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  1. Yes. I was told McMaster being fired had nothing to do with leaks because it was all coming from these secret friends of Trump that he spills his guts to every night. Somehow they can also know telepathically about NSC memos that only a handful of ppl even know about and leak that too.
  2. More fake news.... Trump is a Putin Puppet...this can't be true
  3. This must be fake news... I was told it was Trump's friends or something.... not NSC folks
  4. But Maggie, McMaster didn't have a leak problem according to ABF.
  5. How'd that big Russia announcement from Rosenstein work out for you guys this morning? Oh that's right...Y'all forgot about it when it was Iran and not Russia.
  6. Yeah, we're going there as long as grown men act like a bunch of **** high schoolers who jump in together and go after one person who sees it differently. Maybe someone can call u short bus or damaged while others pile on. Let's see where u want to go then.
  7. Yes, they said something for months until it actually happened...boy, they're right on top of things. Not to mention, you're all mocking me for stating a fact, that the leak this week came from McMaster's team. I also said this last leak contributed to his firing. Insert more mocking. Then drake posts a story saying he was "abruptly" fired. So y'all need to get together and get your story straight with the media. Either it was coming for months or it was abrupt. Make up.yours minds if you want to mock someone. Same **** with Tillerson. I'm so glad we only had to wait 6 or 7 months for his "imminent" removal from that position for that fake news to come true! Really great work!
  8. You're a real piece of work. I keep trying to be nice to you thinking that if I do, you'll stop acting like a total jerk...but no...every day you prove me wrong. Unlike HM, I still thought u had some decency. Guess I see why y'all are such good friends.
  9. Y'all have fun freaking out. I can do without the back-biting tonight.
  10. So was he abruptly fired or not? You just mocked me for saying the leak this week contributed to his ouster. Seems contradictory to what you just claimed.
  11. I would have a much bigger problem with them...
  12. So you think the leaking helped his case?