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  1. Agree completely
  2. Thanks for the numbers...dude does not get enough credit for how **** tough he is...and STILL put up good/great numbers. And I just saw where he and Grady restructured their contracts to free up cap room.
  3. Exactly right....just never had the real instincts to play at the next level. Good he found success...always seemed like a good guy.
  4. I can't think of too many QB's that could take the beating Ryan has behind patch-work offensive lines for most of his career and put up the numbers he has.
  5. If Nobis gets in, I'll be shocked. He MORE than deserves it, but usually never makes it this far in the finalists. We've got a few others who should be in - Mike Kenn and Jeff Van Note come to mind. Happy for Reeves...he was a good guy.
  6. I don't want ANY offseason changes....let's just go into the 2020 year with the same staff in place....seriously.
  7. Just my opinion, but I think this staff needs one more season to run and see what happens.
  8. I gotta disagree...Reeves took over after that June Jones/Jeff George fiasco season and literally had to try and rebuild the team. Quinn has a good team, minus some pieces.
  9. Incredible way to end the season...I was pretty **** happy watching the play unfold.
  10. My best friend comes into town for the opening weekend, and this year against MN we both thought they looked like a high school team against a college program. I'm glad Quinn is still on board...I don't see the need for a dumpster fire because I think there were some lessons learned and 2020 will be a good year. Yeah, tired of the "we'll gte 'em next year" but gotta keep hope alive.
  11. Yeah you're probably saved me from that one shot of rum that would have sent me over
  12. I see DQ has the HC easily to start the season. Hey, couldn't do much worse than Marion Campbell getting a second shot...right? haha
  13. It seemed like the fire got lit under his *** when the trade deadline was coming up and no one wanted him. For me its hard to say...where are they going to have him in up? How much will he cost? The usual. I do fear if he goes somewhere else, he'll become some sort of premiere edge rusher.
  14. Nevermind....I thought youtube pulled it...and I clicked the link to watch....I'm going to regret this
  15. Buddy Curry and Junior Miller come to mind. How about Tim "either I get an INT or burned for a TD" McKyer?
  16. I met Pegram before the last game of the 1993 season against Arizona, got him to sign a card and congratulated him on the 1,000 yards. He was in a suit and acted very humble thanking me for the congrats and how much it meant. Fast-forward to, I believe, week 3 on Sunday night TNT...met him again and he was all decked out in bling and sunglasses...and when I joked about Emmitt Smith being like 80 yards ahead of him for the lead in the NFC he was like "man...they just got to feed me the feel me?" Me thinks the one season went WAY to his head.
  17. Thankfully youtube pulled it down because I would have watched it and relived some painful moments I'm sure....been with the Falcons since 1977 (first season I really remember understanding an NFL season). From ATL and my dad was always watching the games yelling at the TV...I wonder where I get it from...ha.
  18. Huge congrats to Matty Ice. This is an amazing accomplishment considering he has taken a beating during his career.
  19. Dude was the heart of this team for years....sorely missed.
  20. But that wasn't the QB's first start.
  21. Same...its like anytime the Falcons get some sort of extended coverage I get giddy like I did many years ago when they would be the featured game (rarely) in the classic days of "Inside The NFL".
  22. We're guaranteed to lose...The Falcons seem to always play horrible against 1) A backup/rookie QB making their first start and 2) an interim head coach in their first game. Sigh...they couldn't wait a week????
  23. And nothing about the OL play or lack of lane discipline in the pass rush? It got to a point I cringed every time Ryan dropped back...wondering if he'd get hurt.
  24. No doubt....they were dominate. At the Sunday night game in 1994 against the Chiefs I hung a banner in the upper deck that said "MIKE KENN: CANTON BOUND!!!" Never made it on TV
  25. IMO the best was the Cain/Andrews backfield....what an absolute two headed monster that was.