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  1. Just checked this thread,...wow you people, well some of you are apparently inherently angry. Alrighty,...I said I was clicking around not some political hack. haha sooooo I'm drunk? Well, give me a breathalyzer mister state patrolpeoples. Ya know, it's a shame people make a post,...*fellow Falcons fans* in fact and I get that I'm drunk?hahaha Well, all I know is I've divorced from pregame shows, and all that matters is the game. You all are driving away Falcons fans by accusing them of being drunk? Not everyone but established posters. Some said they want the mods to deal with it? Lol what di
  2. Man, it's almost hot out and there's no complaint. But came inside to grab a beer sit down for a while and while flipping thru the channels on TV caught a guy on the blaze network say,...and I swear he said, "never be a Falcons fan." From what I could tell the conversation was about BYU winning a nat championship this year. To that I wanna say hahahaha. But never be a Falcons fan,...man that hurts. Some of us old peeps remember the entire history of this team. Myself and friends have spent lots of money on season tickets, concessions, tipping the beer guy so he'll come back quick, et
  3. Interesting that today's NFL requires rookies to start and perform. Jerry Glanville berated rookies and rarely let them start, other than Tim Green. The Falcons lately aren't skeered to start rookies. Good OP.
  4. To hades with this guy. He rurnt a franchise for three seasons. What he does from now on has zero of my attention,...well crap I did reply to this. But who cares what Vick, Deion or anyone does. I view people like Vick as a child.
  5. No sense in hashing out how the Falcons have been screwed by the NFL schedule making gods through the years. It was worse back before 2002,...realignment.
  6. Precisely,...when Julio catches a ball away from the sideline he's absolutely gonna try for YACs. He's tough but he does play somewhat,...I dunno not reckless but when's already doubled and the pursuit from the backside is coming. Julio is Julio, glad he's a Falcon.
  7. Fascinating prediction. Execution problems is usually blamed on coaching. Perhaps Knapp will address that, we'll see. Could Knapp be O-coor in 2019 if things get no better, one could wonder.
  8. ahhhhh,...know the feeling. Been posting at nflfans since 2004, had a nice community until this admin who didn't like the Falcons kind of messed things up. It was weird him being an Eagles fan. Now it's defunct so I started posting here a few months ago. This is a good place,...a great source to know the heart beat of the Falcons. hahaha but ya gotta weed out the ummmm weeds.
  9. That is amazing. The OP suggested we draft an offensive play maker. Interesting notion and I'd not be adverse to such an idea.
  10. Worries me,...don't be wanna watching teams take it to us on the ground.
  11. Oh no,...a Thanksgiving game in New awlins? It'll be Katrina Bowl III No bets on the Falcons that day
  12. Funny,..April 2nd I made a post 'bout Gronk and was admonished, ignored so fine. Looking back, the post has been shadow banned. fine. Was just sayin' Blank/TD have a propensity to draft older, near washed up vets like Hester, Mack, and Gonzo. I mentioned Poe and some guy said he's just 27? hahaha a 27 year old DT is on is last legs boy, geeshus this place.
  13. That's the rumor. It's just in the past TD/Blank, Smith/Quinn aren't scared to play with the draft which is good. We've gone thru decades of drafting,...pardon me but busts. Lately things have looked much better.
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