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  1. he played at alabama and won college awards for being top safety in the ncaa so NO quinn wouldn't want to add him to our team. he doesn't fit our criteria: he played at alabama, he won awards for being the top safety in college football and he's a proven winner...therefore, we didn't want to draft him...instead we constantly draft reaches or guys you've never heard of!!!! my motto is lose the draft by taking top tier sec talent. top tier referring to traditionally alabama, georgia, lsu, auburn and florida all day every day. we don't need to draft linebackers from the ivy league. for every olukujon or whatever his name is--there's 5 or 6 sec players we are passing up on. you are going to get lucky every once in a while and find someone from some no-name school and everyone will talk about how great our scouting department is or how great thomas is--but i hate that thought process! go with the studs and 99 times out of 100 you'll get a better than average player.
  2. a few years ago when drew brees broke some td record or passing record against the redskins in a primetime game-can't remember the year. but the saints were blowing them out and all of the talk was centered on this record for brees. and after a redskins punt and change of possession--the broadcast went to commercial like normal. BUT-coming back in from the break--someone's mic (maybe the director/producer) mic was open and i heard vividly, "this is the td right here." the next shot is to the game and brees drops back and hits a wide open wr for a long td pass down the sideline. oh and to make it even better--stadium officials had just brought brees' family down to the sideline. just in time for brees to come over and celebrate with them and do a quick interview. could've been coincidence i guess. but i've worked in tv all my life--that one looked and sounded kind of fishy to me.
  3. anyone have a link for tonight's game
  4. not topic related but can you watch the preseason games live with this new falcon app????
  5. anyone have link for the game
  6. Does anyone know if the game tonight will be televised in dalton, ga? if so, what cable provider?
  7. anyone know if the game tonight will be on tv in dalton, ga?
  8. great piece on ricardo! having him back will certainly bolster our defense! he's a load at his position! also, kudos to the atlanta falcons video production team for a fantastic job as well!!!!! i work in video production myself and these guys always produce fabulous videos!
  9. keep drafting the way they do and there won't be anyone at the games.
  10. if the saints add coleman do we try to get mark ingram? if he's not too expensive--we need a strong short yardage back--freeman and what's his name--aint scoring from inside the 2 on 3rd or 4th down.
  11. virtually every game we played against the niners in the '80's and 90's. the divisional game with the niners in '98--young fumbles-tuggle picks it up in end zone for td. play goes to review. tv goes to timeout for a review. come back on air and all of the sudden there's no fumble or recovery or safey--young is ruled down at the 1/2 inch line. nfc championship at philly deuce staley catches ball in flat at 1 or 2 yard line and is immediately belted by an atlanta defender. staley is knocked off balence backwards and out of bounds on the sideline in the end zone. no safety--staley given forward progress at the one yard line. the dude had possession of the ball and went out of bounds while in the end zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. what about the game in denver a long time ago when the officials actually gave the broncos 5 downs to get a first down? that was the old ed hoculi i believe. nfl said that we wouldn't be allowed to officiate another falcons game--low and behold i think he was the head official in the '98 super bowl with the broncos.
  13. I believe that but I don’t see it being his fault! Nobody playing good! off topic: does anyone know if roof is open or closed tomorrow for cards game?