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  1. I wish he had made the team because it would be a really cool redemption story considering his past and also not wasting a second round pick would be good.
  2. Oh no I don't think that Simms is biased against us, I think that sports journalism will always be biased towards the team with the bigger fan base.
  3. This website is great. I do wonder though if posting a link to them puts it at risk of getting taken down.
  4. Yeah I didn't find that to be exactly unbiased. Really pretty much just talked about what the Eagles did wrong and gave very little credit to what the Falcons were able to do. He barely even mentioned how our D line abused them and that that's the reason Wentz looked bad. And calling Freeman done after two games against very tough defenses where we didn't run the ball at all? Bit of a hot take if you ask me. I get it though. Eagles are a bigger market team so you're going to bias a video like this towards the larger market. One reason I want the Falcons to win a Super Bowl is so that we get more coverage from guys like this. Oh well. Maybe this year.
  5. Ramsey is almost everything you want in a CB, but he's also almost everything you don't want in a CB. I know his cap hit is very low for this year but it's much higher next year. And then who do we bench? Our second round pick that just had a game saving tackle and seems to be coming along nicely? Or do we bench our veteran CB that is looking better than he has in years and just came off of a game with two INTs? Don't get me wrong, he's better than Trufant and Oliver, but this move just doesn't make sense for us and it would be a very uncharacteristic move for this front office.
  6. I'm surprised that more people haven't mentioned how absolutely crushing our run D was. I guess it was one of those things where you don't notice how good it is because they were doing what they were supposed to do. Their biggest run of the night was 5 yards though. That is insane. This is what Quinn has been talking about all these years. I wonder if people realize that this is why we were able to affect Wentz so much. They knew that they had no chance to run the ball so they had to pass all night, and we knew that and abused their QB as a result. And like you said, the Eagles O line ain't some sort of namby-pamby soft group of players. They're seasoned and battle tested, and our line still made them look weak. Bringing in Bailey and Davison and even Clayborn back clearly made a huge difference for the line. Those are three very very strong men that will not get pushed around at the line. I hope this D line does this consistently this year.
  7. Stocker has been involved in a lot of missed blocks and badly run routes in only 2 games. I think thus far he's the worst player on the offense. I think he could use another game or two to get up to speed, especially considering how tough our first two games have been. But if he doesn't show a marked improvement very soon he needs to go because he has shown that he is a liability. Graham has looked better in his limited opportunities at the same position.
  8. I truly hate Cam, but I love our rivalry. He makes our division more fun and competitive. He's a truly dynamic and compressive playmaker. I love the full on hatred between our teams. I hope he can bounce back and at least get his arm back if not his aggressive running style. I'm worried that Rivera isn't going to let him fully healthy though and it's going to cut his career short.
  9. This is such a weird stat and I don't really know what it means in the context of a game. Does it imply that our overall team is good though to compensate for that many picks? Or is Matty Ice truly that unflappable that throwing interceptions doesn't mentally effect him? Curious stat, but I'm glad that Matt doesn't implode due to interceptions.
  10. My friend I am far from being an expert on special teams. Had we even re signed Bryant for the final preseason game? That being said, Bosher was injured and his punts were terrible. Bryant did as well as you can expect for a kicker that hasn't done a kickoff in 9 years. I think it was just a weird night for our punting and kicking teams. I wouldn't be surprised if we grab a random a punter off of the street if Bosher isn't better soon. I'm not particularly concerned about that unit though. Kickoff and punt returns were a little questionable but I think it was more of a case of Philly having a very good special teams.
  11. I love this guy. I was initially higher on Lindstrom than McGary, but McGary has really shown so much heart and also he is stout AF. LOVE the fight in him. We've needed a player like him on the O line for forever.
  12. Yeah man shout out to both lines. They both faced extremely fierce competition and they both did their jobs well.
  13. It was probably just some rust. Honestly we've been spoiled with Matt Money. We're all so used to him being an automatic FG machine. Some times **** just happens with kickers. That was very uncharacteristic of him.
  14. Haha at :26 second mark they zoom in on the Eagles DC and you can clearly see him say f.
  15. Dude he's legitimately like having a coach playing in our secondary. He really made some game saving plays tonight. People really didn't seem to understand the impact of him being out last season. If he was out tonight we seriously might have lost tonight.