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  1. But that wasn't the QB's first start.
  2. Same...its like anytime the Falcons get some sort of extended coverage I get giddy like I did many years ago when they would be the featured game (rarely) in the classic days of "Inside The NFL".
  3. We're guaranteed to lose...The Falcons seem to always play horrible against 1) A backup/rookie QB making their first start and 2) an interim head coach in their first game. Sigh...they couldn't wait a week????
  4. And nothing about the OL play or lack of lane discipline in the pass rush? It got to a point I cringed every time Ryan dropped back...wondering if he'd get hurt.
  5. No doubt....they were dominate. At the Sunday night game in 1994 against the Chiefs I hung a banner in the upper deck that said "MIKE KENN: CANTON BOUND!!!" Never made it on TV
  6. IMO the best was the Cain/Andrews backfield....what an absolute two headed monster that was.
  7. Yep, in those days you could almost count those games as two losses when looking at the season schedule....except for 1991 and that beautiful Hail Mary
  8. I absolutely DREAD watching the SF game...constant talk about the 2016 Super Bowl. And of course it will be FAR worse if ATL gets killed. But wouldn't it be incredible to see a win that week? Heck if they can beat everyone in the division at least once I'll be happy considering how much of a sh!tst0rm the first half of the season was.
  9. I'm too lazy to look it up, but did he suffer any injuries in college? I'm all for keeping him...dude is a headhunter.
  10. After the sh1tsh0w of the 1-7 start, these past two weeks have been incredibly fun to watch. I'm with you...hoping its for real.
  11. Last week the run blocking looked the best it had all season. Today it was just ok...but ATL ran enough to where the THREAT of the run allowed some great play-action. However, down the stretch I don't think other teams will take it as seriously. If we still had Freeman or Ito Smith, I'd say they're ok...not great...but ok with the run game. The run game is definitely the Achilles Heel.
  12. Ummm....what???
  13. I honestly can't think of anytime the Falcons had back-to-back games where they dominated every aspect. Even during they're best years they would blow a team out and the next week would squeak out a win. Watching them destroy the Saints and Panthers on the road is amazing. And now with three home games in a row? Just daydreaming about sweeping the division. This is the defense I saw in the preseason. Even though most name guys didn't play, the scheme was all about attacking....and I figured once the season started and the 1st team was out there they would play like we've seen the last two weeks. Instead it always looked like a vanilla 4-3 cover 2 zone. If they keep up this level of play, we have to keep Quinn AND the asst. coaches.
  14. Man I HATE that movie...when I watched it one night on HBO like 20+ years ago I had just gone through a horrible breakup and Costner and Russo falling in love just pissed me off....hahaha. But you do have a good point...every week it was the same thing with the same results...but this past game was lights out. And Pantera/Metal Trump is ****** hilarious.
  15. I agree...watching this video just made me smile which I haven't done much of this season. To go into their home...Brees returns...something like this was always a scenario where Brees would have 400 yds and 5 TD's. But nope....the D played like i saw in the preseason - attacking. FINALLY we had a game where the D looked like they weren't in a constant state of cover 2 zone with a straight 4 man rush...about as vanilla as you can get. Not saying by any stretch all the problems are fixed and they'll go 9-7....but **** that Saints game honestly made my season.