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  1. I'm excited about Fowler cause he seems like he's got some dog in him. Beasley never seemed like he wanted to do some damage. You need bad dudes on the line. Anyone else remember hearing about Fowler stomping on that guy's glasses and throwing his groceries in a lake?
  2. He really does look like he's got some great hands.
  3. So his contract is about up, but they haven't said anything about him?
  4. I wonder what will happen with Devondre Campbell. I would not have been surprised if he had been cut today too.
  5. No sweat bro. Lots of activity going on today, especially with our TEs.
  6. Hey dummy. This thread is about Luke Stocker, not Austin Hooper. I wish we had been able to keep Hooper.
  7. Then what's the point of saying anything? Kind of seems like you don't actually have a point.
  8. Why? We forced the ball to him constantly and he was not a playmaker. Graham would have done better in the position.
  9. No hate to Hardy. Did his job. Not mad to see him walk. I think Gage is a bit better. Probably saving a little bit of cash on this.
  10. Not a fan of losing the 2nd. Really thought we could shore up the d line or secondary with these first 3 picks. I don't know anything about this guy though. Anyone enlighten me?
  11. Thank god. He was a complete mistakes and took away developmental snaps from Graham.
  12. I would only want to keep Hoop, Clay, and Mack (while we train up his replacement) out of these guys. The rest can get a cab out of Flowery Branch. Well maybe not Neal if he could stay healthy.
  13. Guess my argument is a moot point now that he's going to hit free agency. He's as good as gone.
  14. Letting Hooper hit free agency really feels like a mistake. Who is going to replace his production? Luke Stocker? The completely unproven Graham? I like Jaeden's potential, but he's still like 4 years behind all the work that Hoop put in with Ryan. I just can't believe we pay someone like Freeman and Beasley, and to a lesser extent Trufant (I think he's good but not a great scheme fit), and all of these over-priced backup O-linemen, but we can't come up with a deal for one of our top 3 receivers? Just kinda feels like the front office is feeling some buyer's remorse about guys that they signed to too big of a deal like Freeman and now Hooper doesn't get a deal cause they're scared. I also really want someone to tell me who the **** we're going to pay with this money. I do not like this move.
  15. Name 5 better TEs than Hooper. 1. Kittle 2. Kelce 3. Waller? 4. Ertz?? 5. Easily Hooper. He's definitely top 5 by almost any metric, and that's even with taking into account that he missed like three games. I just don't understand this weird mentality that this board has where they seemingly believe that if your player isn't the number one player in the league then you shouldn't pay him and should just let him walk because you'll obviously be able to draft the next best player THIS draft. It's crazy. We're extremely fortunate to have a top 5 player at his position. The other thing that I want to know, is what we should plan on doing with the cap space we would have spent on Hooper. Resign Vic Beasley? Keep Freeman? Overpay Campbell? I'm more of a fan of the philosophy that "One top 5 TE in the hand is better than 2 in the bush".
  16. Then why have we never been able to replace his production since Gonzalez? It seems like you think we will be able to replace Hooper's production with a rookie this season. You know that that's not gonna happen right? Hooper has done tons of offseaons work with Ryan. I think that you're seriously undervaluing the position and Hooper's talents. And I said this in another thread, but who do you plan on signing or resigning with Hooper's cap space that will make a bigger impact than having a definitive top 5 TE? TE is such an important position in this league and both teams in the Super Bowl and several teams in the playoffs all had premier TEs. It's just one of those positions that you need a strong player at if you want to compete, and we have one. Why would we let him walk?
  17. Yeah if he was a WR I'd be more ok with letting him walk because we are very good at drafting and developing WRs. And the other question is who do you resign that's not replaceable via draft with that money? Vic Beasley? Campbell?Freeman? Hooper at this point is a much better player than any of them.
  18. Yeah this is something I feel like people aren't taking into account. We've had average at best at the TE position since the great TG. We finally draft and build up a good TE and Matt does tons of extra off-season work with Hoop and they get a good chemistry and y'all just wanna let him walk cause he's not the number 1 TE in the league? Come on man. Another thing that people aren't taking into account is that Hoop is only 25. That's a baby as far as TE longevity goes, and Hooper doesn't lay himself out on every hit or get thrown to over the middle all the time like Gage. Gonzalez retired at 37, and definitely had a few more seasons in the tank but the Falcons were in a slump so he retired. That means that we could easily keep Hooper around realistically for at least TEN more years and be set at the position for a decade. I say pay the man and draft more defensive players. Cause otherwise we're going to have to sacrifice potential draft picks on a TE, and I think we need new blood on the D line.
  19. If a 5 out of 10 is average, then Tamme was like a 5.2. He was serviceable, but Hoop is obviously much better.
  20. Man I would love Okudah. We do have a whole lot of options for these first 3 picks though. I could definitely see the ol Dimi approach of double dipping to try and fix a position group like we've done with CB and OL in the past. No idea if we go 2 D line or 2 CB. I wouldn't hate it if we traded one of our second round picks to move up to get an Okudah type.
  21. I like it a lot, but Blake Bortles? Come on. I'd just rather keep Schaub. He proved he's got enough to be as good as you can realistically expect for a backup QB. Also I'd love to keep Hooper, Campbell, and Davison, and sign Ngakoue, but is that even possible? I thought we were supposed to be close to cap ****.
  22. All I know is that the secondary looks way worse without him there.
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