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  1. It really annoys me that they're playing their starters versus our depth.
  2. Dolphins are obviously trying to get their starters some chemistry before the regular season gets going. We are testing our depth.
  3. Say one thing for Arthur Smith, the man's actually got some teeth. No more people calling our HC soft. God I hope this team has the grit that I'm thinking they're gonna have. I want a tough team, not finesse.
  4. I agree with your point on Henry, but he also made Tannehill into a good QB when he had previously done very little in the league. But as soon as he started playing in Smith's scheme, he was all of the sudden being talked about like he was a top 5 QB over the last two seasons. And I will say, he was really efficient in Smith's scheme. Unless Tennessee's new OC is really really good, I think we're gonna see a lot of regression from Tannehill and that offense. But I do think I read that they're going to be running a lot of Smith's plays, so maybe it won't be that big of a drop. Hard to tell.
  5. Yeah y'all are right. We need to move on. But I am so not surprised that happened. Quinn really tried to be like Pete Carroll and just let the guys run wild. That's why we had to pay all those dummies such giant contracts. They all thought they were the s hit even after that loss. That Super Bowl really did ruin Quinn and that team. Led to all those giant contracts and no depth anywhere.
  6. I like the one where he tells them to stop celebrating because they only got 2 f'ing yards.
  7. I f'ing love this guy. He's such a perfect combo of cool enough that players will like him, but he ain't so cool that he's scared to rip you a new a-hole. We have needed this for so long. No more of that Quinn back-patting softness. People are gonna be held accountable. That's what a coach should sound like. He seems so much more involved in practice than Quinn ever was. I'm definitely chugging the Kool Aid over here this offseason, but I'm feeling like we got a good one. He's gonna be here for a while.
  8. Haha I hear where you're coming from brother. Maybe I am jumping the guy a bit, but I've been saying it since before training camp. Dean Pees has an incredible track record. I have more faith in him as a coach and his scheme than I do the players on the D. It's my bold prediction for this season. I think that we have an easy schedule for the defense, plus if Arthur's run game is as good as advertised then the D should stay fresh. Plus, his disguised blitzing attack will actually affect the QB. Just sounds like a recipe for a good D. I think we end up with a top 16 D.
  9. Lol the first 5 minutes are the only tough part. Come on bro. That was 5 years ago. Maybe you need therapy lol
  10. Y'all are really missing out if you're not watching this. That guys is really good at what he does. He's an amazing storyteller. The first couple of minutes are about 28-3, but the rest of it is all about the history of the Falcons. Very worth watching.
  11. Appreciate you stepping up bro. Big shoes to fill.
  12. I'm telling y'all, this D is gonna be the best we've seen in a long while.
  13. A lot of people really liked Justin Hardy, but I just always felt like I was waiting for him to take the next step but he never really did. I never saw it in him.
  14. I'm relieved that that's out of the way. So glad we don't have anyone holding out and we can move onto the regular season.
  15. I agree. I also think he'll succeed because he's in a really really good position right now. He just got drafted by one of the premier minds in football, and he doesn't have to start right away. Trevor Lawrence is on the Jags with a potential clown show of a coach hitting the NFL for his first time. T Law has very likely never been in such a position before in his lifetime of work. It's going to be a tough adjustment. Zach Wilson is on the Jets, and even though I like Saleh, that franchise is just cursed.
  16. I agree with the article, despite it's negative take. I just wish that he would qualify exactly why we have so many minimum wage players on deck. It's not like this is how TF wants to build his team, but he inherited a roster full of giant contracts. He's not the one that gave out all the "Falcon for life" contracts and signed all the middling FAs for way too much money. Talk about an overreaction about the first preseason game from a brand new head coach and GM though. Smith even came out and said that he was running the same plays with different guys just to see who can handle it. This was about depth evaluation. Not looking good in preseason.
  17. For some reason it always makes me feel worse for the guys when you can point to the play that got them cut. But that's show business baby.
  18. Lol I've been a fan of Pees since I saw the rankings of all his defenses over the years. He's good. I'm actually excited about this defense. Glad to see Marlon looking much improved.
  19. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the defense. They looked really good for being second string. I think this scheme is gonna be really good for us. We repeatedly stopped the run and we sacked the QB. Marlon Davidson looked great and so did Ogundeji. Pretty pleased with what the D line showed considering how little we did to address it.
  20. This "stat padding" argument is straight up hilarious. Like, should he stop throwing the ball when the defense keeps blowing leads?
  21. Lmao how are we still having this conversation? The draft is done. We got Pitts, Chicago got Fields. I plan on watching the a game or two of the Bears this season to see how he's doing, but that's about it. Y'all gotta move on.
  22. Man there are so many ways to watch football these days without giving them money. Let me know if you ever need any help with it. I like showing people.
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