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  1. Wrong. Matt's always been a corporate guy. The issue is hes been playing majority of his career with defensive head coaches that tell their OC to barely let matt make changes.....where has the no huddle offenses gone since koetter left? This isn't on matt.
  2. It's easy to panic when you don't have time to throw. NFL is changing. You spend money on high profile defensive players and offensive lineman while the QB is on a rookie contract. RBS are found easily, no need to pay them (leveon bell). It's gonna be like this till they deem the RPO illegal.
  3. Reid hasn't played in 3 years. If we signed him this week.... guess what.... still would of lost.
  4. It was Jake's time, last year of his deal. Julio had 3 years left on his contract. It's the falcon way.
  5. Yup, fire quinn....since he dropped all the passes for interceptions and fumbles the ball on the goaline. I WANT HIS HEAD!
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