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  1. That's good. I said on another thread that coming into this game that Dan Quinn was 4-0 on Monday Night Football but 0-3 following a bye week, and you know what? Our Monday Night Football win streak continues under Dan Quinn so we move to 5-0 and it's the first time ever that Dan Quinn wins a game before a bye week on our schedule, and we need it BADLY!
  2. Same here. I believe Drew Brees had more passing yards than Matt Ryan in 2016 (regular season) but the Saints still went 7-9 because of their poor defense. That's gonna how we are this year so far. It's a team sport at the end of the day which matters most when it comes to being a contender.
  3. The Falcons O-line play tonight was seriously the worst I can remember since 2014, real talk. Probably the worst O-line play of Dan Quinn's entire career, but we got away with it because Matt Ryan had a career high passing yards from play action and our defense took advantage of a horrible Giants offense. A Giants defense who had been struggling, dominated our O-line badly. I'll take the W tho.
  4. Very piss poor coaching by Daniel Patrick Quinn in late game situations as usual. I can't even at this point.......
  5. As I've said multiple times, all of our games this year have to come down to these moments.
  6. Great TD run by Coleman to stretch our lead. Come on Falcons D please don't get us in a cardiac situation again! Just got back home on this thread now. We're very fortunate to be playing the Giants today, because our O-line tonight has given me memories of the 2013 Falcons! I'll talk more about that later. Let's pull this win out now.
  7. Falcons are 0-3 coming into a bye week under Dan Quinn, but 4-0 in Monday Night Football Games under Dan Quinn. Interesting stat I just heard recently. One of these will change tonight.
  8. **** NO!!! Not with the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year. **** NO!!! I would fall off a cliff and injure myself if that happens!
  9. Unless Drew Brees is still playing in 2021, the Saints won't win another Super Bowl.
  10. I'm just going to leave this here.
  11. Actually 2-4, because they barely beat the Giants by a miraculous 63 yard field goal.....
  12. At least the Cowboys lost, but I wanted the Patriots to lose more!
  13. I like Dan Quinn, he's proven that he's better than Mike Smith when it matters most, but he still has a lot to work on before we have any chance of getting back to the Super Bowl, if we ever do with him as our head coach. Dan Quinn has been just as bad as a 2nd half coach as Mike Smith as of late, and people don't want to admit it. I'm frustrated right now because of how the Panthers and Saints came from behind and won on the road. I'm frustrated because they get it done against AFC opponents unlike us.
  14. In 2006 the Saints won the division playing the NFC East and the AFC North. 12 years later. The Saints might do it again in 2018 playing the AFC North and NFC East. 2006 was the beginning of Drew Brees and Sean Payton. 2018 might be the end of Drew Brees and Sean Payton for you. So enjoy this season while it last.