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  1. The curse of the Falcons not being allowed to have pass rush continues.
  2. None of these signings are big names, but I'm still getting excited about them. TF so far is as advertised. Beating the bushes and sussing out some really good value signings in the secondary. I am beyond excited to see what he does in the draft.
  3. The Closer indeed. Looks like he sealed up about 5 close games in the 4th for the Patriots. I like that his plays were mostly being in the right place at the right time and just generally having amazing awareness of the ball. I wouldn't think that his play would be greatly affected by age. Fabian Moreau and Damon Harrison both seem like great under the radar signings of guys with a true nose for the ball. The secondary is improving.
  4. The roster slot and his cap space, despite how minimal they were, are worth more to this administration than Ito's production was, and I totally agree. He didn't really have any strengths. He was average in most areas, but not really good in any area. Too small, too slow. Still don't know why we were ever messing around with him.
  5. What's not to love? He was one of the few bright spots on a really bad D, and the secondary was one of the weakest points and he still managed to be a difference maker. I'm excited to see what he can do when the defense isn't being hung out to dry in the 4th by the offense constantly going 3 and out. I'm also very interested to see his development under a real defensive coach. Terrell played the run very well last year. I think he could be the "multiple" type of player that everyone says that Pees loves.
  6. I don't really know this dude, but as far as I'm concerned any Falcons analysis is welcome. I swear this team has such thin coverage.
  7. Identity politics are gonna be the death of this country. Already about started a civil war this last year.
  8. It's so crazy that people can't see that. Republican versus Democratic is just theater to keep your eyes off of what is really happening, which is the top 1% is looting this country while destroying the planet so that they can hoard a pile of treasure. They also conveniently own all the major news outlets, so they can very effectively pit left versus right to keep all of us little people distracted.
  9. I mean, I can definitely see a team like them that seems like they're a good QB away breaking the proverbial bank for a rookie. Not sure I would be doing that for Lance, but hey I'd trade with em. Everyone has to know that they're not gonna go through an entire season hoping that Heinicke and/or Fitz could get them to the playoffs again.
  10. If we stayed in the same defensive system I would say there's no way we let Foye walk. He's evolved into a playmaker wherever you put him, especially on special teams. I'm surprised he only had 4 forced fumbles. We'll see how he fits into the system, but I could really see Pees loving a guy like Foye that's smart, athletic, and has great instincts for the ball. That would give him a lot of options as to how to attack the ball with Debo and Foye. I hope we can keep him!
  11. Dead cap is definitely a bad thing. It basically represents players that didn't work out. The concept that teams where the players played for the team that paid them have more wins is common sense. It's not exactly like this front office signed all these players without regard to the lowered available cap in an unprecedented pandemic. They've done a pretty solid job so far, I just think that their hands are tied and that we're mostly going to have to roll with the roster that we currently have for next season until we can clear up more cap and it goes back up.
  12. I'm seriously just about convinced that Terry and Arthur Smith laid out a plan for how they were going to deal with the media and the draft this off-season and are just sticking with it. Arthur said he doesn't want yes men around, and they're demonstrating it with him and Terry "disagreeing" about the draft. They have not contradicted themselves once with what they've said, but they keep saying that they're open to every new scenario that presents itself, saying that they might take every blue chip prospect and interviewing them all. I feel like they're showing prospective trade partners what
  13. It's got an awful lot of hallmarks of being a really good signing. Guy dropped in the draft due to an injury and then ended up on a stacked secondary so he wasn't resigned. His highlights look really awesome too. I'm gonna keep an eye on him.
  14. Even with a tradedown in the second, I still really don't see Asante Jr in the second. I think he could be had in the third or fourth. He's pretty small to be drafted that high.
  15. Yeah it's going to be a very interesting draft. Lots will be revealed. So far the only things Terry really said are general guidelines, like they're going for BPA in the draft and filling needs via FA. QB is a possibility, BPA is a possibility, and trading down is a possibility. With a first time HC and first time GM, no one knows what they'll actually do. The draft cannot get here soon enough.
  16. Huh. I had never heard of him until at signed him. I didn't know he was a projected first rounder that dropped to the third due to injury. Everything I'm reading about him is really encouraging. He really sounds like a hidden gem. He also says all the right things about being a leader and I like that he says he's a physical press corner. Plus, his highlights are awesome. This just smells like a good signing to me. I'm gonna keep my eye on him.
  17. Lmao I can't wait for the draft. People are real salty on these boards today. Lots of hot takes.
  18. Brett Kollmann is pretty high on Phillips. Says he might as well be another Watt brother. I think Kollmann has some of best analysis Youtube has to offer. He's not always right, but he's great at breaking down film and showing you what he's talking about. Worth a watch if you've got 15 minutes.
  19. Lol that dudes pecs are huge! We're talking DDs.
  20. I really hope that we don't trade with the Patriots just because they always seem to win the trade scenarios that they're involved in. Except for the Sanu trade. He really dropped off.
  21. I think you'd have to be crazy to let him walk. His ceiling is so high, and he keeps showing that he can do cool extra stuff, like he's amazing at recovering onside kicks and last season before everything fell apart he was forcing a bunch of fumbles if I recall correctly. He's got crazy good intangibles, and beyond that his play on the field has improved every season. I also guarantee we that we can lock him up for cheap.
  22. I didn't know that. My main concern is how it's going to affect all the records. Everything will be skewed now.
  23. Dan Quinn is down there trying to recreate the legion of whom. Dallas made a mistake hiring him. Seems like they hired him for scheme familiarity.
  24. He's so hungry I can hear his stomach rumbling from here. I can't help but love this guy. I hope he's got what it takes to make it.
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