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  1. Yeah I agree with you. And it's not like all of the coaches he worked with are scrubs. Says something to me that Shanahan and Arians were both so willing to cut him. Makes me wonder if we're looking at him being the backup long term, or of he's likely going to get cut after this preseason game. There's a lot of QB competitions this season. We could just be waiting for someone better to become available once preseason is over.
  2. Well I was wrong about Duck Hodges lol. Not sure Rosen seems like a much better choice.
  3. Yeah I'm not a particular fan of him, but I thought he at least looked better than McCarron. Just seems like very good timing for him and for us.
  4. Lmao your research is very much appreciated.
  5. Rams just cut their backup QB Duck Hodges. I thought he was actually looking decent for a backup. It would make sense because Smith and McVay both run WCO, and I think they know each other if I'm not mistaken. Could be wrong, but this looks like a good fit for us. Won't break the bank also. I think this is the guy we sign.
  6. Lol they sure have shortened that recovery time on an ACL tear.
  7. Trading draft capital for a backup QB would really bother me. Next year's draft is supposed to be insanely stacked with talent due to a lot of good players opting out from the season due to COVID-19. While I do agree that Minshew is probably the best QB out there that people have mentioned might be available, I think he would want more money and I don't think he wants to be a career backup. Dude has a lot of moxy. I just don't think it's worth spending future draft capital on a guy that very likely will never see the field. And honestly if our backup QB does see the field, the season is likely blown anyways.
  8. I'd rather we roll with Matt Ryan running a few series in the last preseason game and then just let Franks play the rest of the game, and then wait till cuts happen and grab the best available guy.
  9. Yeah I guess it's just hard to tell with the way we're running these preseason games.
  10. That's good to hear. I haven't read any stats, but I've been disappointed to not see any noticeable improvement in special teams. I felt like that was an area of attention in the off season.
  11. Didn't get to watch the game very closely, but I did see the RBs all break off a few good runs. From what I saw, Huntley and Hawkins looked to be at least as good as Ollison this game.
  12. I think Caleb Huntley has looked really good tonight despite the fumble. I think he's made a good case for him to get more carries.
  13. Lol oh man what a decision that was. Yeah it's easy to criticize when someone gets hurt. I just think of it as, is the preseason experience worth possibly missing regular season playing time? And that's a no for me.
  14. Yeah but simple critical thinking answers this question. What's the risk in playing your rookie? He gets injured and misses time? What's the reward? One game more experience. If I were making that decision, it doesn't sound worth the risk.
  15. I'm just saying, who's first round rookie is injured, and who's has sat safely on the bench? Pitts has at least 4 seasons to get chemistry going. No point in risking it in a meaningless situation.
  16. I bet that Smith knows more about football than you. It's ridiculous to even question that.
  17. But that's exactly it, it's so random that you do what you can to lower the odds of something bad happening. Like don't play them in a meaningless game. Pitts has lots of time to get chemistry.
  18. Regardless, our head coach clearly agrees with me and not you. We ain't playing our first round pick.
  19. Uhh no. That's not how that actually works. It won't happen, because we removed the risk of playing Pitts in a meaningless game.
  20. Imagine if that happened with Pitts. Thank sweet Satan they're not playing him at all.
  21. OMG did they just get their first round pick injured in a preseason game
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