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  1. HAHAHA....haven't heard that in about 20 years....
  2. Sad, isn't it? The bs narrative from the media over the last decade or two lumps all people of a race together and assume they all think the same and have the same opinions. That is some real racism. It's like when they cover elections and all speak about appealing to the black community, or the hispanic community, or whoever...assuming they ALL are the exact same. And this sometimes has a way of infecting the public, and therefore creating more racism. I'm soooo sick of it. Content of character....
  3. Last night was just some HORRIBLE officiating...but that SB? Yeah, three 3rd and longs all saved by bs penalties. And let's not forget about the Ryan "fumble" that wasn't.
  4. Eagles can be beaten ATL beat the Saints once, and came close in the MN game I could see them in the SB...and it scares the crap out of me...haha...after last year and then UGA I can't take much more. But hey, I wouldn't miss any of it for anything.
  5. It drives me nuts when I read/hear people criticize Ryan. How many teams truly luck out and get a QB that is near the top of the league in stats every year, never gets hurt, and has definitely won more games than he's lost? Yeah, in several years when the Falcons are trying to find that next franchise QB, people will be looking back fondly on the Matt Ryan era. Huge fan of the guy.
  6. One the NFL started letting fans vote for the Pro Bowl it just became nothing more than a popularity contest. A lot of these guys make it in based off their history or being a hot name on NFL network.
  7. Last season the offense surprised us all with the juggernaut it became... This season we keep waiting for it to come back.
  8. What a season that was! I was at the Seattle game (last one at Fulton County) and met Glanville before the game. Told him I was from Nashville and he had a ton of questions about clubs in the area, seeing stars out in public, funny conversation. Never forget watching that Saints playoff game yelling at the TV to just FALL DOWN at the end. Plus that was the season on the classic Tecmo Super Bowl...played it MANY times.
  9. Man this sucks...loved that guy. Should have been in the HOF a LONG time ago. I wish I could remember the name, but many years ago I was talking with a sportswriter who votes for HOF inductees, and he told me there was one voter that said as long as he was able to vote, he would never let Nobis get in the HOF...don't know why and I wish I could remember the name. Throwing that out there in case anyone has heard the same. RIP
  10. Grady definitely should be in consideration...and I'd also add Deion Jones to that list.
  11. But while watching that commercial only one thought comes to mind - Does he really have to pay for water after a game???? Just thought that scene was pretty stupid.
  12. ... And this is pretty much every game...quick start offense....then no offense...D on the field too long...other team comes back and wins. Almost happened in the Seattle playoff game which had me worried late in the NFC championship. And of know... I find all I do now is get mad watching the games seeing this same pattern play out over and over.
  13. Considering they've been gashed this season in the run game, that's good to see. Maybe Rubin made a bit of a difference...?
  14. Exactly...there were plenty of opportunities to win this one, that call was at a horrible time, but it wasn't the game-ender.
  15. What REALLY sucks is the season premiere of 'The Walking Dead" is that night. Been a die-hard since the 70's of ATL so I'm glad Direct TV has a decent PIP...start off with the game...8:15 do split screen to FFW through commercials, and at 9 go back to the game in real time. I truly hope its worth the effort. Funny thing is I'm happy I have such a great night of overall entertainment to look forward too. Could bomb, maybe not, but it's entertainment.