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  1. virtually every game we played against the niners in the '80's and 90's. the divisional game with the niners in '98--young fumbles-tuggle picks it up in end zone for td. play goes to review. tv goes to timeout for a review. come back on air and all of the sudden there's no fumble or recovery or safey--young is ruled down at the 1/2 inch line. nfc championship at philly deuce staley catches ball in flat at 1 or 2 yard line and is immediately belted by an atlanta defender. staley is knocked off balence backwards and out of bounds on the sideline in the end zone. no safety--staley given forward progress at the one yard line. the dude had possession of the ball and went out of bounds while in the end zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. what about the game in denver a long time ago when the officials actually gave the broncos 5 downs to get a first down? that was the old ed hoculi i believe. nfl said that we wouldn't be allowed to officiate another falcons game--low and behold i think he was the head official in the '98 super bowl with the broncos.
  3. I believe that but I don’t see it being his fault! Nobody playing good! off topic: does anyone know if roof is open or closed tomorrow for cards game?
  4. he was really special! my best friend and i went down to training camp one year in sewanee and in between the two practices we wondered into the hotel area--and in walked bill fralic. my best friend had named his dog (chow breed) Fralic-after the falcons lineman and as bill was walking by my friend said mr. fralic--and he grumbled, "yeah" and my buddy said-i named my dog after you! fralic looked down at us and said, "oh yeah, what kind of dog is it."? he said a chow and it's really mean! and fralic said, "well that's ok then!" he was so intimidating and big--but once we told him the dog was a chow--he was cool with it!
  5. i was working in the media during this season. i thought deion was doing the right thing by playing both sports. yes the braves were battling for a playoff spot toward the end of the their '91 season and even in the playoffs when he actually tried to play in both a football game and a baseball game at the same time--but the falcons were having a great year that year as well--i'm not so sure it was a problem! i really enjoyed watching him play both sports during this season. his "act" kinda got old to me during his last few years with the falcons--my feeling was we could win four games with deion or win four games without deion--so why pay him more money! looking back now--he was one of my favorite falcons of all time: bart, tuggle, andrews, haynes, rison, case, deion, ryan, julio, j. george & t.mckyer! the '91 falcons and '91 braves were two of my favorite teams of all time too!
  6. i was born and raised in the heart of falcon country in chattanooga, tn. my dad got me into watching the falcons, braves, and hawks at the very young age of 5. we watched them on tv or have went to games ever since. my whole family likes the falcons. i was a season ticket holder from '92-'01 and loved going to all of those games in the dome. i've seen the birds play on the road too: '91 wildcard playoff at new orleans was one of my favorite games period, been to clemson to see them lose to the panthers, been to charlotte, been to st. louis and to nashville. we used to go down to sewanee and watch training camp back in the day as well. good times!!! i've been to flowery branch a time or two as well. i also got to cover the falcons several times while working in television in chattanooga. those were some awesome times. i'm married now and have three boys. my boys love the falcons too. my wife--not so much! she doesn't understand why i get so upset while watching these guys! i probably should be used to it by now. but even yesterday--my blood was boiling at all of the stupid mistakes we make....but in the end it doesn't really matter because i will always root for the falcons. and hawks and braves!!! my dad trained me that way. he passed a way in 1990 and missed the '91 team which was my favorite team along with the super bowl years.
  7. i've never coached a down of football in my life. however--i am 51 years old and played tecmo bowl pretty religiously on my nintendo back in the day and just by playing that video game i understand how to call timeouts better than dan quinn. he simply doesn't have a freaking clue on when and when not to call timeouts. he is awful on any type of game management situation period! he has never impressed me with this since he's been here! it's really mind-boggling as to the amount of simple football 101 stuff he misses. i'm sure he's a great guy and everything but so am i--problem is i'm not getting paid millions of dollars. he is--and it looks like mr. blank is going to continue to let him and this staff make those idiotic basic football mistakes. now to other members of the staff that need to be gone: dimitrioff--bye keith "freaking" armstrong-BYE! i'm so sick of his return men being the laughing stock of this league. hey armstrong! please instruct your sucky returners that if the ball is kicked into the end zone that if you stay in the end zone-your offense starts at the 25 yard line. it's really pretty simple stuff! especially since we never bust a return past the 25 and if we ever DO--which is almost never--then there is a penalty! now remember-i've never coached a football game in my life-BUT-i do know the difference in the 25 yard line and inside the 10 if you decide to bring it out. yesterday--the moron didn't let it go through the end zone instead-runs it about to yards and fumbles--luckily gets it back and then ryan proceeds to throw his lazy out route to hooper that is taken to the house. starts with the special teams being dumb! to be honest i can't even think of all the bonehead stuff armstrong has been allowed to get away with since he's been here--but i do know that is punt team has given up more punt blocks than any unit in football over the past 5 years. he's a joke--i would love to know what we are paying this joke! sark: bye dude please--play action doesn't work if you can't run the ball in the first place! quit running play action if you're down more than 20 points. this isn't the falcons defense in practice--i know they fall for that crap. but any nfl defense not named atlanta is not going to bite on play action if they are up 20 or haven't given up a run all day. also, please put some throws in your plan that are more than just 10 yard curls. i'm so tired of watching the all-22 cam and not seeing one receiver beyond 10 yards! and all of these little 2 yard throws--the best thing that can happen is a 2 yard completion--the worst things are happening: sack, int. or fumble. let's just cut those out and run a draw. oh yeah, and you can't run a screen pass on a team that is not having to sell out to get to the qb. green bay rushing four doesn't tell me to throw screen. in fact, it makes me laugh! manual: bye no coverage, no legitimate pass rush, we finally had a blitz get home yesterday, line backer play is laughable-especially when riley is in the game. please meet with your front four and let them know that if all of them are within about 3-feet of the qb--they are throwing a screen!!!! dude we ain't ever getting that much heat. also, how about spending some time throwing the ball to our defenders! alford can't catch a cold, trufant has hands of stone, deion jones dropped a ball somehow yesterday that was impossible to drop--would've been a score! green bay's guy didn't drop his! k. neal dropped balls last year that cost us a playoff game. ricardo allen can't catch! what are we doing at practice? that's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many drops! looks like julio and ridley been working with them! blank: how can you watch this crap and not do something about it? i almost could understand giving quinn another chance after all of the injuries--but after watching the last few weeks--i've changed my mine! injuries or not--quinn has not improved on any in game stuff since the first day he got here! it's time to cut bait with him! probably should've been done after the super bowl debacle! definitely needs to happen now! as for the other guys i mentioned--they should already be gone! this is coming from a guy that's missed 0 games since 1972! season ticket holder in the dome from '92-01! and someone that actually still cares about this franchise. don't wait any longer--this team needs new blood and a lot better coaches!
  8. i want to say yes but i have to say no right now. he's not scoring enough to be considered the very best wr in the league. he also drops a ton of passes. he doesn't appear to be getting as many yards after catch this year. he seems to always have to take plays off! and finally is always hampered by injuries. with all of this said-i would hate to not have him on our team. he is one of my favorite falcons of all time!
  9. apparently the titans play the 4pm game this week and cbs has only one game this week--fox has double header so we get stuck with titans at 4 and no 1pm cbs game. its ridiculous--i don't live in tennessee and when i did live in chattanooga i was still closer to the georgia dome than whatever stadium the titans play in...no big deal i just got off the phone with directv and they just game me sunday ticket for free for the rest of the year.
  10. anybody selling tickets to the ravens game? looking for four! for some reason we are not getting the game on local television in ringgold GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. has anyone heard if the roof will be opened or closed for the game with dallas? if not, when is that usually announced?
  12. Does anyone know if they have released this information yet?
  13. you can trade me if you want but i've been a die-hard fan of the falcons since 1972. had season tickets from ''92-2000. love julio he's definitely one of the best in the league. but-this team has glaring needs on defense and in the trenches on both sides of the ball. cleveland just mauled us and i can only name one wr on their team-landry-and he's not anywhere close to jones. heck, i wouldn't take him over sanu or ridley. drew brees has lit us up for several years now and the saints haven't really had a true number one wr. certainly no one in julio's league. the panthers win pretty consistently without a true number one. heck the patriots win a ton of games--since moss have they had a true top 5 wr. we've had julio now for several years and grant it--we probably SHOULD have a couple titles-but we don't. i think you can win with average wideouts. trust me i hate to say this but it's true. heck-i don't know what the market would give us for jones--but if it's a stud on defense and a 1st round pick--you might have to consider!
  14. don't care--i would rather throw it to him in double coverage than saubert in single coverage and virtually out of the back of the endzone. but that play should've never been called-- our gameplan yesterday for some reason was to rely on our tight end packages. we didn't throw more than a couple of balls to our wr's in the first half and i bet for the game we didn't throw one ball over 20 yards.
  15. if i still gambled i would have put my house on the lakers last night against the hawks. glad i don't gamble!
  16. i don't want to say this too loud because he is one of my favorite players but it might be time to trade him. i said this about andrew jones early on because i felt like if we waited too long--we won't get anything for him and that's basically what happened. julio is still really good and we might be able to get something for him if we do it this offseason--wait too much longer and nobody will be willing to give us a worthy return. and if he's going to demand so much more money--i say find a trade partner! he seems to never be that open. when he is open our qb underthrows him. he is prone to drops and fumbles. he doesn't get much run after catch yards. he has only two td's and they both came in the last two games. and one of my worst things about him and this might come from our crazy jacked up coaching staff--is that every time he does make a play--he has to come out for the next few plays. i don't want him to go--but--we can win 5-8 games with him or 5-8 games without him!
  17. and to beat all it looked like saubert was the only receiver ryan was fixated on. i'm sorry but if for some da reason i'm throwing the ball in this situation--it's dang sure not to that guy! what a freaking joke! bye quinn, by armstrong, by manual, by beasley, by riley, bye trufant, bye alford--i've seen enough from you guys! what the heck has trufant been doing? his coverage has downright sucked for years now--but what he did on that chubb run was utterly embarrassing! no attempt at making a tackle and than nonchalantly running away from the play down the sideline. that should be grounds for a pink slip alone--not to mention his unwillingness to tackle all last week for washington--that's too much! cut him now!
  18. i said we should've picked up tebow years ago for these short yard situations. now it seems like a lot of teams have that guy. saints are making a mockery of the league with their short yardage guy! i would love to have tebow at qb for these situations--he's got a better chance of getting in from the one than we do lining up in 4 wides and throwing it in!!!!
  19. that's funny! how many years did the skins offensive line (self-proclaimed the hogs) get away with tackling-holding-back in the day. glanville said their o-line was better tacklers than our defensive line back in the '91 playoff game. not one holding call on them in that game. cry me a river redskins fans--how many calls did y'all get back when tagliabue was the commish and a skins season ticket holder at the same time?????? huh??? that's what i thought!
  20. he simply sucks at managing timeouts, clock, when to kick deep or when to onside kick, when to go for it on fourth or punt, when to decline or accept a penalty, when to sub and when not to sub, etc. so basically in every coaching scenario out there DQ sucks--well except i think he's probably an awesome players coach, seems like a great dude, definitely changed the culture of the team and so on--but i think you are onto something Da-Truth--he needs someone to help him with those "in-game" decisions. he's cost us waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many games!
  21. duke riley is the worst middle linebacker i've ever seen! i guess the offenses are "running away" from him! haha! why not move beasley to the middle? he aint doing anything from his natural position. put riley in at fullback--he sure is leading the oppositions running back into some huge holes.
  22. duke is awful! worrilou is 10x the player duke riley will ever be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw him make one tackle in the steeler game! one! one more than i had from my couch here in ringgold. beasley had ZERO tackles--that's the same amount i had from my couch here in ringgold. we've historically had some bad defenses--but from what i've seen the last 4 games--this years's d is the worst i've ever seen and i've been watching this team since 1972.
  23. i thought we built this team for an indoor stadium. i thought our "home" field advantage was to be inside--tampa bay plays outdoor home games so why help them out any at all?
  24. i just predicted the remaining schedule and i can easily see this team finishing 4-12! i only have us beating the bucs, giants and cardinals the rest of the way. trust me, i hope i'm way off in these predictions-but looking at the way things are going on the field-i just can't justify us winning any more games than these three.
  25. well since i've been a fan since 1972 this is a moment i'll never forget. my mom, aunt, best friend and cousins had season tickets since '92 and hadn't seen a home playoff game at the dome until that '98 season. we had traveled down to new orleans in '91 to see the falcons beat the saints in the wild card playoff game and really enjoyed the atmosphere at the super dome and decided to get season tickets for the falcons the following year. new dome, great team definitely i dynasty in the making--well it took a little while to do it i guess. playoff loss in '95 to green bay and finally back to the '98 team. people really didn't even notice that team until they went on the road and beat the patriots and the evolution of the dirty bird dance came out. my best friend and i however thought this team had a good shot to do some damage very early on. the defense put pressure on the qb--forced a lot of turnovers and jamal anderson kept us in every game by chewing up a ton of yardage and clock--plus--allowed chandler the ability to go play action and utilize our wr's tony martin and terrance mathis and the te santiago. this was a great team and they simply just kept winning and winning but no one was really believing in them nationally. all the talk was on the vikings team that went 15-1. they had cunningham, moss and robert smith. well after atlanta knocked off the niners in the home playoff game that year--it pitted us against those same vikings on the road in minny. my aunt and cousin begged us to fly to the game. they actually did--unfortunately i was getting married that january and really couldn't afford the plane ticket or the game ticket. so i decided to go over to my best friends house like i always did to watch the road games. this one was different however--we never allowed any company anyways but definitely not for the nfc championship game. it was me, him and his dog JR. as the game went on i was like everyone else probably--butterflies as if i was playing. i remember the vikings going on the potential game winning field goal drive thinking--well this has been a great season! but when their anderson missed that fg i realized we had a chance and all we needed was a huge drive to tie the game. chandler (as much as i didn't care for him as a qb) took us on a monumental drive and even got his bell rung a time or two but still managed to find jamal anderson for a tying td catch. i vowed i would never talk bad about chandler again after that drive. (that lasted about two weeks--super bowl). in ot--the vikings threw that deep ball to moss and as soon as cunningham threw long you could see moss ahead of our secondary by about 5 yards--but moss had to wait on it a little bit and that allowed eugene robinson to knock the ball away--we were very lucky there!!! but vikings punter pinned us very deep in our own territory maybe even inside the 5 or 10 yard line--but chandler went play action and found santiago i believe on a nice long pass to get us out of trouble...several more plays later we were in fg range...i knew Mort was automatic throughout his entire career but i was a nervous wreck when they called the timeout to ice him... i remember hearing my best friend saying, "come on mort--hit this one baby!" and as soon as he kicked it you could tell--it was perfect! we started jumping up and down screaming in his living room. JR the dog was going crazy with us! we both did cry a little bit! i worked for a local television station at the time and everyone at the station knew i was a huge falcons fan--and the sports reporter called me a few minutes after the game and ask if they could send our live truck to our house and do a live interview with me and my family. the sports guy was on set and the photographer came to the house and they had us on live talking about our reaction to the game...it was really cool! portions of the live shot ended up on our stations' blooper tape because they had us do the dirty bird. looking back at the footage now--it's rather embarrassing--but still pretty cool! i loved the '98 team. i also enjoyed the '91 team as well. to be honest--the last few years have been special as well--ryans super bowl team was unbelievable--not even going to talk about that loss! all in all--the falcons will always be my favorite sports team. i love the braves and the hawks too--hopefully one of them will win another championship soon!