know! But i would just like to state that there are more important things in life than just football. Hopefully, this is just my opinion.
  13. Well, the most important for the Falcons and for me as a Falcons fan is to focus on the next season. We need to move on. We can't influence the outcome of the Super Bowl and if the Saints win it in our house then congrats to them. The battle is lost, but the war is not over!