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  1. Not particularly thrilled about this. We did have a very solid offense when Koetter was our OC previously, but I was really hoping for some new blood. Not a big fan of this hire.
  2. Wish they woulda touched on the Falcons at all...
  3. I am genuinely shocked at the content of this thread. At least 75% of the people in here are actually making sense! What is this forum coming to?
  4. Marquand Manuel is only in his second season as a DC, and has been DQ's protege since Florida. The defenses we've seen so far under MM and DQ are better than any other defense I've ever seen us field. It's funny how quickly people get used to the status quo. Our team was absolutely riddled with injuries in every level of our defense, and a majority of those injuries were to our best players on the team. You don't just pull another Grady Jarret off the bench, you don't just promote another Deion Jones from the practice squad. These guys are serious talents that you literally build an entire defense around and that other teams scheme to work around them. People claiming we should have better depth are being unrealistic. MM is gonna be around for a minute, and that's a good thing because I think he's still got a lot of room to grow. Our team lost a lot of spirit this season from all of our leaders getting hurt and it's been great to see the defense coming back around. I'm greatly encouraged by the adjustments we've made so far as all the blitzing and changing up personnel. We're gonna end the season on a high note and it's going to carry into next season and that's more important than drafting a few spots higher.
  5. Oh boy. I feel like this one is gonna hurt to watch. Here we go.
  6. This is the hard-hitting analysis that I come here for. But for real, I think they're great for fun infographic analysis showing who's killing it in the league. I can't fully believe that they literally watch every snap that every single player plays.
  7. Bad coaching? Bad scheme? Bad player? Let's hear it! I'm curious.
  8. No idea my man. The only thing I can look to is what has changed from last season to this season, and I think that's the loss of some reliable veterans on the D line. Poe and Clayborn weren't absolute game wreckers line Donald or Von Miller, but they both had tons of experience and outside of them, everyone else is either very young or just not a leader. I personally think that it's the fact that Clayborn applied a whole lot of pressure in general and was also a very violent player that beat up on the O line a lot. There's a reason the Pats snagged him. I bet that him being gone also hurts our rotation and that makes the D line wear out faster. I really wish I knew what happened to Vic's development though. I just have no idea on that one. He's got the tools to get to the QB. Must just be something mental.
  9. Just to preface, I am in no way an X's and O's expert. I just read PMF's posts a lot. And I definitely fall more into homer category. That being said, here I go. I think that people are seriously understating what happens to a defense when they lose their top 5 stud of a MLB. An average MLB can easily be replaced, but a high end, elite player cannot. We're seeing the void left by the loss of Deion create a chain reaction of problems in every level of our defense. A huge thing that has disappeared is Debo's leadership in diagnosing plays and lining everyone up before the snap goes. This is why our team often appears to just be going through the motions. Because they are. They don't know what else to do, and it's not an easy job to replace those football smarts putting everyone in a position to succeed. Losing Rico also is having a similar effect on the back end of the defense. As I'm sure most are aware, all parts of a defense are interconnected. A fierce passrush affects the quarterback more, which makes the time that the secondary needs to cover receivers shorter, making their job easier. If the CBs are doing a great job in coverage, it makes the QB hold the ball longer, thereby making it easier to get to the passer. So what does losing Jones have to do with that? Containing RBs and the dump off pass. Deion is so good at reading and anticipating plays that he is huge in covering the fast short passes in the middle, which in turn makes every other player on the field have an easier time with their job. He does the same thing in run support. If a RB makes it past a run stuffer like Jarret, 9 out of 10 times Deion is the one waiting for him. And if not Deion, it's Keanu. So basically, other teams can keep our defense realing by controlling us with the run, and attacking the middle of the field with fast short passes. Once that's established, it's a simple matter of picking apart our CBs. And all of this combined makes our pass rusher's job much harder. So that's my uneducated reason for why our D looks like such garbage. We miss Mr. Debo Jones.
  10. I don't think that the two can be fairly compared due to the rule changes. Defenses have been hamstrung and can't play the same way they could in 2016. We undoubtedly have a great offense this year, but apparently so do like 16 other teams.
  11. The emergence of Foye really is a nice silver lining to losing Debo. It's really thrown him straight into the fire and made him better every single game. This is the type of development that I always dreamed about when Smith was here, but it just never happened. I guess it kinda did with Worrilow, but he was just never as good as anyone wanted him to be. It's interesting to think that he might have never been able to make this much progress without all of this time on the field and maybe we would have never really left the bench without having to grow up so fast. He's really looking like a steal right now.
  12. No way in **** would I trade a 4th for him, especially considering the potential value Quinn is able to get out of the draft. We got Campbell in the 4th, Ito Smith in the 4th, and Grady Jarrett in the 5th. It's just not worth it for this team. Also, I don't see Bucannon actually being the fix to our problems. Our injury list is much bigger than being able to have one newly signed player fix it. You'd need at least one more, and that still would not be worth all the draft capitol and cap space that it would take. Unfortunately it looks like our best option is to ride out the injury bug and hope we can look a little better on D once Deion comes back.
  13. I don't think it's worth it to trade for anyone. Our injuries are so severe that one player ain't gonna fix it, unless they're a serious talent, a la Debo. Once he comes back this defense will look a whole lot better. Also, not having Grady for a few games is gonna be real, real ugly. People are talking about the lack of depth at linebacker, but I think it's painfully obvious that losing Grady was maybe the biggest loss we've dealt with yet. We just could not stop Conner with Duke's inability to wrap up and our D line getting manhandled by Pittsburgh's bigger O line. I do think that that was just a really bad matchup for us. Their D is built in a much more old school, big bruiser type of players way.
  14. Quinn has been grooming Manuel for years and years. He's his protege. It's very possible that he helped Marquand out a little bit, but it would be against DQ's coaching style to curb MM like that. When he did that to Smith, it was basically a death knell for him. Don't think that's happening.
  15. No to this for so many reasons. First, Gruden would have to be nuts to trade away more pass rush. Also, Bruce Irvin is not a culture fit in Atlanta at all. We have zero players with crap attitudes likes his. And while Vic is not the Von Miller type of pass rusher that we were hoping for, he really ain't bad. He's not the 10 sacks plus type of guy we thought we were drafting, but I think in the end he'll pan out to average 6 to 8 per season. I've also noticed that Quinn does not use Vic solely as a rusher. He ends up doing a lot of spying. I will admit to being a little disappointed in Beasley's production and motor though, and I think we end up drafting another end similar to Takk. Realistically though, I think he's a parallel to Irvin. And my biggest thing is that Quinn has found some serious contributors in the fifth round. Grady and Kazee are two that come to mind. I just don't think it would be worth it.