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  1. https://saintsreport.com/forums/
  2. Hahahahaha
  3. What is D-Led trying to say? Something about preparing for the play offs but i don’t get the context of it. And what was DQ response? Is there a link?
  4. No way we are taking down an AFC opponent. I can already see Matt Ryan getting thrown around by Denver Broncos’ pass rush.
  5. The game yesterday against Tampa only because it was a pleasure watching crab legs mess up his career with a game losing pick 6. His career in Tampa started with a pick 6 and ended with a pick6. And the coach who is currently our OC compared him to Aaron Rodgers in Hard Knocks...
  6. People can change their minds suddenly. 30 interceptions and 7 pick 6s for the season. 7 turnovers for Touchdowns! That´s like handing around 49 points to the opponent.
  7. I love the fact that Winston started his career with a pick six and now he will end his career in Tampa with a pick six. I think he is gone, but of course i hope he stays.
  8. Yes, this probably means that Tampa Bay keeps crab legs
  9. I am starting to miss Schraeder. Only because he could block for a second more than Mcgary.
  10. This pocket is hopeless. And now Tampa will have enough time on the clock to get the lead. Atlanta doing old things.
  11. Because better picks equal a Super bowl trophy. Best regards, Cleveland Browns.