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  1. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by crimsonhawk in According to Carl Dukes on 92.9 the Game   
    Who ever was the driving force in not hiring Shannahan's assistants after he left is the true culprit here, whether it be Quinn, TD, Blank, or all of the above. We had a proven system, we had the guys who were closest to it's originator, and from all accounts, they well pretty well respected, so to just let them all walk without even trying to retain them was pretty stupid.
  2. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by FalconsIn2012 in All You Can Do Is Laugh   
    At least we managed to break this record.  We belong with Ricky “Wildthing” Vaughn in the hall of shame.
    Falcons could become the first team in modern NFL history to go 5 straight games without a sack
    This season is making history for all of the very worst reasons.
  3. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by THEHEADCOACH in Julio after Rams Game   
    Quinn actually literally complained about that in the media before. He said he wasn't happy with what was being brought to him. I honestly still think he isn't. They keep changing, but TD is still here... Funny how everything has changed around him (scouts , head coaches, and all), yet the problems continue, and TD is still here.
    Smith said similar things. Said people above him forced him to change things he didn't agree with and that's when things when south.
    TD Admitted to forcing McClure out for Konz. Abraham and Grimes both wanted to stay here, Smith wanted them, and Pushed out because of TD.  That's just what is known. 
    Not saying Quinn shouldn't be gone. Sure Quinn has made mistakes. All coaches do. I do believe Quinn will be coaching again somewhere. I don't believe it's all his fault. A lot of issues are being forced down from above and the head coach has to deal with it. When the next coach gets here, we will be having the same discussions, a few years down the road, if nothing changes.
  4. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by athell in Julio after Rams Game   
    Curious where you are seeing the "forced him" part.  I have been under the impression that it was Quinn's decision to be judge, jury and executioner in regards to the defense...doubling down by making Vic his pet project.  Am I missing something?  Because it seemed to me that Quinn's stubbornness and pride led to this season's catastrophe.
  5. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by MattM12 in Julio after Rams Game   
    I"d really like to know black and white who isn"t giving it their all.
    Vic has always been quiet but is generally seen as a good guy, and not a bad team mate. Maybe others resent his money. I believe him when he says he feels he's let Q down. I don't get the training away from FB in the offseason, but hey. 
    There have got to be some dudes we don't expect who are bringing this team down, or coaches. Every position group needs a leader of some sort.
    QB - No issue there RB - big issue, Free is a quiet guy and is also stinking it up. He ain't saying anything to other guys, that's not him WR - close knit group, clear to see. Will miss 12. But the whole team will. I'm not worried about them. Any guy that sees 11 at practice knows they have to work they *** off to see any ball thrown their way. We good there. OL - big issue, and one that needs sorting. For the sake of the rookies. Lindstrom and McGary at least have the right attitudes. I think i'm about done with Jake Matthews if he's half azzing... if he's one of the guys working, he can stay for and play out the contract. But I don't know what he's like, another stupidly quiet guy for being a vet now. Mack hasn't said a word. DL - Grady is great, but where the heck is everyone else. Grady, call some guys out, at least privately (I'm sure he has). Thank the lord Cominksy loves football. Shame we can't transplant his brain into Vic's body type. That combo gets 20 sacks and leads others. MLB - big issue. 45 is great but he's no vocal leader OLB - GTFO SS - Losing Keke was a tone setter. He played by example. He was clearly emotionally destroyed. I doubt he's giving speeches right now. FS - God love you Rico....   
    I'm a massive #2, #11 and #22 fan, but who is our Ray Lewis, our Dawkins, our Lawyer Milloy?? Or if not a player, who is our hot head coach firing people up? Dirk? Mike Mularkey? Come on now...
    Our D is soft as ish, and no one is doing anything about it. Coaching or players. No one is innocent. On O, we just need to clean house at RB and fix the Line for the 292nd time...
  6. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by The Don™ in Julio after Rams Game   
    That was the ultimate downfall of Smitty as well. Players just wanted to get back to the playoffs and forgot how they got there in the first place. It was about the outcome and not the process. He admits so in his book. 
    Same thing has happened to Quinn's Falcons. 
  7. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by Sun Tzu 7 in Julio after Rams Game   
    1.  The double dipping at corner was actually one of TDs better moves.  It got ahead of the problem before it became a problem and for a good 3-4 years the Falcons were set at both corner spots.
    2.  Other than that I don't disagree with your assessments but you are forgetting one significant when talking about the failure of the 2013 team.  Replacing 3 out of 5 starters on the oline... the entire right half.  And the worst part is that they just gave the positions away instead of letting the vets compete.
    But like you said... Lots of similarities between the last 2 Smitty seasons and Quinn ones.  Taking a WR when maybe you needed help on defense, (pass rush).  Replacing 3 out of 5 guys on the oline in one offseason.
  8. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by vel in Julio after Rams Game   
  9. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by JDaveG in Julio after Rams Game   
    But think about this -- after the Green Bay massacre in 2010, we moved up in the draft to take a stud WR.
    Our draft class after that debacle was Julio, Akeem Dent, Quizz, Bosher and Andrew Jackson.  One of those players plays defense.
    In 2013, our draft class was Trufant, Alford, Malliciah Goodman, Toilolo, Maponga, Ish, Zeke Motta and Sean Renfree.  Lots of defensive players there, but we had to double dip at corner why?  Because we let Grimes walk in FA and we saw the writing on the wall with the end of Asante's career.  Worse, we pushed to re-sign Gonzalez and signed Steven Jackson in Free Agency.  Why?  Because that was the ticket to "getting back."  We needed pass rush, but hey, Maponga and Goodman, and Massaquoi, would have to do.  Oh, we got Osi, whose best days were behind him.  And Cliff Matthews was on the roster for some reason.  But man, a TE who wanted to retire and didn't want to go to training camp, plus a RB on the wrong side of a decade plus career?  What's pass rush when you have THAT kind of firepower, amirite?
    "Getting back" is the enemy of "getting better."  But we keep falling for it.  Because our owner is desperate.
  10. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by vel in Julio after Rams Game   
    Pretty much. DQ has been slow to bench guys but I get it. They've shown before they can do it. As recently as week two. What's the issue? Especially if they have good weeks of practice, if they fully understand the game plans, etc. The mistakes Oliver is making, for example, aren't coached. If he shows he's understood the rules of the scheme, which he showed as a rookie just last year and must be showing in practice, you can't plan for his mistakes on Sundays. Your WRs can't beat single coverage? Really? They just did it routinely last year. 
    It's a bunch of stuff that is player issue. That's why I say even Belichick would be 1-6 with the way this group is playing. 
  11. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by ya_boi_j in Julio after Rams Game   
    Man I've been calling for the finger to be pointed at the players since Sark was around and people were scapegoating him. Execution is the key to playing sports, period. If I'm the coach and I call a play for you to run a 5 yard out and you run a 5 yard in, what's going to happen? Playcalls can be questioned but everything should not fall on the shoulders of the coaches. I'll blame coach for issues with the depth chart but I can't blame him for the players not doing what they're supposed to do
  12. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by ya_boi_j in Julio after Rams Game   
    Jones, according to one source, became emotional and said “Everything matters, every play matters… this is bigger than just one person. Q can’t do more for us.”
    In the words of @Knight of God, I felt that
    Falcons owner Arthur Blank was in the locker room when Jones spoke up and supported his embattled head coach.
    Jones, Ricardo Allen and Grady Jarrett, all respected veterans and team leaders, have visited with the media following every game this season. All three were absent in the locker room following the 37-10 loss to the Rams. One source told Klein they believed the three were tired of answering for questions for other teammates who are “not all in.”
    I wouldn't want to either
  13. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by FalconFan1st in Julio after Rams Game   
    Its a shame because there IS so much talent on this team. But its underachieving talent. You would think that the executives for the Falcons would have learned from other teams that have faced the same thing. The Falcons bought into their own hype and thought they were a few moves from a SB when they were actually locking themselves into mediocrity for 4 to 5 years. All too often players get that big contract and the "Will to overachieve" disappears. I knew the year that we went to the SB that we had a 3 to 5 year window to get back in. I'm sad to say that we ended up on the lower end of that spectrum.
    This season is over. The team and the front office knows it. They just don't want to say it out loud. Trading Sanu sends the signal that its rebuild time. Time to offload, get some picks for what you have today. Picks for this coming season and even some picks for 2021. A full rebuild could get the Falcons to a 8 - 8 (or slightly better) year within two seasons and some really good picks could get the Falcons back into the mix in 3 to 4 years.
    I would also get away from the idea that we need smaller faster guys in the trenches. Nope... we gotta beef up on both sides but also get some guys that you could substitute in when you want to run a play where faster guys get you there.
  14. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by FalconsIn2012 in Julio after Rams Game   
    I believe Quinn fell victim to his own kindness and good heart. He is beloved by players throughout the NFL. I suspect his failure is in not demanding his players do more for him. He goes to bat for Vic who thanks him by missing OTA’s.  Gets Julio the richest WR contract ever who misses OTA’s.
    Because I have no doubt Quinn goes  above and beyond for his players.
    As Coach Herb Brooks claimed: “I am your coach, not your friend.  If you need one of those, see the assistant coach or Doc.”
  15. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by FentayeJones in Julio after Rams Game   
    From the article:
    "Jones, Ricardo Allen and Grady Jarrett, all respected veterans and team leaders, have visited with the media following every game this season. All three were absent in the locker room following the 37-10 loss to the Rams. One source told Klein they believed the three were tired of answering for questions for other teammates who are “not all in.”
    I wonder who those players are. A couple are kinda obvious.
  16. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by TheUsualStuff in Julio after Rams Game   
    If we have athletes and not football players... that's on DQ as well as TD
    If we have players not giving max effort then that is on DQ as well as TD
    Since DQ came here I've heard that he is getting the players HE wants..
    So if the problem is a lack of actual football player talent and other players that are lazy and not willing to work.. well that is on DQ for making bad personnel decisions (like rolling with VB)... 
    So it IS on DQ and this entire regime for assembling this underachieving roster.
    I mean ultimately it is always players who don't perform because they are the ones on the field, but DQ has had a huge hand in assembling those players and hasn't lacked for payroll or front office support.
  17. Ovie_Lover liked a post in a topic by mqg96 in Next Move - Trade Hooper for 3rd rounder   
    Elite offensive linemen and defensive linemen as a collective group (the trenches) tend to have a better shot at Super Bowl championships than elite skill position players that carry a huge load of the team. History has told us that multiple times.
  18. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by JD dirtybird21 in And so it begins   
    Eh, history shows that Blank hiring a new coach was the right call. 3 of his 4 head coaches got to the NFCCG at a minimum. The only one who didn’t had his star QB arrested. I get the frustrations, but I disagree with the cynical approach. Team could be good again next season
  19. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by RichardCNile in And so it begins   
    With the Sanu trade, it’s obvious there will be no “tweaking” to get back to competitive.  In Home Depot fashion, this will, be an HGTV type of remake with entire walls demolished and a new floor plan put in place with possible playroom or office combo built into the attic.  
    athletes say, they don’t know even it will end until one day it’s ended.   For this team and we as fans, today is that day.  
    Our SB window opened and shut over a span of only a few weeks from late December 2016 to early feb 2017.  The last 2 years, plus this year and likely next year will be remembered as the “lost years.”   So much potential, yet most if it unrealized.   A million “what if’s” will he posed about the coaches we could have kept, added, replaced, but it’s all just commentary and fruitless.  
    This organization has not succeeded and that goes to the top.  The coaching choices from Jim Mora, Patrino, smitty and now DQ.  The only question now is who will be the next short lived and ineffective HC?   Who will be the next Corp clown we have as GM?  Because that’s the history and that’s a good predictor if the future.   
    Sometimes an HGTV makeover just doesn’t get you the value you want.  Sometimes you are better off just bulldozing and starting over on freshly churned ground.  TD, McKay and others are equally to blame for all of this.  Until we get a real football man in the front office, we will see the same.  We need someone who has spent some time in the trenches,  someone who’s worn a jockstrap to 2-A-days in the 98 degree heat.  Not someone who rides his bike to get his hair done and to buy a new pair of shoes to match his new glasses.   We need someone who can look a a foo all player and realize that he may look like Tarzan, but he’s gonna play like Jane (Beasley).  Someone who knows football players are built from the ground up and teams are built from the trenches outward.   
    we know it’s over, can we learn and correct?  
  20. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by g-dawg in Next Move - Trade Hooper for 3rd rounder   
    I am a firm believer you never let talent walk for free.
    Trading a player for another player or draft pick isn’t letting a player walk for free.
    To get 4 years of production for Hoop and then replace the same draft pick (or better) is a good strategy.   Obviously you need to hit on the pick again but you cannot make bad signings and overpay - if you sign Hoop at $9-10mm/yr and he doesn’t perform at the highest TE level year in and year out - then you made a bad decision- you aren’t one of these teams with $50-80mm in cap room.   Falcons were shown to be in worst cap shape in NFL - that isn’t where you want to be as a 1-6 team.   That cap shape is WITHOUT paying Hooper at top of the market.
  21. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by g-dawg in Next Move - Trade Hooper for 3rd rounder
    ^^^^ look at all these regrettable Tight End contracts.   Wonder how many of these teams want a “do over”?
  22. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by g-dawg in Next Move - Trade Hooper for 3rd rounder   
    I see TATF still stuck in the “overpay everybody” mentality.
    We are so out of balance between offensive and defensive spending and assets. People wonder why we have 31st ranked defense.
    Austin Hooper isn’t special.  Getting to the pro bowl isn’t that hard for a tight end in the NFC right now.
    Why does a $30mn QB need a $22mm #1 WR, a 1st round drafted #2 WR and a $10mm TE to be successful?
  23. mqg96 liked a post in a topic by ya_boi_j in We traded Sanu to the Patriots for a 2nd round pick   
    Good for him and the Falcons. Get that ring bruh. 
    Now if only some desperate team will give at least a 3rd for Vic