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  1. Have you ever watched his college highlights? To me it looked like he was in a really good blocking scheme with a solid line and all that he had to do was follow the daylight to the hole. Really didn't look like much was asked from him. He did just fine, but still.
  2. I also like that TF is still looking at players. I swear that at this point in preseason TD and DQ just said "Good enough" and we rolled with what we had set up. I love that we're still churning the roster. I wanted Ollison to succeed because I like rooting for our guys, but he just didn't have what it takes. So we cut ties with him and are trying out a different guy that already looks better than Q. Love that attitude. Keep beating the bushes looking for good players. It's a very different mindset than TD had.
  3. I'm pretty shocked that we cut Huntley. He looked better to me than Ollison did at pretty much every touch. I was really rooting for that guy. I hope that they throw him on the practice squad.
  4. Lol thanks for the info. My "genius" workaround of not knowing how to pronounce that is just to call him AO. Like being like EYYYOOO.
  5. Gotta say I'm a little bit surprised that people have barely mentioned that Pitts catch. I thought he turned that simple little route into a thing of beauty. Dude doesn't look like he's moving fast, when in reality he was trucking. It also looked like the Browns needed about 6 defenders to get him down. That was really exciting to me.
  6. Someone's defense has gotta make rookie QBs all look like future hall of famers.
  7. Lmao no one cares about the preseason record more than this message board I swear to god. I would be concerned if we had made any sort of an effort to win. We have not. We've been giving our depth players reps. I'll start worrying if we lose to the Eagles.
  8. Eh I don't hold grudges against guys that were on our team, but I get it. Julio left a really bad taste in my mouth. This whole time we all thought he was the consummate professional, when in reality he was holding out and being a general pain about always wanting a bigger contract. And then he just did a bunch of petty things like untagged himself from that farewell post and making comments about wanting a QB with a bigger arm. Just really rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not actively wishing him ill will, but I'm definitely not rooting for him.
  9. Just download uBlockOrigin for Chrome (great ad blocker), and then use NFL Bite dot com. I watch all my games from there and stream them to my tv with a Chromecast.
  10. I'm looking for the running game to be greatly improved, which includes o line play. I'm also looking for the secondary to be forcing a lot more turnovers. We signed a bunch of veteran ballhawks back there, and we drafted a few guys that really seem to have a nose for the ball. I'm also really expecting Debo and Foye to be causing some serious havoc this season. Both of those dudes can run a nasty blitz and Debo creates interceptions, while Foye punches out the ball on the regular. I really think the defense is going to be surprisingly fun to watch. I'm really drinking the Kool Aid with Dean Pees. There's a golden shower joke in there somewhere.
  11. I initially thought that the Saints were just gonna roll over and die this year, but I watched a preseason game of theirs, and they've got really good depth on both lines. They may be missing some skill position players, and they may have lost Brees, but Winston is gonna be safe in that pocket and that o line seems like they can run on anyone. I think they'll be more competitive than I initially was assuming. I also am wondering about the Eagles. I just assumed that they would be garbage, but they've got what is supposed to a promising creative new young head coach, and he seems pretty driven. I still think we can win against them, but not as easily as I was thinking.
  12. Lol this post is weird. Y'all might be taking this a little too seriously.
  13. Completely agree with you. Yeah if you're a speed guy like Hawkins is at 5'9" 180, and then there's another guy that can hit the holes just as hard as break off a 30 yard run just as easily but he's 5'9" 230, then that's an easy choice. Especially because Smith clearly wants a bigger stronger team. It's the same reason Tajae Sharpe is still on the team. He's 6'2" 200 pounds. Smith clearly wants a tougher team, and I am so into it.
  14. Lmao my bad man. I hadn't had my coffee yet. I was agreeing with you and arguing against you at the same time lol
  15. Because cherry-picking the season with a terrible team and terrible coach that got fired where Matt still did pretty decent considering no running game and no o line, and then comparing it to the rest of his career where he's been pretty stellar and then saying that one slightly down year is a trend of decline means that you are manipulating stats to prove your own point. A downward trend is not constituted by one season. If he's worse this season you may be on to something. But as of now you are using the data to come to the wrong conclusion.
  16. It's so easy to cherry-pick which seasons to compare. If you include the 2016 season's stats versus last year or any year for that matter, it's gonna look like he's declining because that season was so ridiculously good. I don't know how you can watch this team and not very easily see that last season's scheme and coaching was easily the worst offense Matt has ever been a part of. He still did pretty good statistically, but the team was crap.
  17. I tend to agree with McVay on this point. The risk of injury is much greater than the reward of winning a preseason game.
  18. I think the only thing you just proved is how easy it is to manipulate statistics to prove any point.
  19. Losing a guy as good as Matt would upset one of the only sources of stability that this team has had over all these years. It's just not worth it. There's no guarantee that you find a guy as good as Matt anytime soon. It's hard to get consistently good QB play in this league. You don't just gamble it away. That's how coaches lose their jobs.
  20. I mean, the whole scenario is laughable. Atlanta would just have to throw away this season, and then however many more seasons that it would take to find a suitable replacement. Two firsts and the mediocre Drew Lock is not enough compensation for losing a hall of fame quarterback. They can keep Lock. In the extremely unlikely event that this happened, they would have to offer up a stud like Miller.
  21. That Matt Ryan video is actually worth watching. Makes me feel like he's going to get comfortable in this system fairly quick.
  22. I hate to see that. Didn't his knee take him out last season too?
  23. I think this team is just gonna play it closer to the vest than the last regime. I think there's just gonna be less hyping in general. Rookies have to earn their spot. No one is gonna get handed the starter position. Look at the Titans of the last two seasons. I swear I never heard a word about them until at the end of the season when they had some of the best statistical offensive rankings. I think Arthur is just a quieter guy and wants results, not slogans.
  24. It's surprising to me that he had nothing to offer in the return game. Normally speedy guys like that can get a few yards extra.
  25. Shame about Hawkins. I initially thought he wouldn't make the roster due to size and just the fact that he doesn't look like an NFL RB, then I got optimistic about him in TC and the preseason games, lol and now he's cut as soon as I think he might make it. Shows how much I know. I'm taking them cutting Hawkins as Huntley won that battle, so good for Huntley. I always thought he looked more like the kind of player that Smith is trying to acquire. He's just a big tough guy. I've been rooting for Huntley cause he's from just right down the street from where I live in East Point.
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