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  1. @JDaveG Here's your punishment for saying something.
  2. No, it's someone who wants me to think that.
  3. Just letting you see what I'm having to put up with thanks to this board and people posting my info here. I'm sorry if this one violates any rules. I can delete if it does.
  4. Coward. Should have quit while I was gone. Coward hiding behind burner handles.
  5. Yeah, just happened. It's someone on the boards right now. I'm loathe to report people or go to the police....have never liked being a tattler. I dont know if this person is really dangerous or just an ahole. But I won't sit here and let ppl pretend that someone here isnt doing this.
  6. And the insanity begins again. Listen up stalker, every time u message me, I'll make you famous here since you're a coward and hide behind fake names. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry maybe you want to see that this person is now creating a name similar to yours on Twitter. Also, I've checked into it. I can get your IP in from Twitter via the police. And I can have you banned here and there. Tread carefully.
  7. If you're doing all this reporting, everyone can thank u when ABF gets shut down.
  8. So do you think I should just be okay with people trying to make me out to be crazy and say that I was making stuff up and creating fake Twitter handles? I mean, I let you guys win when it got scary. I left. And that STILL wasnt enough.
  9. If I was a baby like you, I'd report this post....but I'm not.
  10. I've NEVER made stuff up... and I meant to post you as a possibility as well. I'll do it now.
  11. What are you gonna put on blast? That in had the guts to call out 3 of u and put my name on it as opposed to being a little ***** and sending others to do your dirty work by posting my info here? Btw, you absolutely threatened to post my info that day again...and Larry warned you AGAIN. Drake did as well. You're disgusting to try to say that I made this stuff up...and a hypocrite to boot.
  12. You dont give a **** about someone stalking and threatening me, but this is a "woah"? Because I had the balls to call out the three ppl I suspected based on phrases they use here?
  13. You're the reason it happened. I started getting messages the SAME day Larry warned you AGAIN to stop putting my Twitter stuff on here. You're despicable.