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  1. Anyone on here saying Jake Matthews isn't good is stupid. Jake Matthews has always contributed to the Falcons as one of our best O-linemen over the past 5 seasons. He's the best and arguably the ONLY good draft pick we've had from the offensive line this whole decade. Jake Matthews also has that blood in him from his Matthews cousins, uncles, and fathers. We have to keep Matthews on this roster if we have any chance of getting back to the Super Bowl with Matt Ryan for the foreseeable future.
  2. So many of y'all are clueless on here. You need to go back to this thread I created months ago, and I was spot on. It foreshadowed where we are now.
  3. This is so incorrect on so many levels. Manuel has been working with Quinn going back to his Seattle days. So the defense has always been a problem with Quinn. I don't think it has much to do with Manuel being the DC as a lot of people think. Manuel just got promoted by Quinn because Quinn put his trust in him. The defense gets way more credit in 2017 than the offense period. This year it's a combination of a lot of problems. Sark has been part of the problem with the offense the whole time he's been here although the O-line has sucked too.
  4. So by your logic 93.75% of all franchises across the league should get rid of their starting QB and go find another one in the next draft who isn't proven at all. You're heavily delusional man.
  5. I wonder what Russell Wilson could do if he had Falcons type defenses over the years instead of those top 10 defenses he's always had with Pete Carroll?
  6. Shanahan carried Matt Ryan? Let's see if that's really true or not. \
  7. Because this post is too big and important for it be a simple "reply". I want these important stats on notice for everyone to see. I want to see the Matt Ryan haters try to come up with something that will top this. So far they've been quiet. I love seeing everyone's true colors on here who don't know what the **** they're talking about when it comes to the quarterbacks across the league the last several seasons.
  8. Okay then. Let me show you the numbers and what Matt Ryan is having to deal with this year. Defensive Drive Stats Overall Defensive Efficiency Quarterback Rankings Alright Matt Ryan HATERS, try coming at me after all of this! Try to back me up after all of THIS!!!!! What are the EXCUSES NOW!!!!! Man I get so tired of it. Granted, was never a big fan of him getting all that money but I'm not a big fan of ANY player getting a contract too big because of how much it affects the team, but the NFL is a business, can't do anything about that. I'll say one thing, Matt Ryan has been the LEAST of our problems this season. I can't think of any other player on our roster who wants to win more than him right now and it's sad. He has no control over how poor our coaching has been all year.
  9. This is hilarious in comparison to Dan Quinn!
  10. The mainstream is fully aware of how awful Sarkisian is. Not surprised, and we are stuck with him another year more than likely unfortunately. The players are still defending him.
  11. That defense was missing John Abraham and Brent Grimes. If two of them were healthy in the playoffs we're Super Bowl champs that year. Grimes was already on IR way earlier and Abraham was injured in a meaningless game against the Bucs in week 17 when we had already clinched home field advantage. This current Falcons defense is still mediocre even with our best guys in, and even with Poe and Clayborn last year and everyone healthy our defense was still bottom half in the league in yards per play and horrible in turnover margin. Now without Poe, Clayborn, and the injuries to Neal, Allen, and Debo most of the year our defense has gone to worst. Our schemes have never worked in the Quinn era.
  12. You need to go look up the defensive efficiency rankings for the Falcons in the Quinn era. The Falcon's last good defense was 2012.
  13. But again, this proves that Quinn is putting faith is his coordinators once again rather than him overruling and being the HEAD coach. Why did Quinn made those hires in the first place? That's on him.
  14. I can't disagree with you there. It's not like college football at all where the margin of error is much bigger with talent. However, I feel like this season for the Falcons the coaching with the amount of talent we have has been awful. Just think about it the 4 losses in our 5 game losing streak have all been by double digits (or blowouts). We haven't just been losing, we've been losing badly now and have gotten worse and worse week by week. You can't be losing this badly with this much talent. The AFC North isn't as strong this year and the NFC East is always a mess. Our AFC East and NFC North schedule last year was tougher and that brutal NFC/AFC West slate in 2016 was definitely tough, but the Falcons had good teams those years. The Falcons regressed A LOT this year with an easier schedule IMO. The 2013 Falcons O-line did not have Alex Mack, Jake Matthews, or Wes Schweitzer. The 2013 O-line was bad in its entirety. The 2013 Falcons defense was no where near as talented as the 2018 defense. The 2013 Falcons also had a lot of injuries (including Julio Jones), and yet, the 2013 Falcons playing the AFC East and a very brutal NFC West were a lot more competitive. That's my point, but I get what you're saying. The margin between talented teams and non-talented teams aren't far off in the NFL unlike college, however, with the way the Falcons have played in this 5 game losing streak, it seems like the talent between the Falcons and the other teams are WAY far off when that's not the case. We have severe coaching problems right now. It starts with Dan Quinn period.
  15. I'm talking about opposing D-lines bulling the Falcons O-line which causes our offense to not score a lot, and then the other teams control time of possession by running the ball all over our defense. This keeps the call away from Matt Ryan for an extended period of time. In 4 of the 5 losses to the previous 2 Super Bowl champs. We've scored a total of 15, 7, 10, and 12 points. I don't care how close the game was. Our offense was terrible in most of those games so they didn't even give us a chance to win. In the Super Bowl we gave up 31 answered to the Patriots and didn't have the strong run game or defense to finish them out. It always starts with the line of scrimmage, that's my point.