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  1. Definitely sealed his date, in my opinion. I think he was also penalized a whole lot that season, or at least had key penalties.
  2. I think the Bucs are going to be problematic this season, but it's not because of Tom Brady, it's because of Todd Bowles. Dude was a terrible head coach, but is a really great defensive coordinator. In fact, Suh didn't resign with the Bucs because of Brady. Suh re-signed with the Bucs because he said he wanted to continue working with Bowles. Arians is no slouch at running an offense either. Brady is obviously going to be an upgrade over Winston, but he's not going to have that great offensive line he's used to having. And another thing is that old QBs getting cut by their original team don't always have a great track record after they sign on another team. Brady is also the oldest to do it. 43. I'd be a lot more concerned if Belichick went to the Bucs.
  3. My question is, if he's not gonna play, why not just put him on the practice squad?
  4. I just don't see Sanders as a huge difference maker. Comforting veteran presence for them yes, but not a game changer.
  5. I haven't really been keeping up with what the Saints have done this off-season besides just now seeing this signing and the Peat resign. Have they done anything else? I'm honestly more concerned about the Bucs with Arians and Brady at the helm, as crazy as it sounds.
  6. God I've been angry for years that the Pats have always had a cakewalk of a division to get to the playoffs. Falcons would have been there every year too if we were in that division. I can't wait to see Brady try to deal with the craziness that is the NFCS.
  7. I've been liking the moves we've been making a lot so far. I was initially upset that we were letting Hoop walk, but I'm really glad to see that they had been working on a contingency plan in Hurst. I think he's got a lot of potential in this offense. Bummed to see Tru and Free go, but those contracts were just bad and we overpayed for the production we were receiving. I don't think that Fowler is a world beater, but it looks like he's just better enough to make the plays that Vic should have been making. Grady has been getting pressure from the inside and forcing opportunities for the edge to make plays but Vic just wouldn't get there. Watching some Rams games it seemed like Donald would get the pressures and Fowler would always be there to get the sack or force a fumble. I still hope we draft someone in the first 3 to continue to help the edges. I tend to err on the side of being a bit of a homer, and I usually want to give players more of a chance than most, but I'm still skeptical of Oliver. I think that secondary needs a higher pick to shore it up. I still have a lot of hope that Oliver puts it all together this season. That being said, I just hope we don't sell the farm draft pick wise to move up. I don't like losing that draft capital. I don't want us to end up like the Rams, nearly getting there but not making it while we sacrifice the next seasons draft banking on this season. I just don't think Koetter is the guy to get us to the big game.
  8. Lol yeah yeah y'all are dreaming. Haven't y'all been around long enough to know that Falcons can't have an off-season that good? That would be a dream come true.
  9. On paper Hurst has the capacity to be better than Hoop, but he doesn't even have half of Hooper's production. Let's not call him better till we see him catch some passes in a game.
  10. Watching some footage of Gurley has made me feel a lot better about signing him. He's definitely lost some of that insane top end speed that he had before his knees exploded, but he's still a great athlete and is still more productive than anyone on our roster. Fingers crossed that Gurley and Hurst are Turner and Gonzalez signings 2.0
  11. I've gotta say as someone not entirely excited by the idea of signing Gurlie, he looks better than any RB we've had in a few seasons in these highlights. It's crazy how much less fast he looks in the next seasons highlights. He used to have elite speed, now he looks to be a well above average back. If we can get him for cheap, I'm in. I'm just not sure we have the money.
  12. Not unless he's real cheap. I dunno, maybe some vet leadership could do some good on this line.
  13. I would not be happy if this happened. But if it did happen it would have some interesting draft implications to me.
  14. My thoughts exactly. I would have loved to keep him around for like 3, but 8.5 sounds crazy for him.
  15. Nah Ito is extremely average. Not a big fan.