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  1. I dont care how much it has decreased.... 50k people per month is a huge number. We've already discussed this.
  2. How can you say building a wall won't do anything when we know 50,000+ people PER MONTH try to cross illegally. How many is that per year? Are you ACTUALLY going to pretend that those kinda numbers are meaningless? No one is talking about Visas....they are two different issues.
  3. I haven't seen anything convincing from anyone about who is responsible. I'm not even convinced it hasn't changed hands several times. Back when it initially started, there wasnt even a "trip code" on 4 chan to identify the "real Q." So it's possible whoever started using a trip code is even a different person than the initial anonymous poster. They could probably figure it out via law enforcement but since there's been no crime committed that I know of....that's not viable. The whole purpose of 4chan is to remain anonymous, so I doubt they'll ever know for sure, short of 4chan board owners releasing that info. If this has been one person, they have certainly been dedicated...I'll give em that.
  4. ALL women love Dirty's a prerequisite for being female, I'm pretty sure.
  5. Eh... I dont care for or believe the Q stuff, but I do remember when it started. It started WAY back on 4chan and has moved several times to different 8 chan boards and even exclusive boards. No one in the initial stages ever asked for funding. Plenty of them have latched on since then and created YouTube channels and asked for funding like Jerome Corsi and others. It's a shame because there are some genuinely good people who are all in on this thing and they're just incredibly naive. If people want to believe a conspiracy just irritates me because so many folks are "trusting the plan" and don't raise **** about stuff because they're convinced there's a grand plan where Sessions is going to arrest all of these crooked folks. It leads to a lot of passivity that annoys me. Just my .02. I doubt they'll ever know who was or is behind it.
  6. Nitpicking over charts and actual numbers is now racist too. I need to make a list!
  7. Kinda like me and Dirty Dancing or Fried Green Tomatoes.
  8. I've already said overstaying visas is a problem, but you asked me if we needed a wall on our northern border and I just explained to you why we don't.
  9. I've seen it ON tv several times....just never stopped to watch it.
  10. I dont know which one I saw, but that movie made no sense to me. It was just....strange. Now, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was one I really enjoyed off the list.
  11. It's hard to argue with 50k illegal crossings on one border vs 100-200 on the other though. THAT'S why a wall is discussed on the Southern border. Has nothing to do with's simple math.
  12. Lol, I will absolutely admit to being sheltered! I will watch and report back! We bought our first house at the end of last year and hubby just turned one room into a "game and movie room" with 100" screen and projector. We will have to try it out with these movies!
  13. Noooo... I'll do better!
  14. It was on my list, but never actually saw it. Hubby and I started watching the 100 "best movies" on AFI's list that we hadn't seen.... I watched Apocalypse Now and was extremely weirded out and we havent watched another I will have to watch it. I've never watched the Godfather series either but intend to watch that as well. I enjoyed Goodfellas.