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  1. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by RubberDucky in Blank on Freeman: “I love him but salary cap is not unlimited”   
    Blank needs to write this response down in a notepad, carry it with him everywhere, and read it verbatim every time he's asked a question regarding a player.
    I've never seen an owner sabotage his own franchise in contract negotiations so often.
  2. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Beef in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    This is very true.  If Edwards was in last year's draft, he'd have gone maybe 8-12, and we might have still picked Reddish ahead of him at 10.
    Which is why I have changed my mind on tanking.  Don't get me wrong, I want Wiseman more than anything.  But if it looks like we're only going to be a 5% or less chance to get the #1 pick, then we might as well play to win and settle for one of the guys I mentioned earlier as mid-late round potential gems.  Because everyone from 3-10 ranked right now looks like they'd be 20-30 last year.  So take a flier on a defensive specialist or a 3-and-d guy after 10, instead, is my thought.
  3. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Spts1 in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    Crean isn't the problem.  Georgia ITSELF is the problem.  It took him three years to get Indiana's program turned around.  It would most likely take longer at Georgia, a school that isn't REALLY into basketball like Indiana is.  The athletic director wants the basketball program to be as good as the one he had at Florida...
  4. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Unknøwn in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    NBA teams know hes inconsistent. Hes not a finished a product but his athleticism is elite. His ceiling is so high even if he is a bit raw right now. That raw ability mixes with elite strength and athleticism will win over any FO. Crean developed Victor Oladipo and Dwayne Wade so its probably not a coincidence Edwards is drawing that kind of NBA comparisons. 
  5. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Unknøwn in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    The wheels just fell off UGA's season. Started so promising. 
  6. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by fibonaccisquared in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    Problem for UGA is that Edwards lack of production/development in Athens this season may pretty much seal the fate on future lottery caliber recruits under Crean. If he drops a few spots in the draft from where he was projected, instead of having an opportunity to go shine and build a brand out from under the shadow of "great coach/program", kids legitimately will have to worry whether UGA's lack of basketball history may shortchange their brand building ability and hinder their draft stock.
    The hope was that Crean could get freshmen to grow over the course of the season into something of substance... Unfortunately that's not how it's played out this year. The opening SEC schedule did us no favors this year, stacking 4 of first 5 games or so with top of the conference caliber teams... but there's a lot more wrong with the performance this season than just how the conference games started. Crean has a high enough buyout that I don't think we'll see any movement or discussion of movement for another full season after this one, but yikes at the hole he's going to have to dig himself out of...
  7. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Beef in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    Huh?  He’s 18 years old.  He’s nowhere close to being a finished product.  He’s 5-7 years from reaching his full potential and being polished.
  8. LawDawg liked a post in a topic by mqg96 in UGA Basketball 2019-2020   
    I’m now starting to question, as talented as Anthony Edwards is, is he really a finished product yet? Honestly it would benefit this Georgia basketball team if everybody returned for 2020-2021, but of course that’s not going to happen. 
  9. ya_boi_j liked a post in a topic by mqg96 in Happy Birthday   
    Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes and thank you @ya_boi_j for the thread & big shoutout! Means a lot!
  10. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Boise Falcon Fan in Vic will NOT be back   
    I wish Vic the best, and I sincerely hope he flourishes somewhere, but I glad they finally saw the light.
  11. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by athell in Vic will NOT be back   
  12. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by AUTiger7222 in Shanny has moved on..   
    The Falcons will never have another season like 2016 and to expect that to happen again is so unrealistic. Even if Shanny had stayed for 2017 the offense would have regressed simply due to the fact that we're dealing with humans and humans are failable. We had the perfect storm of events happen to allow 2016 to happen. The entire offensive line started every game together and there were very few injuries on that side of the ball. Ryan was darn near perfect, the receivers caught everything, all the blocks were made and the running backs found the holes and did damage. Everything was perfect. That wasn't gonna happen again.
    It's why folks think Sark was a terrible OC because the offense regressed even though it was still really good, especially in 2018 when Ryan had 35 TD and only 7 INT and the Falcons averaged 25.9 points per game, which is really freaking good. But because he wasn't Shanny and the offense didn't score a historic 33 points per game he got ran out of town and now we're stuck with Koetter.
    Even Shanny in all his years as OC has only had a top 10 scoring offense twice in 12 years. He's ranked 21st or worse 6 times. It's because you can't guarantee success year-to-year. Every year is different and new in it's own regard.
  13. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by AUTiger7222 in Shanny has moved on..   
    You don't know that. No one does. That's the problem here. You're guessing just like everyone else and your guess is only because you think The offense would have scored 33 points per game again in 2017 like it did in 2016 when that more than likely wouldn't have happened. There's a reason teams don't have historically great offensive seasons multiple years in a row and it's for the reasons I listed.
    The Falcons lost to the Eagles in the playoffs with the offense doing nothing. Folks don't remember the Falcons losing to the Eagles in 2016 with Shanny because the offense only scored 15 points in that game.
  14. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by quattroatl in Kyle SHANAHAN has been outscored 52-0 since 3rd QT of Super Bowl in 2016   
    I've never been a fan of Stephen A Smith until tonight.  Thank you to the football gods that Kyle lost another Super Bowl!
  15. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by AUTiger7222 in Pass Happy Shanny   
    Where's all the Shanny nuthuggers at now? Come and tell me again how much of a God Shanny is how the Falcons were idiots for not firing Quinn and promoting Shanny to HC?
  16. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Sidecar Falcon in Pass Happy Shanny   
    Blown double digit leads in two Super Bowls. 
  17. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by JDaveG in 30 for 30: Michael Vick   
    He was a phenomenon.  As you said, love him or hate him (and I have a little of both, since I loved him until I found out him running an interstate dogfighting and gambling operation was true and he'd been lying about it), this is about NFL history.
    And it's a fascinating story, and even though I was super pissed with him after he was found out, I also believe in redemption and wish him the best.  He certainly paid his debt.
  18. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Spts1 in 30 for 30: Michael Vick   
    Michael Vick is instant tv for a NATIONAL audience.  This is gonna get more interest than a Falcons regular season game...  It is what it is, the Michael Vick experience in ATL...
  19. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by athell in 30 for 30: Michael Vick   
    Will for sure be watching, can't wait.  Thanks for the reminder!  Do we know when Part 2 is?
  20. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by JDaveG in 30 for 30: Michael Vick   
    Definitely will be watching this.
  21. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by ya_boi_j in 30 for 30: Michael Vick   
    For anyone interested, part 1 is tonight. I won't be watching but enjoy. He's a former Falcon so I guess it's TATF related.
  22. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by vel in Blank on Hooper, others   
    They paid Vic $13MM no problem. If they can't find a structure to pay Hooper $10MM, they should be fired. They paid Sambrailo $7MM per year, but can't find $3MM extra to pay a 2x Pro Bowl TE. Think about that. 
  23. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Wardog357 in January 2020 Recruiting Thread   
    As am I. I remember Chubbs freshman year and he was quite the beast. Not saying any of these guys can or will be that…..but odds are, we will be in a good position with 5 quality backs to pick from.
  24. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Draftnut57 in Life is too short, and the world is filled with far too much hate   
    Not true, , God said you can add to and take away time from your life.. It's according to how well we follow the instructions God has left us in His Word.. The Holy Bible. He tells us in many places,, this Quote,, Things we need to do and not do... then those verses say,, Qoute "That your days may be long on Earth."  I haven't been on in a while because my youngest son died two weeks ago.. He was the most natural athalete I've ever known other than my Dad.. Brandon was just like Him.. He should have played Pro Baseball. He was that good.. The way to live in this life can be found in my sig. I know were my son is,, and that makes life worth living,, and living for God's Glory. That is the only way to have ,, A wonderful life,, even when you have to let go of a son , His brothers.. my two Identical twins loved him also.. It has been the hardest thing that has ever happened to me last week, Nothing can compare to such a loss.. But we will be together again in time.. God's time.  " But not yet.. Not yet." Only when it is God's time. The Holy Bible say,, "It's appointed unto man once to die, and after that,  the judgement." Are you ready? PM me if you need to.. I live to try and help people find the Savior.  He will save you and make you whole  if you'll only trust Him and ask God to save you..PM me if you need to.. I live to help others find Jesus..  Everybody reading this note.. is a prayer away from having a blessed and Glorious life ,,, "IN CHRIST Jesus" Amen.  Quote,, "But now in Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes were far off, are made nigh by the blood of Jesus."   He took our place and died for sin he did not commit , our sin,, so we can be saved by his life.  And since he did no sin,, the grave could not him. He arose, That's what Easter is all about ,, But most people have not even been told. Now the question is this,, Who is that knocking at your hearts door?  That's the Holy Spirit of God.. Please open that door and ask him to come in and save you. He will...  It is 2020 AD which means from the birth or Christ till this day , it has been 2020 years ago.. And BC means Before Christ " was born.  All time points to the Son of God,, Jesus Christ , the Savior of the World. ,, Call on Him while he is calling you to come to Him in Prayer and say, Lord save me, if you will, I promise you,, He will, I've never ran into any person who ask God to save them,, and He didn't , and you'll never find a person that God will not save if they only ask,, As God said in His Word,, Ye have not because ye ask not.. Pray my friends , Ask him to save you. while he is dealing with your heart........ Amen...
  25. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by LaurentRobinsonDaGawd in Life is too short, and the world is filled with far too much hate   
    I put this in TATF because i wanted it to reach as many people as possible. 
    Yesterday we lost one of the most brilliant men in the history of the world, and that doesnt include his career that was more decorated than a christmas tree. Mamba Mentality is about how to attack life, and not just basketball related. 
    I just wanted to remind all of you that i love you all(even if weve butted heads over stupid arguments) because all of us are someones son, poissibly father, brother, husband, wife, sister and our mutual love for the falcons is a reason why all of us are connected, and also why i love every single one of you. 
    Everyone please take a second today to let everyone in your life know that you love them and how much you vakue them, because life can be taken away fron you in an instant. 
    We all come from so many different walks of life, and no one has the same exact story. Thats what makes each individual persons life special and unique.
    For me, you guys and my passion for the falcons has gotten me through a 7 year heroin addiction. My main passions since i was a child was the falcons, and sxouting prospects in the draft. Getting back ti those roots was a big reason why i overcame those issues. 
    I mean this as genuinely as humanly possible, but i sincerely love every single one of you. Thank you for allowing me to be in this community. You people have done more for my mental health than you will ever know. 
    Value life, and the people that are in your life. We are all in this community for a reason, and lets all be appreciative of the things and people we have in our life, instead of the things we wish we had. 
    I love all of you, and hope all of us have a great and safe day. You are all beautiful people in so many different ways, because you are uniquely you. I want nothing more than you to be yourself. Nothing is more beautiful.