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  1. Someone ought to call him and ask him if he's ok
  2. Wrong context here. Trust me, that guy is jumping for joy right now. Check the op date
  3. Made a thread in tatf teasing our fans and got a little lucky that the Saints actually won this game. Wouldn't have been surprised if that resulted in a ban if they lost. I guess I still won't be surprised if it results in a ban.
  4. Stefan Diggs needs to be inducted into the ring of honor.
  5. Relax everyone. Maybe you are not ready to celebrate, but you will be back in this thread in just a minute and a half celebrating along with me
  6. The Vikings are going to win this game. Leave this thread and delete your account.
  7. Dinesh has to be one of my least favorite people in the world. As evil as the alt right is, this guy has been a weaselly person for a long time and he doesn't have much to do with the alt right. He is just a shameless grifter
  8. Ok I don't know who this guy or what he did, but unless someone is genuinely causing a stir and won't shut the **** up or is insulting others, free speech absolutists should probably relent. Don't get me wrong. This guy is ******* weird and needs to calm down a bit. I'm just saying.
  9. That is kind of beside the point. If you are going to promote free speech, unless someone is being a blatant troll, you should probably relent to controversial views for consistency
  10. Reminder that capologist wanted Doug Johnson to be the starting quarterback during the Vick era. Yes, Doug Johnson.
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