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  1. I'd rather us run the ball down their throats and control the ball the whole game, but you and I both know we don't have the line for that. I would love some deep shots, but I'm just not sure that Matt will have enough time to let anything deep develop. Unfortunately they have some of the best off the ball linebackers, and one of the best D lines, so there's not going to be a lot of time to pass, and I'm assuming the intermediate passes over the middle of the field are gonna be pretty hard to get off too. Sounds like a tall order to try and expose that secondary.
  2. Yeah I think that game was likely a very brutal wakeup call for this team. Both sides of the ball now have at least a full game of reps now, so that should help. Hopefully guys will be more comfortable in the systems. I'm just expecting a moral victory this Sunday. If it's another spanking like last week I'm gonna start to get real worried. We don't have to necessarily win, but I been to see some fight. I need to see a flash of something. A glimmer of hope at least.
  3. Well having to go up against a divisional rival that also just happened to win the Super Bowl is honestly one of the toughest matchups you can get.
  4. I think that Smith is definitely trying to get the team bigger and tougher. All the new guys he's signed on offense are waaay bigger than what TD was bringing in. The roster just needs more time to turn over. I'm pretty sure we're gonna end up with a big bruising team.
  5. Yeah man Ogundeji is looking like the best D line we've come across since Mr. Jarrett. I think Grant has the makings of a real play maker. I also really like that the FO is aiming for generally bigger guys than what we've previously had.
  6. Thanks PFM! These breakdowns do wonders for me in understanding the schemes that we're running. I'm really looking forward to learning how Pees's defense works.
  7. I think the D needs more reps to feel comfortable in the defense. It's waaay more complicated than what Quinn was attempting to run. I also think that the Eagles RPO ended up being a very good mismatch to our D that clearly doesn't have the scheme locked in.
  8. Man I was thinking that their offense seemed like a mismatch to our D! Irony of ironies, I think that a stupid 4-3 like DQ uses would have been a solid scheme against that offense. Just as long as it's not coached by Quinn.
  9. It's less that he bares no responsibility, and more of that an entire position group failed so badly to do it's job that Matt couldn't do his.
  10. *RECORD SCRATCH* *FREEZE FRAME* "Yup. That's me. You might be wondering how I got here...."
  11. Gotta say, I was really drinking the Kool Aid this off season. I am definitely let down and disappointed. I kept waiting for Smith to break out some awesome WCO style deep throws or lots of pre snap motion, but it just seemed to stay very vanilla. It's unfortunate that our next opponent is a division rival that just won the Super Bowl. That's about as hard of a matchup that they could throw at us the second game.
  12. I hated that OPI call so much. Previous drive an Eagle DB had his arm all the way around Ridley's hip and turned his body around and it was a no call. I really felt like the refs handed a few drives to the Eagles.
  13. Matt Ryan's play has never put a coach in a position to get fired. He's gotten a ton of coaches promoted.
  14. Take a breath. It's one game after an off season with no cap to work with.
  15. I was surprised at how good Cordell Patterson looked. Seems like a pretty promising weapon.
  16. He has zero rapport with the other announcers. He seems like a drunk guy that wandered in and started rambling about the Saints. Also, how about all that new hair that he suddenly grew?
  17. I think that he improved the team. He cut Takk. He got JTM to be pretty effective. He ran some great blitzes with Foye and Debo. I think we ended up with the 6th best run D. Unfortunately he was saddled with Julio basically giving up on the team and the most predictable OC that I've ever seen.
  18. Man I really hate that name for him. It's so disrespectful. I thought that Morris did pretty dang well with what he had to work with last season. Definitely improved our defense.
  19. I've said this a couple of times before, but I'm just glad to see that TF is still making moves. He's a hard worker. I don't think that he's just gonna sit there as the season rolls on. He's gonna keep the roster moving.
  20. Poor guy. I wonder if he cleated Terry's foot, and this is the consequence.
  21. Lol I get it now? So they don't want to guarantee Copeland's salary for the whole season? They just want to pay him week to week? Ohhhh now I understand.
  22. I just don't think there's much evidence that Koetter made these guys better is my main point. I think these guys would have had similar performances under lots of OCs. I'm definitely biased here against Koetter though. And I completely agree with Pitts. 900 yards and 10 TDs would definitely exceed my expectations.
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