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  1. Now let me add on to those comments, to be fair, our bad AFC record, goes by Mike Smith's final 2 seasons as a Falcons head coach and pretty much Dan Quinn's whole tenure as a Falcons head coach. Dan Quinn's only home wins vs. the AFC were his 1st one vs. the Texans in 2015 and his last one vs. the Jaguars in 2019. Obviously those Broncos and Raiders home wins in 2020, by then Raheem Morris had taken over as the head coach. So fingers crossed our AFC record changes in 2021 & beyond.
  2. In 2009, we went 3-1 vs. the AFC East (only loss being the Patriots in NE of course), and that was the first year in franchise history we had back to back winning seasons thanks to going 9-7 that year after being 11-5 the previous year. In 2013 we went 1-3 vs. the AFC East with our only win being against the Bills in Toronto, we finished 4-12 that year. In 2017, we went 1-3 vs. the AFC East again with our only win being against the Jets in New Jersey. However, we went 10-6 that year and made the playoffs as a wildcard. I don't know, with Brady no longer in the AFC East, it should give us a better chance, however, the Dolphins and especially the Bills are much much improved teams from the last several times we've faced them, and on top of that we face them on the road. Should be interesting. If the Falcons want to make the postseason in 2021 or 2022, their AFC record vs. the AFC East and AFC North (the following year) will have to drastically improve from the previous disasters we've had vs. them in 2013/2014 and 2017/2018, oh yeah, did I also mention that we are a combined 0-8 in our last 8 AFC North games going by how 2014 and 2018 went (missed playoffs both of those seasons). We haven't won an AFC North game since 2010.
  3. All I have to say, we just have to wait and see how the 2021 and 2022 seasons turn out. That's all I'm going to say. We will see if Kyle Pitts at #4 and the rest of how we build the team throughout the later rounds really benefitted us. We will know throughout 2021 and 2022 if Matt Ryan still was really the guy. We will also know if Justin Fields ends up being really successful in Chicago, or if he ends up being a bust. Only time will tell. I'm not gonna argue or debate with anyone.
  4. Honestly, now when I think back to 28-3, it’s almost no different from many other crazy/catastrophic Atlanta/Georgia sports tragedies that’s happened before and after that. Y’all know what I’m talking about.
  5. Mac Jones had way more talent around him than Justin Fields. Not even close. It's Alabama with their top recruiting classes, Heisman winner WR Devonta Smith and a dominant RB Najee Harris. This is not up for debate, no comparison. Another point you have to keep in mind, Ohio State only played 5 games in the regular season, while Alabama played 10 games in the regular season. Regular season wise that's TWICE as many games for Alabama to improve and get reps in as Ohio State. That's a significant difference.
  6. I'd never draft an offensive lineman being top 4 in the draft, but that's just me. I'd never take that chance, there's so many other (secretly) going to be great O-linemen out there you can get in later rounds. Year after year. Talented QB's don't come often.
  7. Mac Jones has BUST written all over him. He was surrounded by elite 5 star Bama talent including Najee Harris and Devonta Smith. At least half the college QB’s would have looked great or even better than Jones in that system.
  8. The bad news is.... with the Falcons being 0-2 in Super Bowls, the Panthers being 0-2 in Super Bowls, and now the Bucs about to be 2-0 in Super Bowls, this leaves the Saints at 1-0, which means we better pray the Saints don’t step close to another shot at a Super Bowl anytime soon, otherwise.....
  9. The Bucs who are about to be 2-0 in Super Bowls of 2002 and 2020, 4 years each after the Falcons 0-2 in 1998 and 2016 Super Bowls. ****.
  10. I’m sick and tired of these teams BORDERING THE STATE OF GEORGIA winning championships year after year!!! 🤮🤬
  11. OMG, I've never seen such a foolish, most idiotic comment in my whole life, and I've seen your previous ones too, don't even understand what a TEAM, TEAM, TEAM sport is.
  12. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Rodgers is now 1-4 in NFC Championship games, yikes. The Packers may rule the NFC North year after year but they find a way to cough it up in the divisional round or NFC championship year after year.
  13. How about the NFC South in the Super Bowl for the 3rd time in 6 seasons? Other than that. The Packers completely lost this one. Why the **** didn’t you go for it on 4th down? Even if you get a TD and no 2 point conversion, and miss onside kick, being down by 2 with 3 timeouts is better than being down by 5 with 3 timeouts.
  14. If you stay at 4, if Fields is available, you can't pass on him, otherwise, trade down and play chess with the rest of the league with your picks.
  15. Congratulations Dirk Koetter for only making the postseason once as an offensive coordinator/head coach since 2012, missed the playoffs all 8 years in a row from 2013-2020.
  16. While the Falcons have a favorable schedule next season, we do play the AFC East and NFC East next season, and since the Falcons have been in the NFC South, we have not played well in seasons vs. those divisions or the seasons they were on our schedule. 2002-present. 2012 was the only season we made the playoffs playing the NFC East in its entirety, and we finished 13-3 that year with the #1 seed. 2003, 2006, 2009, 2015, and 2018, we missed the playoffs with the NFC East on our schedule. 2017 was the only season we made the playoffs with the AFC East on our schedule, we finished 10-6 that year as the #6 seed, but 3rd in the NFC South. We missed the playoffs in 2005, 2009, and 2013 playing the AFC East since being in the NFC South. We also missed the playoffs playing the AFC East in 2001 as well which was our final year in the NFC West. We also went 1-3 vs the AFC East in both 2013 and 2017, so that better change in 2021. Now here’s what’s tricky folks. Since 1991, which was the Falcons final year in Fulton County Stadium, the Falcons franchise has NOT missed the playoffs 4 years in a row or more. Yep. That hasn’t happened since the 80’s. 1992-1994, 1999-2001, 2005-2007, 2013-2015, and now 2018-2020 are the maximum 3 seasons in a row we’ve missed the playoffs. What happened in 1995, 2002, 2008, and 2016? The previous 4 seasons we came off 3 straight seasons missing the playoffs? Hopefully that continues in 2021, in a season we play both the AFC East and NFC East divisions, imagine that!
  17. I understand a lot of folks here have been saying that the 4-12 Falcons team of 2020 lost a lot of close games and had the lowest point differential ever for a team with only 4 wins, and that we're only a few pieces away from being a contender, the fact that we could have easily had 10 or 11 wins this past season had all those close last second losses we had, were close last second wins instead. This rhetoric might be true, however, here's the thing, we finished with a strong 6-2 in the second half of 2019 after starting 1-7, and that was supposed to carry us into 2020 and it didn't. I'm not gonna say that losing close games in 2020 will carry us to winning those close games in 2021. Next season will be a completely different year & roster. We don't know depending on the decisions that are about to be made. I'm completely with Terry Fontenot on drafting the best player available. You need that huge sense of urgency. “I would say we never want to reach for needs,” Fontenot said. “We want to stack the board. We want to be consistent. It’s never a bad thing to add to a strength." I love this mentality. I didn't feel those vibes at all from Dimitroff or Quinn for that matter. Now, there's the thing, we are gonna know a lot about the hires of Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith with the following 3 factors. #1: What they do in the draft. #2: What they do in free agency. #3: Most importantly, what they do before June 1st with the cuts and cap relief, which will not be easy with the tight situation we're in right now. Then from there, it's all about the roster, and how the players perform throughout 2021 with what we have based on what was done throughout the off season....
  18. Let’s not forget, Belichick’s whole head coaching career in the NFL, in a full season he’s only made the playoffs once without Brady, that was the 1994 Browns. So all the other years with the Browns, and the few seasons in New England without Brady, Belichick never made the playoffs. The only year Brady missed the playoffs as a starter is still 2002, and that Patriots team was 9-7, which means Brady has never started a full season with a losing record.
  19. Sorry dude, we'll have to agree to disagree. I was evening listening to multiple radio shows (not gonna mention the name of the stations), with some really good analysts whether you love 'em or hate 'em, all of them agree the Falcons must grab a solid QB if there at #4. To have a new regime coming in, an aging QB at the end of his career, and get a wide receiver or lineman at #4 is so idiotic. Period. You've been 7-9, 7-9, and 4-12 the past 3 seasons and you're in a horrible cap situation.
  20. It's not often you're top 4 in the draft and you have one of the best QB classes at the same time. Every year offensive linemen, defensive linemen, running backs, and other skill position players will always be there IF the front office knows how to make the correct picks. Quarterbacks aren't always there when you're this high in the draft at the same time, and Matt Ryan is on his last few years before he retires. So you must grab a QB at #4 no matter what. It be idiotic to not grab a QB to save for the future this draft.
  21. If Zach Wilson is all you got at #4, then yes, if it's Justin Fields first, you pick Justin Fields. Fields has faced more proven competition throughout this career.
  22. Dan Reeves - Led '98 team to Super Bowl Dan Quinn - Led '16 team to Super Bowl We know how both of those biggest games occurred of course. Mike Smith - Defensive mind from 11-5 AFC South team (2007 Jaguars) Arthur Smith - Offensive mind from 11-5 AFC South team (2020 Titans)
  23. and I'm glad we didn't get Joe Brady, that candidate was overrated, his resume was being overvalued because of what he did for one year at LSU at the college level.
  24. I have my concerns, but I'm okay with the hire. Arthur Smith is a young offensive mind we grab from an AFC South team, contrary to another Smith (Mike Smith) who was an old defensive mind we got from another AFC South team.
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