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  1. Yeah exactly. The new coaching staff clearly saw the secondary as a bigger weakness than the pass rush, so they used the limited cap on addressing the secondary. We were generating some pass rush for sure. No one ever said it was perfect. I'm really interested to see what Pees can do with what we have.
  2. Politics aside, I am really excited for this. Should be really good.
  3. Right I'm just wondering what kind of adjustments he'll have to make to his offensive system.
  4. Holy crap! Nunn is 5'11" and weighs 201! That's a big receiver.
  5. I love this so much too. I think an underrated aspect of having no sacred cows, is that that's how you find hidden talent on the depth chart.
  6. Man it's so good to have something to read about the Falcons. I have such a good feeling about this coaching staff. I really think that this defense is going to create all kinds of turnovers. I LOVE that Smith is a bit of a hardass. So sick of our staff letting players take plays off and make tons of sloppy lazy mistakes. No more playing out of position. No more hero-ball antics. We're gonna have a big, tough, physically strong and gritty offense. I'm so excited. People used to always say the Falcons were soft, and they were right. No more!
  7. Yeah that's gonna be interesting. All of our starting WRs are much smaller than everyone else that Smith has brought in. He clearly prefers big and strong guys on his team. But what is he gonna do it guys like Blake and Zaccheus are better?
  8. I am really optimistic for what Pees is going to do as our DC. Looking at his track record, I don't understand why people aren't more excited about him.
  9. Man why you gotta always get politics in my football.
  10. But that was literally the entire problem. No one ever questioned his physical attributes at any point. Dude just wasn't tough and had a pretty weak work ethic. Just soft. Man I can't wait to see what Pees does this personnel.
  11. Lol. The Panthers skipped on a QB in the draft and are relying on Jets superstar QB Sam Darnold. Do I really need to say anything else? Also, CMC's days are numbered. Seems like the injury bug is catching up to him.
  12. So. Has anyone made it through yet? Curious to see if he has any good thoughts in there. I'm just not willing to expose myself to that voice for that long unless I know it's worth it.
  13. This forum really is sleeping on Moreau. He seems to have a ridiculously good nose for the ball. I'm really digging the way TF and Pees are building this secondary. Everyone is a ball-hawking playmaker that can force a fumble with a hard tackle. Opposing QBs are really gonna have to be careful taking shots at this secondary. Anyways I hear that Moreau basically didn't get resigned in Washington because they were already stacked at the position. I think Moreau and Terrell are going to be a strong duo.
  14. Man I am really liking the way TF is building this team so far. There's a lot of really positive common traits on display among these guys. They all really seem to have a nose for the ball. They're just always around it seems like. Harmon is freaky with how he always comes up with the deflected pass, especially in the 4th quarter. Grant seems really good at reading routes and jumping them. Seems like our safety group is a bunch of play makers that can switch the momentum of the game. I think that Fabian Moreau seems to really have a nose for the ball too. I'm actually getting excited to see the improvements in our secondary.
  15. Don't you want to talk about how Julio's departure will affect the running game?
  16. Yeah he's really going to have to carve out a role for himself if he's going to make the roster. I can see him making it, but saying he's the best back is pretty ridiculous. At best, he could be a good change of pace back. He's just so small for the NFL, and Smith seems to like some tough running. It just doesn't add up to me.
  17. At 6'5" 240+, I don't think that there's a whole lot of people that would feel confident enough that they could give him a beating.
  18. Because the system is absurdly favorable to the rich and famous, and thousands of poor people get locked up and lost in the system for years before they're even sentenced. Our entire judicial system is based on how much money you have. You can just make things go away if you've got enough money. Serious crimes end up as nothing more than a minor fine for a truly wealthy person, while that same crime will completely ruin another less wealthy person's entire life.
  19. Yeah he is lucky. I still think it's messed up that our judicial systems punishments are really based on how much money you have, instead of the severity of the crime. I really hope that he's not guilty, and that none of it is true. Unfortunately, the framing of the story and the details provided just sound all too real.
  20. Lmao I have definitely gotten into it with him for that exact post.
  21. I'm gonna reserve my judgement of him until after this season. Koetter's scheme was so bad. I think he'll probably do a bit better under Smith
  22. I did not realize that he's 6'4" 225. Now that's a big fella for a receiver. Arthur Smith does seem to like his WRs big....
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