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  1. No one is saying he's untouchable. Some of you folks want to pull the plug and bench half of our players because we had a rough start to the season. Gage has steadily been getting better and he has exceeded the expectations of his draft status by a large margin. Gage is in a new system and he still needs to get better. He won't get better from the bench, and there's not really anyone on the roster capable of doing much better than he will. And I don't hear anyone saying that he will be our long term number 2. I just think that he deserves a shot in the be scheme because of how much growth he has displayed in his career so far. And I'm sure we'll see CP in the WR 2 position from time to time. He seems like he's going to be used like a Swiss army knife on this team, which I absolutely love.
  2. Man Gage is getting a lot of disrespect in this thread. I know he's not Julio Jones or anything, but the guy has been steadily improving every year. I like the decision to see what he's got at the 2 receiver. Dude plays with a ton of heart. He's totally willing to do whatever he needs to do to make the play, he's been pretty clutch on a lot of 3rd downs, and he's shown the ability to improve. Now he does need to take another step to be a proper number 2, and I think he's capable of doing so. We'll know better at the end of the season.
  3. The fact of the matter is that weed needs to be legal. Lots of players say it helps deal with pain. It's not something that should stop you from being able to play.
  4. In one of these preseason games (think it was against the Browns), he was targeted liked 3 times in a row and made plays every time and I think they stopped the score just from Green. I remember thinking that he looked good. I think he earned a shot with Terrell out.
  5. Dirk Koetter is where it all went wrong. He was part of two completely separate coaching staffs getting fired. Dirk Koetter's execution of his scheme was extremely outdated. Also I'm just not a big fan of Air Coryell, but that's what Bruce Arians just won the Super Bowl with. It's a very obvious, and kinda brute force scheme. Not a whole lot of trickery or hiding you intentions to it, which is extremely important to have in this modern NFL. Koetter's lack of pre snap motion is a good example of how he disguised very little that he was planning to do. And then we told Koetter to use Shanahan's playbook for some insane reason. I mean, I guess it kinda made sense. Our offensive personnel were built for a WCO. But then Koetter barely did the WCO thing. He used our light and mobile O line to do power running up the gut, and asked these lighter guys (for olinemen) to stand up and block for a 7 step dropback for like 10 seconds. The result was a terrible o line with some guys built for power(Carpenter and Brown) and the rest built for more mobility. And we all know how well that went. Matt Ryan got sacked to ****. This also led to huge problems with sustaining drives, which meant that the offense couldn't stay on the field, which meant that the defense was on the field way more than you wanted them to be, especially when at least 60 percent of your cap invested into said offense. So then that snowballed into Dan Quinn's super super outdated 4-3 D to be very easily and consistently exposed and exploited because they were always on the field. Again, pretty much all of the great defenses these days are extremely tricky. Disguised coverages. Simulated pressure, a well timed blitz. DQ did not do these things. The scheme was apparently supposed to be really simple and allow players to be "fast and physical", but what that really ends up meaning is that the scheme only works with all Pro Bowl caliber starters (see the legion of boom). Guess who didn't invest very much into their D? It's funny how you can kinda see that DQ and DK both made very similar mistakes in running their units. They didn't adapt their schemes to their personnel, and they both ran very obvious and outdated schemes. I think it's pretty ridiculous of them to not know where it went wrong.
  6. I agree completely. It just seems silly to me try to build an entire organization around one guy. Build the lines first. Get a defense that can get off of the field in critical situations and create turnovers. Don't just get some young guy out there slinging the ball hoping that he can make a miracle happen. Give him a good pocket to stay safe in and a run game to keep him on the field. Have a defense good enough that he doesn't have to score every drive to win. Don't just hope that you can manage to build a good team while your QB is on a cheap contract. Gotta be ready and able to take advantage of that cheap contract and win on that.
  7. God I hate Brady with a burning passion. The NFL page on Reddit is just littered with stupid tweets and articles about him. Feels like a freaking fan club.
  8. Matt's a pretty nice guy. I bet he'll trade him.
  9. I love this and I've always held this opinion. I think Brady is super overrated and has literally always had a great defense and Super Bowl caliber coaching around him his whole career. I do give Brady credit for being extremely competitive and a great leader, but in terms of throwing a football, he's not particularly special. There's probably about 10 guys in the league that are better football talents than Brady, and I think I'm being conservative when I say that.
  10. Lmao I didn't even know that they were there until you said something.
  11. I cannot believe he zipped that right into his receiver's hands like that. Rodgers made him catch that.
  12. Also, this wet-green o line with a few injuries and some inexperienced players has been up against what might be the number 1 and number 2 D lines in the league. That actually matters. The Giants actually had a pretty decent D line last season, so the game against them might be tough too. I hope that this gauntlet of killer D lines acts as a crucible for the o line and it makes them better.
  13. Wow McGary is kinda old for being so recently drafted. I also did not realize that Matthews isn't 30 yet. I honestly am pretty disappointed with our O line play. Who wouldn't be? But I also am aware of the fact that it takes even an o line that's played together for a while a couple of games to gel. I'm sure that our guys are gonna get better as the seasons goes on. Now does that mean I don't want to prioritize the the o line first next draft? Absolutely not. I want a either a first or second spent on O line. It's too early to bench anybody (outside of our ex-punter). Let's give them till the bye.
  14. Seems like a waste to bench McGary. He's been under terrible coaching and it's his third season. It's not unusual for an o line to not put it all together until his third season.
  15. Lions honestly have looked way better than I thought they were going to be. Another team this season that I expected to be terrible that is looking alright. Eagles are another.
  16. I think the common consensus is that there's going to a whole lot of talent in the next draft due to a lot of guys not playing during the Covid year
  17. Say we had drafted Sewell. What do we do with him? Move on from Matthews or McGary? Not denying that he would have been a more useful pick for us, just wondering what we do with him in the current lineup.
  18. Honestly I like seeing Matt putting the o line in it's place like that.
  19. This is the kind of therapy our fans need. Despite how bad we've been over the last few years, some of our fans still haven't figured out how to handle losing.
  20. We were better than we were last week. We showed some fight. Flashed some good D, showed that we can move the ball on offense. Those freak pick sixes sucked, but the game was close outside of that. I'm not happy, but I can deal with this loss because we showed a marked improvement.
  21. Me too. I just wanted to see some fight. A divisional rival that just won the Super Bowl is about the hardest opponent we can face. Glad that we showed some life. There's something to build on here.
  22. Good lord. Why couldn't it have just stayed a close game? What kind of awful luck does this team.
  23. Dang. Well we looked like we had the momentum to take this game over there for a second.
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