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  1. I'm not really sure what your footwork is supposed to look like during this drill, but his feet look sloppy as h3ll to me.
  2. I don't know why Pees being a good coach and having a great track record of turning defenses good is such a controversial take around here these days. He has an amazing track record with his defenses.
  3. I think that what these metrics are saying is that we had a good pass rush, but we had god awful secondary play. And we all know that we did indeed have a terrible secondary, one of the worst in the league. This makes a couple of things add up for me. It makes me understand why the new staff did nothing at all to address the pass rush. We signed no free agents and barely drafted D line. I was scratching my head about that one and just assumed Pees was planning on getting pass rush from blitzing (which he still will). This says that the front office is happy with the D line pass rush
  4. Yeah man I'd rather watch a preseason game honestly. At least preseason means something to fringe players, so they try. Pro Bowl games are about as exciting as watching paint dry. I do really like that they brought back the skills games portion. It's pretty fun to watch NFL players play dodgeball, and I like the target throw for QB. I'd really enjoy it if they included something like 3 on 3 basketball, or a home run derby.
  5. I'm not one to hold my breath for a 5th rounder, but then again Grady was a 5th rounder!
  6. My optimistic opinions are Mike Davis, Russell Gage, Hayden Hurst. Not all three. I honestly think Davis has the best chance. He's been getting some attention the last two seasons, and we all know the Pro Bowl is half a popularity contest.
  7. I totally hear what you're saying about Pees not being a magic bullet and that it's going to take more time to install the right personnel. That makes sense and I'm personally trying to temper my expectations. But it seems like he has only ever been a really good defensive coordinator. Check out this quote from an article about his career: "In 10 of his 12 seasons as a defensive coordinator, Pees' defenses have ranked in the top 12, including his first season in Tennessee in 2018 when the Titans ranked eighth in total defense and third in scoring defense allowing only 18.9 poin
  8. I like what I've seen from Blake and Zac, but I think they're kinda small for what AS like at receiver. I've noticed that most of his WRs in Tennessee were at least 6' and 200 pounds. AJ Brown, Frank Darby, and Tajae Sharpe are all at least 6' 200. So I'm wondering if he's either gonna get Zac and Blake to bulk up, or eventually move on from them.
  9. Yeah those Quinn teams sure did struggle with any AFC team. I really think a big part of that was how small of players they kept drafting. Just got pushed around instead of being "fast and physical". Good thing that entire coaching staff has been fired and we have an entirely new one with a coach from the AFC!
  10. I think that the Cowboys have the best chance at being competitive just because they've got a good roster. But Mike McCarthy couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. Lol he hired Quinn because Mccarthy was the one coach he could always beat. And I do admit that the Giants have assembled a stout D, but that offense is such a mess. They've had lots of coaching failures recently too. They just don't have that it factor. They look beatable to me. I'm really betting that Darnold doesn't magically blossom in Carolina. He's been very very bad. Especially last season. Carolina was craz
  11. You kidding me? Stafford and our defense won that one for em. They never should have been even close in that game. Our roster is objectively way way better. And wasn't that the game where Gurley ran in the TD instead of kneeling and that lost it for us? We were one stupid mental error away from winning that one. And while we both have new head coaches, at least Smith has been running a very successful offense for the last few years. Like top 5 successful. Dan Campbell was pretty much just a TE coach for the Saints that got bumped into being a HC. He's got way more to prove than AS. A
  12. Dak is legit, I'll give you that. But they hired Dan freaking Quinn to run their D and let him pretty much run their entire draft. That tells you all you need to know about that team. Lions are in a full scale rebuild and they picked up Goff, who has been pretty mediocre. And they have no defense. Jags have disaster written all over them. Urban Meyer is already making tons of mistakes. We'll see if TLaw can handle losing. That roster ain't very good also. Jets have very little talent on that team. Everyone that was talented got out. I do think that eventually they'll be pretty o
  13. Personally I think they Art is building the team to not lose these should-win games. Our team would just get physically pushed around by bigger but less talented teams all the time due to Quinn's stupid fast and physical mould. Smith and Fontenot are already buffing up the size of the guys we've got. Also, Dean Pees is a really really really good defensive coordinator. Like, so good that his defenses have been responsible for multiple Super Bowl wins. And we know that Arthur can make chicken salad out of chicken ****. King Henry had done almost nothing before Smith got there, and Rya
  14. I'm really getting sick of all of these smug self-appointed "realists" around here. All doom and gloom with nothing to back it up, and somehow convinced that if you're being a negative d1ck, then it makes you right by default, and that if you have any optimism as a fan you're a "homer" which apparently just means that you want your team to do well. One thing that all you gritty, "hard-nosed", bootstrap-pulling, "realists" that are too afraid to love again after being burned are not taking into account is how easy our schedule is looking right now. Eagles, Giants, Jets, Jags, Panthers, Li
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