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  1. Sooo.... you said there wasn't a spy...and now you're shifting. I guess you concede there was a spy now...thanks.
  2. Let's see: the definition of "spy": "a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor." I'd say that fits pretty well since no one on the Trump team was ever warned about Russians and it was done in secret. A year ago, Clapper said there was no FISA surveillance. Now, we know there was. We know there was a spy..and that's what Halper was no matter how you try to spin it, and he had denied that and then admitted it. Oh, and Halper is not going to be the only one, but you can wait for that one.
  3. Unattritubted claims like when the former DNI admitted to spying but said it was a good thing? Lol
  4. Oh...Isikoff...the other mouthpiece for Fusion GPS...the one that Steele leaked to and the person whose article they used to get a FISA warrant...
  5. Wanna know how much he donated to the Clintons? Is that collusion or nah? Lol "Vekselberg's Renova Group has donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, donor records show. Another firm associated with Vekselberg, OC Oerlikon, donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation." "New emails show Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary Clinton's State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and a powerful Russian oligarch as her agency lined up investors for a project under his purview." Article written in 2016 Yall arent very good at this.
  6. Guess he's tired of running our
  7. Yes, because Mollie is awesome sauce.
  8. So the narrative that was being pushed here that day...that the protests were PEACEFUL, you are now admitting weren't?
  9. I would say it to anyone who took a defenseless baby to any gathering that they thought would be violent.
  10. I've said repeatedly that there is blame for Israel and for Palestinians. People like you only blame Israel and want to call folks who see that both sides have done bad things "evil." Said it several times and you STILL say stuff like the above. Snake level.
  11. So you think it's a great, safe decision to take your BABY to a violent protest? Okay.
  12. And Democrats are going to get away with getting the Awan brothers off (ya know, foreigners who ACTUALLY hacked Congress) Not a peep from anyone on here for over a year now.
  13. There is a world of difference unless you have an agenda to push. And yes, I still think it's stupid to take your baby to a violent protest. And I think it would be stupid if you did that anywhere in the world. Yall are gonna paint everyone on the other side as evil people regardless so this is a waste. So far this morning I've learned that Republicans hate all Mexicans, hate all brown people anywhere in the world, and want to figure out a way to get black people out of the country. Snake level.
  14. So much for all of the folks concerned about how much money is being spent on stupid ****. This has been out for days now....not a word on here from those demanding Pruitt and others resign. Oh, and just look at how the FBI is protecting national security with its redactions.