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  1. You quoted the wrong person haha.
  2. The ring argument doesn’t work with Nick Foles either. Joe Flacco would have barely lasted in Atlanta.
  3. Spurrier hates anything associated with the state of Georgia. 0% chance of that happening.
  4. 2013-2015: Trufant >> Alford 2016-2018: Alford >> Trufant I don't care what anyone thinks or says, and Alford has made the biggest plays when it mattered most the past few seasons as well.
  5. Kazee is moving to nickel right? That's a whole new position and we don't know for sure if Kazee will thrive in that or not. Kazee was excellent as a safety picking off quarterbacks, I don't care if he wasn't the best tackler, the Falcons NEEDED a guy who could give us takeaways and help our turnover margin. We'll see then, however, we still need at least 2 more corners on the roster from the draft and/or free agency. Our D-line is weak as well.
  6. Keep in mind, we are thin at cornerback and D-line right now. We were already thin at D-line throughout all of 2018, and bad defensive play was the #1 reason we got into an early hole we could never get out of in 2018 and missed the playoffs. Our O-line and our run game had issues, but our offense was still top 12 in scoring, our defense was the worst statistically since the 2014, and no one ever talks about this. Dan Quinn's defenses haven't been any better than Mike Smith's all 4 seasons.
  7. 1. Matt Bryant 2. Brian Poole 3. Robert Alford 4. Brooks Reed Yet, we still have Duke Riley, Desmond Trufant, and Vic Beasley who have all underachieved and have played no better or have been worse than all 4 players listed above. We only have a replacement for Matt Bryant right now, but no replacements for the rest of the players.
  8. The Falcons have had problems with short yardage situations defensively and offensively throughout most of Matt Ryan's career. That falls on the front office's failures of good drafts at the line of scrimmage. Failures in those short yardage situations have led to blown leads or almost blown leads. Bad clock management. Combine that with the fact that Matt Ryan doesn't have as many game winning 4th quarter/OT drives that he used to the first half of his career.
  9. I'm shocked you agreed with me there. I'm sticking with my 2020 prediction. Whether the Falcons still have Dan Quinn or NOT, 2020 will be a special year for the Falcons like 2012 or 2016 in that 4 year cycle of the best teams since we've been in the NFC South. Matt Ryan was apart of 3 other ones. I think a year of our new 2019 draft prospects and our new coaching assistants & coordinators will make the 2020 Falcons a legit team, along with the older players who will remain here.
  10. So now we are deadly thin at the cornerback and D-line plus needing new starters on the O-line. Plus with all the coaching changes we are having, there is no way we are getting all of this fixed in one off season, and even if we do get all new players, asking rookies to play major roles doesn’t always pay off. Plus free agency acquisitions always need time to gel in. There was a stupid Falcoholic article that said the Falcons are one of the least needy teams in the NFL, that's blasphemous if you've been looking at our roster since last year. Our depth has gotten worse ladies and gentlemen. For 2019, my 4-12 odd year NFC West theory better not come true (again) like 2007 and 2013. We are a 6-10 team right now until we can fill in these holes along with the contract negotiations.
  11. I have to call BS on this one. Our D-line AND secondary will be screwed if we don't be careful. Oh, and the whole scrapping the O-line except for Jake Matthews and an old center. We are in for a rude awakening in 2019 folks. Do we really know how Neal, Allen, and Freeman will be coming back from injury? Players usually aren't the same right away coming back from a catastrophic injury.
  12. The AFC’s biggest problem is that the majority of the teams can’t have sustainability with a quarterback. In other words, they can’t find franchise QB’s like the majority of NFC teams can.
  13. This, is absolutely what I’m trying to explain right here. The Lakers or Celtics are treated differently tho. The NBA will find a way for one of them two to dethrone the Warriors first before any other franchise.
  14. Yeah. Honestly I’m confused about it. I lean more towards the fact that this has been a problem with the NBA for decades. I’m so excited about Trae Young, John Collins, Omari Spelman, and Kevin Hurter, but I have no reason to be confident that all will spend their whole careers together with the Hawks if the Celtics or 76ers rule the East down the road. It worries me TBH, and all that work and effort the franchise put in to finally get a star and build a team around. I feel awfully sorry for Pelicans fans despite the franchise being from New Orleans. If Boogie Cousins and Anthony Davis stayed together. If Kawhi Leonard stayed healthy in San Antonio. If CP3 stayed healthy. If the Cavs manager wasn’t such an idiot. What shoulda woulda coulda been.
  15. Not to mention, you have all these promising talents across the NBA not wanting to build their team or make history for a smaller market franchise, and then they’ll join a super team, where ever LeBron is, an LA, or a Boston and win a championship else where. You don’t see NFL players wanting to join the Patriots or Steelers so they can win a Super Bowl the easy way out.