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  1. We know, but a lot of people (Beasley homers specifically) didn’t get this for a long time. I shouldn’t have told you tho. I was just noting this out there for everyone to see.
  2. Dwight Freeney’s leadership combined with our historical offense causing opposing teams to play catch up all day, that allowed Vic Beasley’s anomaly season to happen.
  3. The Falcons will always fix the opposing team’s problems.
  4. This is a 10-6 offense mixed with an 0-16 defense. The 0-16 defense lets down our 10-6 offense week after week.
  5. This and putting in Luke Jackson in Game 1 instead of sticking with Fried as your closer from the beginning. That changed the whole momentum which led to us losing Game 1. Would have been a sweep over the Cardinals if not for this. Smitker over thought with the pitching. I would have also started Mike Soroka more too.
  6. MNF

    How many times have the Lions been robbed on primetime the last several years? Also, for once why couldn't a good Lions team win a big division game and take the lead in the NFC North? The NFL is a complete joke man.
  7. This current Falcons team is basically a 10-6 offense with an 0-16 defense. Mix that up you have a 5-11 team which sounds about right, but this Falcons team may not even get to 5-11 now.
  8. 2007: 4-12 2013: 4-12 2019: 4-12 In this 6 year pattern since we've been in the NFC South, a lot of similarities, but this current team is the worst of all 3 given the talent we have.
  9. To CowTURD! This idiot who I never liked from the beginning.
  10. UNBELIEVABLE! We are currently the Dolphins hidden by the success of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. We are a complete joke of an organization right now! I will not watch anymore Falcons games until Dan Quinn leaves now! I'm sick and tired of this BS! Year after year after year!
  11. Here's another mind blowing stat too. Again, this defense has let down the Falcons time and time again. Who's to blame?
  12. With a ton more talent on this roster. The 2007 team was the weird post-Vick and pre-Ryan year. This current team is much worse. For the 2nd week in a row, our offense shows up but our defense can’t do ANYTHING! Tony Gonzalez just said it on FOX. Only the Miami Dolphins have a worse defense than us! The offensive side of the ball deserves much better than this BS Dan Quinn has done to the defense. Fire Quinn now! Sick of it!!!!!
  13. Both sides of the ball! Mmmmm, no, it’s our historically bad defense. For the 2nd week in a row the offense scores 30+ and loses because of an awful defense. The Saints have scored under 15 three times and won this year with Teddy Bridgewater because of their elite DEFENSE, which wins championships.
  14. Yes! Deion Jones is one of the only 2 players we have on defense. Now offense must tie it here. Field goal or punt won’t work.
  15. Championship? I’m 100% certain we have an 0-16 defense.
  16. The Panthers won 37-26, and now Kyle Allen has the best start of an undrafted QB since Kurt Werner in 1999. Not a good stat for Falcons fans. But the biggest X-factor, the Panthers defense forced 7 turnovers, SEVEN TURNOVERS!!!! That’s a DEFENSE! Something the Falcons can NEVER have here idiots who love to put it all on one QB. It’s a TEAM sport! We’re not catching up with the Saints or Panthers in the division this year.
  17. 2004 Georgia finished 10-2 and did NOT win the East.
  18. Doubt it. I agree. A better offensive philosophy at UGA will be able to utilize our talent better including Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm is still making freshman mistakes against the better defenses. He hasn't improved at all since he's been a dawg. He was carried by those seniors his freshman year.
  19. We relied on a historical rushing duo back to back seasons in 2017 & 2018. Chubb and Michel combined for 2000+ yards and Swift and Holyfield combined for 2000+ yards, yet our offense was still very conservative that year and messed up against the elite opponents (or elite defenses). We don't have that this year, plus outside of Lawrence Cager our receiving core has taken a huge step back from last season. Jake Fromm was supposed to make a lot of progress this year, and unfortunately I haven't seen that from him in year 3. I'm very disappointed, and honestly, Georgia's offensive philosophy is too stuck in the past. That won't be getting us anywhere this year. I've said it before it's hard to win the division (SEC East or West) 3 years in a row. Looks like we may not be doing that. I have a hard time believing we'll go 2-0 vs Florida and Auburn, ****, we may not even beat Mizzou and Texas A&M if we keep playing like we're playing. A change in the offensive philosophy must happen now.
  20. It’s all coming together this week for Georgia sports. Falcons return to Houston where the Super Bowl collapse happens, and allows DeShaun Watson to set a record performance against us. The Braves blow game 1 & 4 which leads to the historical 1st inning collapse in game 5. Now the Dawgs are losing to an inferior South Carolina team at home.