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  1. I give one year under a new GM/HC to see what Ryan and Julio can do. I know both are on the other side of their prime...but I say give it one more year. That being said, I do think its time to draft a QB to sit behind Ryan for a year or so.
  2. As a UGA fan, this is at least one bright spot on the ATL season 😜
  3. I'm just not sold on Lawrence. I stated this in another topic, but I just don't see "franchise QB" when I watch him. I really wish I could put my finger on why, its just a gut feeling.
  4. Yep...the rah rah (while not bad) works more in college. He is definitely a passionate coach, and I think his personality would work very well in college.
  5. I'm honestly glad they got rid of the Pro Bowl. Before free agency was put in place, it used to be at least a little interesting because they weren't as afraid of getting hurt and losing out an a big free agent deal. Plus, during the 80's and early 90's it was my last chance to see someone running around with a Falcons' helmet since ATL usually had one guy that would make it on the roster. It was a good way to end the season...just wind everything down like detoxing a drug addict. I don't know why I still watch it...I really don't. It gets more boring as the years go by. Just name an
  6. DQ and Mike Smith are professionals...the other two clowns were just that...clowns. And I do wish DQ the best.
  7. Completely agree...I think he'd make a very good college HC depending on the school/conference. Like most people, I like the guy, and can't imagine what it would be like to be the HC of a team that blew the biggest lead in SB history, but it was DEFINITELY time to move on (stating the obvious) ****, those three quarters thinking ATL was going to win might be as close as I ever get to seeing them win a Super Bowl...sigh...
  8. Ah ok...thanks for the details.
  9. Man I would love for the next draft to have a franchise QB, but for some reason I'm just not sold on Lawrence...wish I could put my finger on it. Watching Burroughs at LSU I could tell he'd do well in the NFL...I don't know why, but something has me hesitant about Lawrence.
  10. I thought I heard on NFL network the team only owes him 5.5 million for next year. Yeah, I know, ONLY 5.5 Million but you know what I mean. If it was 20 Million or something, I could see it.
  11. I have a feeling, and some other sports talking-heads feel the same, that this team may be gutted in the offseason. The team has MUCH bigger problems than Matt Ryan, but I do have to admit I have noticed a strength drop-off this year. The "quick" outside passes seem to take a while. It sucks because I have loved his career here...best QB the team has ever had...but I hate to say...I can't see a whole lot of teams wanting to sign him as a high dollar free agent if the Falcons do want to move on. So yeah, he might hang it up. Feel bad for the guy.
  12. Yeah when I heard that report at the half about "challenging their manhood" I literally felt like Stan from "South Park" when Randy was on "Wheel of Fortune", and Randy answered the "People that annoy you" on the final puzzle. Face palm with my eyes close going "ooohhhh" in a depressing manner.
  13. This is what I've been telling buddies of mine...it would at least send a message to the fans that you're TRYING to change things up.
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