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  1. I think he's really great depth, but I don't see him significantly changing anything.
  2. Yeah I guess he's not the fastest TE in the world. Ran a 4.67 40 in the combine. I thought he looked like he had great short area quickness.
  3. I just don't know how anyone could watch his offense last year and think that he's good at anything other than putting us at 3rd and 10. That offense hurt my eyes to look at. It was so predictable and clunky. Just aiming for the sticks, never beyond. No presnap motion ever. No run game. Jeez I could go on.
  4. LMAO good thing that Quinn took a LB in the first instead of a CB, when everyone knew that they needed help at CB. To be completely fair, they did take a CB in the second:
  5. I dunno. I don't see what you mean about DK being good with TEs. I never watched Mercedes Lewis, but his stats are aggressively pedestrian. And I really think we all would agree that saying that DK is responsible for Tony G's production is just not true. He was gonna be good with or without Koetter. That's like saying Julio was good because of DK. Hooper spent one season under Koetter, and while his stats did improve, it was a marginal improvement at best. It's pretty likely that the improvement was due to continued growth as a player rather than getting the least creative OC in the league as the playcaller. The combo of Howard and Brate would be very impressive, if it weren't two separate guys. One TE getting 855 yards and 11 TDs would be a really great season, but two guys getting like 425 yards and 5.5 TDs each in a season is not that impressive to me. And that brings me to Hayden Hurst. Hurst should have blown up last season. He's the best mix of size and athleticism outside of Tony G, good hands, physical player. Would routinely make circus catches. But DK just could not scheme the ball to him. It was ridiculous.
  6. People really don't give him enough credit. His growth has been incredible. He's dramatically improved every season. If he keeps it up this season, he should easily be a Sanu level number 2 by the season's end.
  7. Yeah I'm also not expecting Pitts to get a ton of targets. If he gets like 6 receptions then that'll be good.
  8. Right? No one ever has been expecting rookie TE Pitts to match or beat Hall of Fame legend WR Julio Jones production in his first season. They don't even play the same position.
  9. I'm so glad that we're not gonna be the finesse team that's getting pushed around by all of these burly AFC teams anymore. I've been really noticing that push towards bigger and more physical players. People keep wondering why Sharp made the roster, but did anyone else notice that he's 6'2" 200? All of our running backs are also cut from a similar physical cloth, and tend to run with with a bit more of an upright style. I'm fully expecting us to move on from our smaller WRs in the next season or two, as soon as AS and TF can find big enough guys. So glad we don't have the ol "big guy that hits hard but can't defend the pass and tiny guy that can't hit but allegedly has ball skills" mold. Goodbye Keanu and Ricardo. Hello an entire secondary that can hit and make plays on the ball. I think Moreau is gonna look really good for us too.
  10. He was top of my list too. Pretty sure I was in the same thread. He impressed me so much dominating the Falcons last year. I even drafted him with my 3rd pick in my fantasy league. I really think he's gonna light things up.
  11. 1. Buy a Chromecast ($29) https://www.amazon.com/Google-GA00439-US-Chromecast-3rd-Generation/dp/B015UKRNGS/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=chromecast&qid=1631325377&sr=8-3 . You should also be able to buy them at anywhere that has an electronics section like a Walmart or a Target. 2. Follow the provided instructions to install the Chromecast and connect it to your internet. 3. Install https://ublockorigin.com/ . This will block most adds and works on pretty much every website. Really handy add on to have. 4. Go to https://reddit.nflbite.com/ and choose the game you want to watch. This will lead you to a list of websites streaming the game. You may need to switch between websites to find the best stream. You will have to navigate pop up adds to get to the stream. I usually go with Buffstreams. Don't click anything that pops up other than to close it out. 5. Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of Chrome. This will bring up a menu. Go to cast. 6. Choose your desired device you want to cast to. 7. Make the video fullscreen. 8. Now you can watch any game on your TV with good quality regardless of what area you are in. You can also watch directly on your computer, and some streams even work on mobile devices. Feel free to message me if you need any troubleshooting.
  12. I love seeing us keep on working the roster the day before our first game. TF is relentless. Feels like he will not settle and keeps on beating those bushes. TD and DQ would just leave the team be at this point in the season and settle for whatever we had rostered.
  13. Well even if we lose this first game, at least Fields ain't starting this Sunday, so hopefully we won't have to hear all about that.
  14. I watched most of that Cowboys game last night just to watch how predictable that defensive scheme would be. Looks to me like the only thing he changed was Keanu Neal to LBer and he put his hat on backwards. I'm so glad that we are rid of that curse of a coach. Lol even I could read the coverages. Bet Brady had fun with it. I have high expectations for Pees' defense to confuse the heck outta Hurts and get good pressure on him. I bet we flush him out of the pocket a lot and force some errant throws into coverage. I think that if our o line and Smith's scheme can divert some of that pressure from the very tough Eagles D line, then we can definitely take this W. If Matt is running for his life all night and the running game gets blown up then we could be in trouble. Still think we win though.
  15. I really am appreciating Dan's transformation into an edgier coach. You can tell because he moved Keanu Neal to linebacker and he wears his hat backwards now.
  16. Oh boy. Are the Cowboys about to rely on a Dan Quinn defense in the 4th?
  17. That's the entire reason I'm watching this game. I need some schadenfreude about not having DQ on our team anymore.
  18. They're running the "DQ Special" package. I'm sure that you're familiar.
  19. Oh lord I forgot about that hire. So glad I'm not a Cowboys fan. I can't stand the way Jerry runs that organization.
  20. Whatever happens with our D this season, at least it ain't that same ol brand of DQ BS.
  21. He's such a hack. He's such a bad coach that he hired Dan Quinn to run a defense.
  22. It takes a bold man to bet on a Falcons Saints game, especially with a new coach.
  23. I don't think that he had much of a skillset from college. I don't think there was very much asked of him. I think he wasn't good at utilizing his size. He played smaller than he is.
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