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  1. Grady definitely should be in consideration...and I'd also add Deion Jones to that list.
  2. But while watching that commercial only one thought comes to mind - Does he really have to pay for water after a game???? Just thought that scene was pretty stupid.
  3. ... And this is pretty much every game...quick start offense....then no offense...D on the field too long...other team comes back and wins. Almost happened in the Seattle playoff game which had me worried late in the NFC championship. And of know... I find all I do now is get mad watching the games seeing this same pattern play out over and over.
  4. Considering they've been gashed this season in the run game, that's good to see. Maybe Rubin made a bit of a difference...?
  5. Exactly...there were plenty of opportunities to win this one, that call was at a horrible time, but it wasn't the game-ender.
  6. What REALLY sucks is the season premiere of 'The Walking Dead" is that night. Been a die-hard since the 70's of ATL so I'm glad Direct TV has a decent PIP...start off with the game...8:15 do split screen to FFW through commercials, and at 9 go back to the game in real time. I truly hope its worth the effort. Funny thing is I'm happy I have such a great night of overall entertainment to look forward too. Could bomb, maybe not, but it's entertainment.
  7. I despise all the calls about hitting QB's in the head and going to the knees (the Brady rule) and all that bs that are results of split-seconds. But after the replay was shown during the broadcast..that hit was just plain stupid. However, the team should have NEVER let that be such a deciding factor...the game should have easily been decided by that point.