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  1. 2 minutes ago, raysnill1 said:

    exactly. if they can manage a string of wins and build up some confidence, they could be a problem moving forward. whoever the next QB is is gonna come into a very good situation O-line wise

    Also, this wet-green o line with a few injuries and some inexperienced players has been up against what might be the number 1 and number 2 D lines in the league. That actually matters.

    The Giants actually had a pretty decent D line last season, so the game against them might be tough too. 

    I hope that this gauntlet of killer D lines acts as a crucible for the o line and it makes them better.

  2. 6 minutes ago, raysnill1 said:

    everybody wanna bench everybody. our whole line is SUPER young. Henn is 23, Lindstrom is 24, McGary is 26, Mayfield is fricken 21, Matthews is 29

    Wow McGary is kinda old for being so recently drafted. I also did not realize that Matthews isn't 30 yet. 

    I honestly am pretty disappointed with our O line play. Who wouldn't be? But I also am aware of the fact that it takes even an o line that's played together for a while a couple of games to gel. I'm sure that our guys are gonna get better as the seasons goes on.

    Now does that mean I don't want to prioritize the the o line first next draft? Absolutely not. I want a either a first or second spent on O line.

    It's too early to bench anybody (outside of our ex-punter). Let's give them till the bye.

  3. Just now, red falcon said:

    Either he plays guard for a lil bit or mcgary is going to the bench.

    Seems like a waste to bench McGary. He's been under terrible coaching and it's his third season. It's not unusual for an o line to not put it all together until his third season.

  4. 2 minutes ago, raysnill1 said:

    I think I'm impressed with this Lions offense

    Lions honestly have looked way better than I thought they were going to be. Another team this season that I expected to be terrible that is looking alright. Eagles are another.

  5. Just now, Butudontseeme™ said:

    Y’all can talk **** if you want, but this team was much more competitive in this game than the score indicates. 

    I feel a lot better now than I did after last Sunday. 

    Me too. I just wanted to see some fight. A divisional rival that just won the Super Bowl is about the hardest opponent we can face. Glad that we showed some life. There's something to build on here.

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