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  1. I find it hilarious that Rams fans are already fishing for excuses before the game has even been played.
  2. Perhaps they'll be 15-1 and defending their second Lombardi.
  3. It was most likely part of their bid to host the Super Bowl. Those types of details are usually included.
  4. We had our Thanksgiving earlier, chaz. All gone now so it's just the wife and me like usual to watch the Saints play. By the way, miss seeing you around the other site.
  5. I never lie. Not about my Saints, anyway.
  6. Bushrod started there last week and was very solid. Not a concern.
  7. But, you said the food is bad. Not true. You said the Stadium is bad. It was totally rebuilt from the basic frame after 2005 and has undergone massive upgrades yearly since. It is one of the nicer stadiums in the league today. The people are amazing. They welcomes guest with open arms. The game, on the other hand, WILL suck ... for an Atlanta fan.
  8. You are fortunate to live close to the cheap flights. We've been all over the Caribbean and to the Mediterranean, but plan to cruise the Hawaiian islands some day.
  9. Instead of going to Bourbon Street try going to Frenchman Street or go uptown to Magazine. Almost everyone I know that visits New Orleans and truly takes in the city loves it. The World War II museum is incredible. As for higher prices, I don't know where you're going, but there are extremely affordable restaurants throughout the area that are frequented by locals, and yet love having visitors. But like any other location, if you go expecting a bad time you'll probably be able to find (or create) it.
  10. Wearing a Falcons' jersey won't be an issue. New Orleans is a tourist location. The vast majority of people there will welcome you, but you will get some good-natured ribbing.
  11. Almost ... that is the point. Your stud WR (other than being able to score a TD any longer) di not get you the Lombardi.
  12. And where did you get that idea? Brees has not only NOT suggested he will retire sooner than later, he has said recently on the NFL Network that he has no plans on retiring anytime soon. He added he has lots more he is wanting to accomplish in his career with the Saints. He added that his children are all just now getting to the age where they can appreciate his play in the game and he didn't want that to end anytime soon.
  13. That is appreciated. I remember when Tom Benson purchased the Saints back in '85. I became a Saints fan in the Spring of 1967 when my dad was transferred to Louisiana and I found out my new state was getting an NFL franchise that Fall. The pre-Benson era was rough for us Saints fans. I'll miss him, but the legacy remains alive in Gayle Benson, his wife. She has been groomed for the last decade to take over sole ownership and was a very successful business woman herself before marrying Benson back in 2005 or so. She is now the most powerful woman in sports as the owner of both the Sai
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