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  1. I didn't insinuate anything. If I want to say something, I'm pretty clear about it. Your buddies have admitted to coming to my Fb AND new Twitter pages to see what I'm saying. Your refusal to leave me alone and stop posting about me encourages that. So no - you don't get to act like a bully and pretend you haven't done anything when others follow your lead. And that's exactly what most of you are - bullies. The rest act like trained seals that clap anytime someone mocks me or makes fun of me whether it's based in reality or not and I resent the **** out of yall for it.
  2. Whatever. I've already left and you just couldn't help yourself because you're a gigantic ******* who wants to continue acting like a bully. I've had to make every single Facebook post private and swap Twitter names twice thanks to you ******s. Keep seeing yourselves as the "good guys" tho...please.
  3. To be clear: stop mentioning me and talking **** about me and I'll never post here again. This place is mostly a sewer as far as I'm concerned.
  4. It's not. I just want to be left alone. I've never labeled the other party as "mass murderers" or told "good people" that they don't care about human lives. And I really have no desire to talk to you and won't be saying anything else. People who say one thing in private and another in public for message board brownie points tend to annoy me.
  5. don't care anymore... I haven't even been keeping up...maybe they'll piss all of you off tho with whatever they do. I have zero ****s to give as far as ppl here go anymore. Enjoy!
  6. Keep bringing me up and I'll keep coming back. It shouldn't be that hard for you guys to leave me alone, but I guess you need a "foe" to feel you're fulfilling your duty as saviors of the nation.
  7. What's dumb is folks like @Mr. Hoopah! pretending that I've ever posted Powell's stuff other than a link to a court filing (which is literally news) or when Flynn was going to court and she was representing him (also news). I have not joined in on the "kraken" BS, but his need (and others) to paint anyone who disagrees with them as stupid conspiracy theorists overrides actual logic and common sense. Then again, most of the libs here see themselves as some sort of message board super heroes fighting the evil Republicans who want to "mass murder" everyone. It's sad yet hilarious at the same time. Some of the biggest egos around exist on this board....and they're saving us all...one post at a time.
  8. Working out pretty well if Congress goes with alternate slate of electors. Maybe they will do it just for you. 😘
  9. Come up with new material. Don't you have a new way to dehumanize someone yet?
  10. Man, I hope he appoints her to Special Counsel, FBI Director...SOMETHING. Just because you ******** deserve it. No other reason.
  11. Maybe she can talk Trump into overturning the election so you guys can ***** and moan for 4 more years. Be an *******, and I'll gladly return the favor. I asked you to leave me alone. Shouldn't be that hard.
  12. Just leave me alone. I'm pretty much done with this place after yesterday. I've held on bc I've been coming here since high school, but I have no desire to continue to talk to ppl who act like I'm some sort of inhuman monster.
  13. Oh no....I supported Mike Flynn..who was targeted by the FBI and who had evidence altered against him! How "far right" I was! And yeah, I'm WAY further right than i was in 2016. In fact, I'd support a national divorce from the majority of ******** who post here at this point.
  14. Sometimes I wish I was the extremist that many of you pretend that I am. I can say for sure though, I'm far further right than I was 4 years ago after having interacted with lefties on here. So congrats. I hope you continue to persuade people to your way of thinking.
  15. That's the problem with most of you...people having the "audacity" to question anything you support. That's what it boils down to.
  16. When I have time, I'll sit down and send you a PM about it. Not gonna post it for fodder here.
  17. I've only ever had the flu once and it was awful. I've been on both sides of the insurance issue. I've had "great" federal gov insurance where I had an outpatient heart procedure done and still owed over 5k after insurance paid. I now have to deal with the gov since I'm considered disabled with my heart, and why anyone wants the gov to run ANYTHING if they've ever had to deal with them blows my mind.
  18. No I'm not. None of that gives him the right to accuse me of basically being inhuman. And none of what you've been thru gives you the right to do it either. I've done nothing but give examples of issues that I think are just as important to consider and I've been called a sociopath and that I'm a monster who doesn't care about human life. Anyone spouting that can **** off.
  19. Ho-hum? None of you (with the exception of @lostone) has bothered to address any of the multitude of examples of other issues we ALSO have to consider in responding to COVID. Instead, you assign this absolutely **** motive because you don't like my politics. It's weak and only people who can't use reason do it. This place is such a cesspool.
  20. Of course I notice you liked one of those comments, so yeah, I guess it goes for you too.
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