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  1. There does seem to be disagreement between websites as to Ben's present weight. I've seen it at 275 and someone said at it's 300. Agreed, yes! Ben's strength is going forward especially as a run blocker,...or as you pointed out so well, disrupting the opposing O-line as a defender.
  2. He should be called "slash." One thing about big Ben is he can play competent center/DT/guard. Not many NFL players can brag about that.
  3. Reminds me when C Todd McClure was listed as 300 when he was always 280. It's like the great Patriots TE. He doesn't look big until he's standing next to someone. Ben is big Ben no doubt but I doubt he touches 300.
  4. Believe it that Ryan has played behind some of the worst O-lines in recent memory,...and still passed for over 4,000 yards. It'll be the run game that'll suffer. Ben is 6'5" and 275 lbs. And at guard ya just might be facing a 320 lbs. DT. Someone else said it, maybe he's a better D-lineman.
  5. I'm drinking too on Sunday,...bless our souls. One thing I noticed was a complete lack of offensive, ummmm competency. O-line was sketchy in the run game thus Free not getting to 1,000 and bless his soul, Matty did all he could do. On this point,...someone here who watches games in the stadium suggested Guys like Gabe and Sanu were taking plays off. That is unacceptable if true. Even when the WR knows he won't get the target he still must act like he's gonna get the ball his way every time. ****, if ya act like you're targeted that's almost better than a block on your defender covering you on a run play and he can't peel off and pick the pass. Simple football. Coleman,...lord forbid him starting for another team. Did this post put ya to sleep?
  6. And all those who think this boy isn't elite, pffft. And those long play calls still exist so Shanny has nuthin' to do with it. Imagine the pressure to get these play calls off before wasting a time out. My mental straight is wight on with the OP.
  7. Just come on out, you have and say you think Ryan isn't an elite NFL QB. Just keeeeeep on making yo self look silly. I'm sick of you Ryan,...not haters, but some of you simply,...ahhhhhhhh, you must think Vick was a better QB thn Ryan. Remember, as far as former Falcons winning a SB on other teams, there was Scott Case(Cowboys) and Gerald Riggs(Redskins) who did so. SB wins have zero anything to do with the greatest Falcons.
  8. There it is. As unspectacular as the guy was returning kicks, he rarely fumbled. And I'm not sure he ever fumbled or at least I can't recall one.
  9. Ugh,...the off season. Last year at this time everyone was talking Sherman is a perfect fit for the Falcons, the media mainly. Well, he's available again ya'll. August can't get here fast enough when alllllll the speculation is over regarding player acquisitions.
  10. Well, that all was said before(the shellshocked stuff), either QB took a snap in the regular season. And remember Flacco had that potent defense and Ryan didn't. If you don't like Matty just say it. Athell,...I've always said that the QB makes great WRs. Rice, Moss, all of em had great passers as QBs.
  11. If we recall 2008, the idiots in the media were saying Ryan would get shellshocked after Mike Smith declared the rookie would start from day 1. They never said that about Flacco.
  12. Changing the pass interference penalty is on its face a defense-first measure. Offenses would have far less to gain by "chucking it up" to try and draw a penalty from a grabby defensive back downfield. There is no doubt some teams(Patriots), chuck it up to get a penalty. Been seeing it for years. And then we see Julio getting mugged over and over.
  13. Just wunnerin' cause of what I did. I'll tell ya'll in a minute. Right when Morten Andersen kicked that FG in 1999, in Minneapolis, what did you do? If you're a Falcons fan you had to recall that moment, know, where ya was at at that moment in history. It was Sunday afternoon, January, and it was a nice day in Georgia. It was a benchmark game so we thought, the 1st time in over 30 years the Falcons reached the SB. Lots of us *thought* it was the beginning of winning ways. Mark Bradley at the AJC even said the dynasty word back then. haha Even he was fooled. On the radio the old time Falcon center, ya'll know his name, screamed YEEESSSSSS!!! when the ball went thru the uprights. It was really quite wunnerful. Well,...right after the winning kick I opened the front door, dove onto the grass and did Curly circles,...ya know like the 3 stooges. My brother laughed his off. I read Falcons fans posts and the women said they mens teared up. Not me. It was freaking party time, work tomorrow even if it cost me the job. I know those who teared up won't admit it but what did you feel, what did you do? My monkey butt got drunk. Here's what helped the Falcons win that storied day,...pressure on the kicker on a 36 yd FG attempt. Great team effort for all the ages in Falcons lore.
  14. Just the attempt of having a short distance back by drafting a bigger guy. We talk about Julio's mysterious lack of redzone TDs but there's no threat of a heavy runner once we get there.
  15. Brian Smith oops Hill