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  1. The Rams beating the Bucs pretty much seals the Saint's 4th division title in a row, will be the first NFC South team in history to win 4 consecutive division titles, surpassing the 2013-2015 Panthers 3 straight division titles (who really got lucky because of a terribly weak division in 2014 and still won with a losing record that year). At least the 2020 Saints will win 4 straight division titles with 4 straight winning records. ****.
  2. You know how many years in a row the Falcons have been doing this? We were barely hanging onto games or blowing leads even before Dan Quinn became the Falcons head coach. It goes further back. Being up 27-7 at home vs the Broncos in 2012 after picking off Payton Manning many times, the Broncos came back on us to make it a 6 point game but we still hung on 27-21. We were up on the Seahawks in the Division Round playoffs 20-0, we lost the lead and we were down by 1 point 28-27 before surviving 30-28. That debacle against the Lions in London in 2014 when we were up and also blew that lead as well
  3. 4 straight division titles for the Saints, something the Panthers couldn't do. Just wow, wow. The Falcons while we had 5 straight winning seasons, we never won back to back division titles....
  5. Well, there's some positives I'll take out of today. It's our 3rd straight win over the Broncos, and 4 wins in the last 5 meetings against the Broncos. We beat them in 2012, 2016, and now today in 2020. We led the Broncos 27-7 in 2012, they came back on us but we hung on 27-21. We led the Broncos 23-6 in 2016, they came back on us but we hung on 23-16. Today in 2020, we led the Broncos 34-13, they came back on us but we hung on 34-27.
  6. Or put it like this, since Georgia's last national title. Besides Alabama having 6. Clemson has 2. Florida State has 3. Florida has 3. Miami has 5. LSU has 3. Auburn has 1. Georgia Tech has 1 (shared with Colorado but still counts). Ohio State has 2. Oklahoma has 1. Tennessee has 1. Texas has 1. Yeah, to add insult to injury. When the other teams have gotten to the same position as Georgia once in awhile, they have always gotten it done.
  7. In all honesty, I think Mathis has a lot of potential but needs a lot more snaps. COVID happening giving him less Spring practice, his brain surgery & everything, yet I still saw some good stuff he was doing outside of the couple interceptions. Dwan Mathis and Kendall Milton together gives Georgia the best chance to win in the future if they get a lot of experience the next 2 years. Mathis just hasn't had much playing time or experience which is why he looks worse than he really is. If Mathis works on the timing of the balls, he could be really special. Bennett with the most playing time o
  8. We better be thankful for Zamir White’s 75 yard TD and Eric Stokes’ pick 6, otherwise, Georgia would be in big trouble right now. Florida has scored every time at will since Georgia took that early 14-0 lead. Georgia’s secondary still giving up big plays in the air like all year, and Georgia’s offense has to wake up.
  9. Final thoughts. Georgia has a lot of players out today, but so does Florida too. The team who's rushed for the most yards on the ground has won 14 in a row. Very important for Georgia to be strong in the run game yet again on Grantham's defense which would help Stetson Bennett as well. Georgia hasn't won 4 in a row or more since 1978-1983, just like Florida also hasn't won 4 in a row or more since 1998-2003. It's been 3 in a row for each team back to back to back to back. So can Georgia finally break that today with a struggling offense and a defense with a lot of injuries trying to stop Kyle
  10. Since Brady has been starting, the he's only missed the playoffs ONCE, that was in 2002 when the Patriots finished 9-7 and barely missed out. Still had a winning record though. The Patriots won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls in 2001, 2003, and 2004. So the 2002 Buccaneers got extremely lucky. Anyways, let's look at Belichick's career in the NFL without Tom Brady. The 2000 Patriots went 5-11, missed the playoffs. The 2001 Patriots started 0-2, before Brady took over the final 14 games and finished 11-3, and eventually led to them going 11-5 and winning it all the way for their first title.
  11. mqg96

    MLB Playoffs

    Atlanta is always the f**king cure for everyone's troubles I swear! Why did it have to be one of our best Braves teams to run into the Dodgers team to break the drought!? WHY!?
  12. OH NOOOO! Don’t remind us lol. That would be instantly worse than 28-3 for me.
  13. Honestly, I feel like the defense has never been as talented as people make them out to be. Throughout Quinn's tenure, 2017 was the anomaly, take out that year, our defense has been practically mediocre every year with this current group. You have a few talented players on defense like Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones but TBH, we overrate the rest of these guys who can't do crap at all. Always in the bottom half of the league in statistics and usually dead last in many categories or close to it. Our defense was mediocre in 2016 the year we went to the Super Bowl, but our historically
  14. and here's the truth that a lot of ppl don't want to hear, ppl say we're not like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, or whatever. True, but I'm sorry, there are other states from the south who've done better than us with much less they have than us. Alabama, South Carolina, and Louisiana, are all sports states from the south that get it done when their teams get there, whether it's college or professionals, and over the years & decades, they've never had epic collapses & chokes like Atlanta & Georgia have done. Louisiana for example, when they've had their c
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