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  1. The vid title was a bit misleading... I remember in the mid 80's when the Falcons were beyond horrible and talking with my dad about the team. He told me as long as the Smiths owned the team they would never have continued success...a luck season here or there but that would be it. He explained they didn't care about how good the team did...just the status of owning one. Seems pretty dead on after hearing the truth about Deion. After he left at the end of the 93 season, I assumed it was because he just wanted more money. How wrong I was.
  2. Thanks...I just saw at the top it stated the vid was disabled...didnt see about watching it on youtube. Appreciate it.
  3. Aaaaand its blocked I remember that season so well...Braves heading to the World Series and the Falcons being so fun to watch. I was able to pick up the Larry Munson broadcasts in Nashville and we got a lot of Falcons' games here on TV...sound down and Munson up. I went to the last game of the season in Fulton County Stadium and met Glanville. Man that season was fun. 2 Legit to quit!
  4. I got it autographed when he came to ATL with The Raiders...framed hanging on my wall.
  5. I forgot about the Jeff George jersey....first time I wore it was that infamous Sunday night game against Philly where he was basically kicked off the team that night...not kidding... Although I do have an old white Bartkowski which is awesome since he isn't playing anymore...haha
  6. I bought a Deion jersey right before his last game in 1993. Bought a Doleman jersey right before his foot issues started in 1994 Bought a Tuggle jersey before his knee injury in 2000 Decided to get a custom with my high school number 55...then we signed Abraham and he was 55...injured off and on Got a Matt Ryan as a gift thankfully...so no real problems Then before last season I bought 5 cheap ones off one of those foreign websites...got Ridley, Takk, Beasley, Neal, and Jones. Beasley gone, Takk prob gone after this year, Neal out for the year, and Jones with his injury. Only Ridley survived last year. So to answer the question...no...I'll only get a new one if its a gift.
  7. If they quit the Thursday games I don't think the bye week being gone will be THAT big of a deal
  8. So basically we just have to see how everything goes, which is fair. However, if there is no football I MIGHT go on a seven state killing spree. Now that was just a joke, so don't report me to the authorities...but if it happens you know who did it
  9. Coming from the same guy who said Fromm would easily go in the 3rd round...I'm not listening to anything he says. He's like the shock jock of draft prognosticators.
  10. I definitely remember watching those guys...Ganstineau's sack dance looked like someone completely spazzing out sometimes. If we could get anything CLOSE to that I'd be ecstatic.
  11. Imagine another stud DT....that D-line would be amazing
  12. I saw a post for the Falcons on IG that showed Devin Hester on the list as well.
  13. Same....just stick to the red helmet/jersey please.
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