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  1. Is his defense good or bad in Detroit? It's terrible. The dude is a joke. When will people learn that just because BB used them in New England doesn't mean they're good? Patricia is a complete and total @ss of a human on top of having a bad defense. I think we can do better. Hard pass.
  2. God I hate the "tough love" take on football players. It doesn't make you sound cool. And "slightly above average"? Baker Mayfield is slightly above average. Matt has been great for a decade. Check yourself.
  3. Lol I forgot about the Grimes saga. Makes me miss ol Meko lol. Didn't realize that he's 37 now. And the other guy I forgot was Corey Peters to the Cards. He might have had the most sustained success of a Falcons player that sign elsewhere. Ha also didn't Sam Baker put a few years in Tampa?
  4. People seem to have a really hard time grasping this, even though it's common knowledge that ownership and coaching has traditionally been an old boys club, and we are continually see the same terrible coaches bouncing from club to club because they know people. People seem so against giving a minority candidate a shot.
  5. Lol not looking forward to reviewing that one.
  6. Only ones I can think of are Curtis Lofton did ok for the Saints for a bit, Brian Poole did good on the Jets for a while, and Devondre Campbell was a solid starter for the Cardinals this season. But none of those guys really "showed out" against us.
  7. The thing is that we aren't though. Yeah, Julio is the goat, but there is more than enough talent behind him in Ridley, Hurst, Gage, Zaccheus, etc. You can score a lot of points with that lineup. And we've done a lot of work on the O-line and it's not perfect but it has unarguably improved. No, the problem is this ancient Air Coryell system we run and the coach who runs it. To me it was clear that the gameplan was to rely on your superhuman player, Julio Jones, rather than be methodical in the run game and short to intermediate passes over the middle. And then when our superhuman went out
  8. That Saints D was really firing on all cylinders. It was hard to say if it was the tough coverage or the relentless pass rush that messed us up worse. My main issue though, is that we have the personnel to beat the Saints, and we just didn't because we got so out-schemed. Koetter kept on biting on trying the deep pass, and it resulted in Matty getting sacked 8 times. I know that who to blame is never black and white, and that everyone has their own failures and successes. But I put this pathetic performance squarely on Koetter. He never adjusted the play calls to deal with the unrel
  9. Koetter follows the "round peg into a square hole" philosophy. The least adaptable coach in the league.
  10. He fired Kotikwa or whatever his name was. I just can't believe Koetter couldn't get anyone open, even for a short pass. He's just so unwilling to adapt, and the best coaches in the league adapt for every game. He should have been fired in the off-season along with Quinn.
  11. That was a tough loss, but the Saints have done that to a lot of teams this year, including the Bucs. Payton is one of the best coaches in the league. They're always a tough win. I still have faith in Raheem.
  12. This is one of the harder to watch games I think I've seen, and I been here through a lot of bad ones.
  13. Maybe this game will be the one to get Koetter fired? Surely we have an assistant that can do better than this?
  14. Yeah it feels kinda racist and it's definitely ableist. It also feels extra dumb because he's won 3 out of 4 games.
  15. Unfortunately the NFL is one of the biggest old boys club around. It's why dudes like Gase are still kicking around.
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