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  1. Here's the thing about this year's draft: it's gonna be deep. I don't say that to mean that there is an usual amount of talent in the draft, I mean that Covid plus no combine means tons of good players won't get the attention that they normally would. It's a perfect draft to have a lot of picks. This draft will be a real wildcard. Anyone that actually watches our games knows that while Matt didn't have his best season, it all boiled down to bad play-calling. Tons of 7 step dropbacks, combined with a terribly uncreative running game headed by a blown out knee, an o line group not meant for
  2. I hope we pick up a nice physical free agent like Mike Davis and then draft the future at the top of round 3.
  3. I dunno. He did good on his couple of designed plays. Scored some deep TDs. Seems like every OC has their gadget guy like Zaccheaus. Shanny had Gabriel. Guys like this come and go. It's really just on if they fit with the OC's style. Who knows? Maybe Smith will use him.
  4. Yeah Brees really was that entire team for a long time. So ironic/sad that they finally got him a running game and a defense when his arm was shot. Hope we do better by Matt Ryan.
  5. He might have not mentioned Julio after watching tape for as simple of a reason as he was injured for like 6 games. Maybe he didn't watch any games where Julio was playing. This is the perfect example of why the off season can get so infuriating. Everything gets put under the microscope. But then again, Julio is the highest paid WR in the league coming off of a season where he was injured for half and gimpy the other half, and we still have to fill up the rest of the roster. I'm sure they've at least lightly talked about if they can move Julio. I would be devastated, but at the end of the
  6. Matty sure has been asked to pull a whole lot of weight around here over the years.
  7. Man that was a great read. I could listen to him talk for a long time. He really seems like he knows what he's talking. He's got actual philosophies and ideas, not just catchphrases and slogans. I usually go into reading interviews with coaches expecting to learn nothing due to coach speak, but he actually said real things. I really liked what he said about making sure you're giving people a chance to grow and not stifling them. That's how you develop real coaching talent on your team. The more I learn about Coach Arturo, the more I like him. I did find it interesting that
  8. Well then what would you do? Play someone out of position?
  9. I'm of the opinion that it wouldn't make a ton of sense to draft OL that high unless we're planning on trading Matthews to free up some cap.
  10. I just wanna know who we're gonna blame once we finally all get Matty Ice crucified. Back to Troffed?
  11. As a new head coach, it would seem like a really terrible idea for one of your first moves to be bringing in a cancer.
  12. How dare you post something related to the Falcons for us to read
  13. On top of it just being opinion, has 92.9 ever been right about anything? Despite that, I still think that trading down would be the best move.
  14. TF has at one point or another mentioned every draft strategy as a possibility.
  15. Man what a free agent class! Some good dudes available. What a year to have no cap space. I hope they can work some cap magic and snag us some players. I'd love to snag Mike Davis. I'm now convinced that the running game will be making a big time comeback in the NFL cause modern defenses always play nickel so they've got the smaller faster guys to defend the pass. That's why I want a Mike Davis or someone like him. He destroyed our light and fast defense last season. Everything is cyclical is this league and I think it's time it came back. We definitely also should spend like a 3rd or 4th
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