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  1. This makes me nervous for our o-line. I don't want Matty being in A-rod's shoes
  2. I will call a play action Hail Mary for an open Julio Jones who will drop the ball.
  3. Haha, just picked him up in Madden. He’s doing a great job. He just had a 25 yards catch on a PA and has been excellent in blocking and that’s with a rating of 65. So I’m a definitely a fan of this move
  4. At least his Girlfriend at training Camp was worth the pick. On a serious note, I really hoped that he could have been a major factor in the passing game, but guess that FO values blocking and with Hooper in the roster, Saubert doesn’t offer much variety.
  5. What a stupid comment. I'm sorry, but it is. Every victory and every championship has its own context. Injuries are a part of the game, not part of any excuse. Even me as a Falcons fan writes this. When you put it like that, you take away all the credit from Raptors. Beating Bucks and 76ers in the play off and closing all games in the finals on the road deserve credit. Raptors deserve to be proud. This is their first championship and for my franchises (Falcons indeed) this happens rarely. Man, i have even been Raptors fan longer than i have been Falcons fan. This is so big!
  6. Yes yes yes! Congrats Toronto and may i say Canada. We the North!
  7. I agree. Not my favourite choices, but hey when Wilkins was off the board, it had to be someone on the OL. And what's the matter? Last season i was screaming on an improved OL, and here you go. 2 drafted offensive linemen that both have the size and the speed to play in our system. People was criticizing the FO for not addressing the problem at our Oline with the Fusco signing and that didn't work out at all obviously. Now they are trying to fix the problem with talent that can be factor in Falcons for many years and even Lindstrom could be a replacement for Alex Mack.
  8. You forgot that the Saints won the SB in our house. Oh wait... Sorry for that! Haha!
  9. SaintRay trying to humiliate himself once again! May I suggest finding a new sport?
  10. Just a small town girl livin’ in a looonely world
  11. Actually i would have taken Clay Matthews on a veteran deal. He can play pass rusher, outside and inside linebacker. He could have been a decent signing for a leading role and depth in the roster.
  12. Mark Cuban explained sports media in the front of that fake expert called Skip Bayless. I love it! And Zeke should be paid QB money for all that work that he does for Dak. Dak however should also be well awarded for the 6 yards BOMBS that he throws "down" the field!
  13. It could be nice to have him in the house, but i don't see it as a huge miss in FA for the team. He is old and would only have a short deal here anyways. And for another point, his replacement is on the market. It's not like that we lost Grady, Jones or Takk.
  14. They have just signed Nick Easton.