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  1. @JDaveG Here's your punishment for saying something.
  2. No, it's someone who wants me to think that.
  3. Just letting you see what I'm having to put up with thanks to this board and people posting my info here. I'm sorry if this one violates any rules. I can delete if it does.
  4. Coward. Should have quit while I was gone. Coward hiding behind burner handles.
  5. Yeah, just happened. It's someone on the boards right now. I'm loathe to report people or go to the police....have never liked being a tattler. I dont know if this person is really dangerous or just an ahole. But I won't sit here and let ppl pretend that someone here isnt doing this.
  6. And the insanity begins again. Listen up stalker, every time u message me, I'll make you famous here since you're a coward and hide behind fake names. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry maybe you want to see that this person is now creating a name similar to yours on Twitter. Also, I've checked into it. I can get your IP in from Twitter via the police. And I can have you banned here and there. Tread carefully.
  7. If you're doing all this reporting, everyone can thank u when ABF gets shut down.
  8. So do you think I should just be okay with people trying to make me out to be crazy and say that I was making stuff up and creating fake Twitter handles? I mean, I let you guys win when it got scary. I left. And that STILL wasnt enough.
  9. If I was a baby like you, I'd report this post....but I'm not.
  10. I've NEVER made stuff up... and I meant to post you as a possibility as well. I'll do it now.
  11. What are you gonna put on blast? That in had the guts to call out 3 of u and put my name on it as opposed to being a little ***** and sending others to do your dirty work by posting my info here? Btw, you absolutely threatened to post my info that day again...and Larry warned you AGAIN. Drake did as well. You're disgusting to try to say that I made this stuff up...and a hypocrite to boot.
  12. You dont give a **** about someone stalking and threatening me, but this is a "woah"? Because I had the balls to call out the three ppl I suspected based on phrases they use here?
  13. You're the reason it happened. I started getting messages the SAME day Larry warned you AGAIN to stop putting my Twitter stuff on here. You're despicable.
  14. Don't care. You've shown who u are.
  15. Hi! Since there are several hypocrites posting here who decided it was a great idea to say that I created burner Twitter accounts to harass myself, I thought I'd just come post the proof to make you look like the know-nothings you are. Below are screenshots of the different accounts that targeted me. You'll notice references to things that ONLY people on this board would know (WFW hot tub). I only previously engaged in political discussion here and Twitter. I also have a screen shot of my "blocked accounts" on Twitter where I blocked each account. I'm also showing a copy of some of the emails I received from Twitter after reporting the accounts. Most of the accounts, they found no "violation of rules" because I had no way to link all of the accounts together as the same person. You'll notice the date was way back in August...when this happened. But sure, I did it to myself. This was the first account to harass me. If you've been here a while, you'll know who I suspected at first because of the similar name. After blocking this one, the other accounts started: Blocked list: Emails: Same bunch of ******* hypocrites yelling that women should be heard are trying to say I made this **** up. GFY. @Optimus_Cr1m35 @Boner @MAD597 You're not putting this disgusting behavior on me. Two of you, if you're not behind the posts, you're responsible for REPEATEDLY posting my Twitter info and encouraging others to come after me. Get bent for trying to paint this as something I did.
  16. I'm sorry! This is why I shouldn't have tagged are right tho! I should've put you in there!
  17. Omg, it was! I'm sorry! Gonna go edit!
  18. Lol well, everybody knows we've had words....but I do think you're a decent guy....we just don't agree on politics.
  19. Can you not leave me alone? I haven't been posting and you STILL can't keep my name out of things. I don't intend to continue posting here. My husband has asked me to stop since a board member sent those threatening tweets to me last week and, honestly, the world is full of crazy people who sometimes act on the things they say. It's not worth it to me anymore. If yall really dont want the boards shut down, you better start looking in the mirror. All that matters to some on here is someone else's political views and not that there is an actual person on the other side of the computer. Thanks to those who have treated me decently in my time here... I appreciate that more than you know. (Especially @WhenFalconsWin, @JDaveG, @Jpowers, @capologist,@Leon Troutsky, @AF89, @lostone,@SpongeDad). I probably forgot sorry, if I did. Honorable mention to @mdrake34...I realize you were just trying to be nice in tagging me the other day, and I appreciate the sentiment. Learn to be kind to one another never know what folks are going through in real life. Politics is not worth all of this ugliness.
  20. There's also one saying someone should have been hit in the head with a shovel. And one saying that I should be fed to a guy whose name I didnt recognize. I know who it is. He just used his board name on his latest fake account.
  21. Let me just say, I'm pretty sure I know who it is that keeps creating new accounts and threatening me on Twitter. It IS someone from this board. Create one more fake account and we'll see how funny it is.... I will contact the law next time. Done with this ****.
  22. I dont give a **** what you believe. I could show you the tweets (and have shown some people here) but then it would encourage more ******** to stalk my Twitter and threaten me.