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  1. Remember it well...those two were the first guys I ever learned about the RB position as my dad would teach me the game in between yelling at the TV...haha. I remember thinking my Bubba Bean rookie card was worth A LOT of money because he was on TV every week and had a cool name.
  2. If Takk can back this up he'll probably be my new man-crush. Dude just doesn't quit.
  3. Yeah I remember in one of Madden's books he said William Andrews was in the top 5 of all-time RB's. I think people forget Lynn Cain had a lot of yards as year almost broke 1, there would be a chunk of that and possible TD's. I loved Michael Turner...he really took pressure off Ryan his rookie year. My personal fave will always be William Andrews...I'm an old timer from the 70's.
  4. One didn't know Ryan left when he slid and screwed up the knee brace...said Ryan fumbled when anyone watching knew Schaub was in. Plus one of them kept pronouncing the last names of the OL wrong...Shweezer and Lev-I-tree is what is sounded like.
  5. Luckily I clicked on the link before it got blocked....hilarious pic
  6. Dude...watching the team and drinking...
  7. What bothers me is the entire team...starters, backups, scrubs, etc., have ALL played flat and sloppy this entire preseason. I can't just say "oh it's a bunch of scrubs tonight" and be ok with it because of how bad the entire team has played. I'm not screaming the sky is falling...just strange they'd be this off.
  8. Don't know much about Benkert, but there is absolutely ZERO zip on the ball.
  9. Well the good news is Quinn is getting a lot of time to evaluate the defense
  11. Man this is ugly...I knew a lot of mistakes would be made tonight due to the roster, but they look completely flat and uninspired.
  12. I have no idea how in the heck I'm going to watch an entire season if on a turnover it gets called back because of this BS helmet rule....I swear I have only seen ONE legit call out of several games this preseason.
  13. This team has always had a stellar defensive player or two at any given time...just the team around them is usually horrible. I think right now this team has the best young corps of talent they have EVER had on excited I bought several new jerseys for this season...had to get a Calvin Ridley, but the rest went defense.
  14. This... I still thank you when you posted this last week and pray to the football gods for luck and prosperity in your life...ha.