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  1. I thought this was TATF's? Apparently not.. 🙄
  2. This is all hypothetical of course. But I thought it would be interesting to discuss here. I know there are Cap issues and all that stuff. As for ME : OH HECK NO WAY I WOULD DO THIS AT ALL! Now back to the scenario..... Okay, give me a drums rolls please, and a thank you very much if you don't mind, and a hello what a great idea or you are the A-hole from WHELL! And it goes : What about trading Matt Ryan & Julio Jones for Aaron Rodgers? Would you do it? Would you want it? There are serious cap issues. But cap issues aside WOULD YOU MAKE THAT TRADE and it is that simple of a question. As for me, H@LL NO! What do you think?
  3. Let's get this straight Falcons fan! Right now! With all this moaning and groaning and complaining and analyzing and such things. NOBODY SAID : ##### TO : ATLANTIE! I thought you were all REAL fans! Nobody said "Pitt's to ATLANTIE!". LOL!!! I'm kidding seriously, some of the kind elderly folks with the NOODLE QB arms might get what I am talking about with the "Atlantie" comment. But I thought it would be worth a mention, and maybe a lil' bit of fun also. Too much stress around here about something that is meant to be a game for the fans. So, without further ado : Drums roll if you please ........ Kyle Pitts To Atlantie! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄
  4. I hope he does, because if the Falcons draft Pitts, Matt Ryan will show them all up in the NFC South. LOL! Cue the flame throwers in 3....2...1..... 😄
  5. Your comment is "The Pitts!".... I'm old, but I am sure there are some that know what that mean. And I am kidding. LOL!
  6. It's not the numbers, the only numbers that matter are the Winning the game numbers. It's kind of like having Julio Jones on the team, Julio doesn't have to go out and get 300 yards a game to be disruptive for the Falcons to win the game, all he has to do is show up and let the other team have to account for him, imagine, Pitts on the field with Julio and teams having to deal with them both, and then throw in Ridley and Hurst and Davis and so many other weapons on the Falcons offense. I guess I kind of got off topic, but as to your question, it's not so much Kyle Pitts putting up numbers, it's about having a another ELITE player that is going to have to be accounted for by the defense on the field, disruption is the key to defeating the defense, just my opinion. I just have a feeling about Kyle Pitts, I really believe 3 tight end sets and various play calling scenarios and stuff like that could really make the Falcons offense unstoppable, and I do believe they have a running game again by signing Mike Davis. Time will tell, but anyway that's just my opinion.
  7. Gotta give that Baby some Kudos, she or he knows more about the Falcons than half this freaking forums complete user list does. Just saying. LOL!
  8. My mind just hit a speed bump after reading your reply. And actually your right, he might try and address "Team Needs". But he has said many times that he would prefer to draft the best player available regardless of team needs. And when you think about it, you don't get better by moving back and trading for future projects, you get better by drafting the best possible future players regardless of need. So far he's signed players in free agency like he said he would. We shall see. Just my opinion.
  9. The first task of communication is being polite. That being said if the Falcons don't draft Kyle Pitt's, 2021 will be a wasted season in my opinion. And thank you for being polite.
  10. I have been thinking a lot about the Falcons having the "4th" pick in the draft. I'm hoping they pick Kyle Pitts honestly. It's expected the 1st 3 picks will go QB, but then again they may not, but sounds like that is the direction those 1st 3 teams in the draft will go. So, my thinking on the "4th Pick" the Falcons currently hold, LOL I sound like DR EVIL with those quotes, sorry. I think because it has been said that Terry Fontenot said when it comes to drafting that you draft the best player available regardless of need, I think they should draft Kyle Pitts if he is there at 4. Several reasons. But one of the 1st is, if you think about it, you might could trade that pick and move back for "4" picks and draft all LB's, all of which would not be able to cover the person you had a chance to pick in the first place. You do not progress by settling for less, you just create what has been known as "The Falcons Mess". I think Kyle Pitts should be the pick if available, if not, then best player available regardless of need. No need to rebuild the whole team now, Matt Ryan is here through 2023, those who don't like it, that is just how it is, but personally I think Matt's a great QB and can get the job done. Terry Fontenot has been filling the needs for the Falcons with these 1 year contracts with capable VETERAN players slowly through free agency, I like that. Rookies are a Work In Progress, unless they are very special like Kyle Pitts. Okay, there, I have voiced my opinion on the draft and put it on record, and by saying on record I mean like a signature, not like that spinning disc that some might think of that used to actually play music! LOL! Anyway, I hope I am right. We shall see.... It's a win now situation IMO, not rebuild and hope for the best years from now. JMO. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. If he traded Takk at the time instead of releasing him how does that work concerning the cap? Or would it have had no impact at all?
  12. It's not every year that you get to pick as high as the Falcons can right now. The way I see it is pick the best player available rather than trading down. For the most part teams trade down and try and address needs and stuff like that. But picking the best player available will fill a need sooner than later. Just my opinion, if you have a chance to get the BEST player available, GET THEM! You don't improve a team by trying and hoping to develop players unless it's a QB. Anyway, that is my opinion. Flame away. 😉
  13. I hate myself for saying this! But I hope the Bucs win it all. For one, the NFC South never wins anything most all of the time, they get thrown some bread crumbs every now and then but that's all, bread crumbs. I honestly can't believe that I am rooting for Tom Brady, Antonio Brown and Gronk! When they were in New England I couldn't stand them. I guess I have grown so sick of Patrick M. being compared to so many people, even Michael Jordan today! I am SICK of hearing about the Chiefs! Truth be known, I'm old, so it's old school vs new school, so I've gotta roll with old school. Old School Bucs are the underdogs and I always go with the underdogs, because most any given Sunday that is who the Falcons have been all the years I have watched them. Cough Cough! Not Covid! GO Bucs! Represent the NFC South for what it really is and that is in my opinion the hardest division in all the NFL to make it to the playoffs because NONE of the teams are soft like the other's have. Just my opinion. My prediction, Bucs 27 Chiefs17.
  14. I apologize for starting this thread without mentioning some other greats. For one "Lynn Cain". I should have mentioned Lynn also. Like I said I was a kid at the time watching, all I knew was "BOTH OF THESE CATS ARE RUNNING OVER EVERYBODY!". So Lynn Cain's name should be in consideration also for the best of all time. It was kinda like Freeman & Coleman only these two players were men among boys running the ball on the field. I have mad respect for Lynn Cain, this dude was a beast also! But from what I remember the big plays at the time were made with only one or the other on the field. Lynn Cain deserves a lot of respect also. But William Andrews in my opinion is the best of all time for the Atlanta Falcons. Unstoppable when needed. Not a knock against anybody, but people want to talk about "BEAST MODE" and they mention "Marshawn Lynch", he was not even in the same class as William Andrews, William Andrews was the REAL BEAST MODE if you saw the man play because he done what he did ON EVERY PLAY NOT JUST ONE PLAYOFF GAME. I started this thread for mainly one reason and one reason only, William Andrews should be in the NFL hall of fame, as should other Atlanta Falcons players. The NFL needs to stop being so ANTI-FALCON-SOUTH and start adding some Falcons to the Hall Of Fame who deserve it. Just my opinion. Can't help but it's a biased league because of this. Time will tell. Stay safe my friends! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Honestly, I don't think Michael Turner gets enough credit for what he did for the Falcons. But he really wasn't in the same class as William Andrews. I wanted to say that the interview here on the Falcons main site that Beek done with William Andrews is probably one of the best interviews I have ever seen, I really enjoyed watching it and would encourage everyone to watch it also. I didn't know until the Interview "While I was saying best RB, William Andrews said he was a True FULL BACK". Watch the video. I had no idea. Just one play William Andrews made in several during his career, he just runs over this dude like he was not even there.
  16. Haven't replied because I wanted to see what everyone else had to say. William Andrews in my opinion is the greatest RB in Atlanta Falcons history. And I want to clarify something, I mentioned Herschel Walker for UGA in my opening thoughts. I must say that Herschel Walker is without a doubt "IN MY OPINION" the greatest RB in UGA or college history, but that's open for discussion in another forum or thread for college sports I guess. I am a bit biased because Herschel Walker is one of my favorite persons on the entire planet, really great guy. :-) I would also like to say that I mean no disrespect to some really great RB's the Falcons have had over the years, Turner and Dunn and many others were great. But as for the greatest, in my opinion it has to be William Andrews. Just my opinion though, sadly, I don't think there will ever be football players like William Andrews and Deon Sanders and Joe Montana and such ever again, the game has gotten too far out of bounds where all that matters is what makes money rather than letting the players just have fun playing the game. But that's just my opinion. On a side note WOW! I LOVE the new Falcons hires as HC/DC/OC etc.... That is after I did a little looking into their history, these are proven winners, not wiz kids with ideas and that's what I like best about them. Hey folks, you stay SAFE OUT THERE! This covid stuff is NO JOKE! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. The title says it all. I am starting this thread because Beek interviewed William Andrews in a recent interview. My opinion is simple, I saw the man play, and regardless of the numbers, I saw this man run over people like they were not nothing in a time when the NFL would allow so many "Fouls" against the offensive RB these days. Herschel Walker was a great UGA RB, but William Andrews in my opinion for the Falcons set the standard when it come to running backs in any league. William Andrews should be a No SECOND THOUGHT HALL OF FAME PLAYER! In my opinion. But the question here is best of all time. There are a lot of names, and I know a lot of people will mention those that they have seen play. I'm probably a lot older than most here. Gerald RIggs was freaking AWESOME! Then you have to consider Craig Heyward. Also known as Iron Head Heyward. My #1 Pick would be William Andrews, because if you want to talk about a all around running back in all facets of the game, demolishing the defense simply by their own will, speed/power etc.. that was William Andrews in my opinion. FREAKING AWESOME! And for the record, as a kid I saw the man play, so I KNOW what I am talking about here! Got to mention Warrick Dunn, but he was already an established RB before coming to the Falcons, kind person. But You can't consider him a greatest Falcons RB of all time because, well, he was great before coming here and others done more, not in the same league as William Andrews, William was better! Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, they were a pair of running backs, and just my opinion they were a product of an offensive scheme and line more so than just being a pure running back like the others I mentioned who adapted and overcome. Not knocking them, they were great in what they done, but I do not believe that they are in the class of the others I have mentioned here already. Maybe I am biased, But William Andrews and Gerald Riggs and Craig Heyward were the best of all time for the Falcons. I am sure I missed someone, I am getting old so sorry if I did, no offense meant by doing so. Your thoughts on who is the GREATEST RB of all time for the ATLANTA FALCONS? GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. It's simple as to who to draft, team needs. Unless of course you are trying to rebuild. The Falcons are in a Win now situation, there is some serious Talent on this team, they have just needed the right players and right scheme and coaches in my opinion. Julio Jones is a once in a generational Wide Receiver who has shown he posses the talent even while being hurt and playing hurt he is better than most all WR's in the league. While healthy, he is the best WR in the league, it's not really even close, and to think that Antonio Brown was being considered above him by the biased media is laughable! My opinion and I am not going to throw NAMES in my picks, because a name is only a name until you make something of it, what you do in college can give an impression, but what you do in the NFL will last a lifetime if you are the real deal. Who do I think they should draft? 1st pick : Based on everything that most on here who follow football more than me, they seem to think that Arthur Smiths style of play requires a bruising running back, so I will say RUNNING back 1st pick. If they pick QB first pick then that in my opinion is a sure sign they are looking to rebuild. 2nd pick : The offensive line can be fixed depending on the scheme, a lot of times the offensive line suffers from a lack of a running back that can dictate where the defense has to be aware of guarding. Second pick, I'd go Pass Rusher, it's time to load the Box, Falcons have the tools, they just need a dominate player to open up the lanes on the defensive side of things. 3rd pick : Seems like every freaking season for the last 10 years the Falcons have drafted linebacker after linebacker and it really hasn't worked out except in a few cases which everyone knows who I am referring to by that comment. I would go on the third, another Pass Rusher, like I said less load the box. 4th Pick : CB 5th : CB just take the best available after that. The Falcons were 1 TD away as was pointed out in a recent video on this site from winning multiple games, that Bruising RB in the first would change everything where not only the RED ZONE is concerned but also how teams approach them. Remember the superbowl run/loss, Falcons had Freeman and Coleman in their prime that set the tone, so an RB who can run over players and be dominate would change everything team wise. The pass rush still hasn't been addressed after all these years. There are weapons there, with free agent pickups and all that, GRADY JARRETT is the ultimate weapon for pass rushing, but it takes more than 1 to tango, and thus far he's had nobody near his equal strengths I would consider helpful, so they just key on blocking him and play away, although he's still been able to adjust and make plays, that is the type of player I am talking about getting him help on the line with. So that is why I say draft a couple pass rushers. I didn't say LB or DT or nothing like that on purpose because depending on how the defensive scheme plays out the pass rush could come from multiple areas. Just on a side not, not a knock to any of the Falcons defensive players by my thoughts on this idea I should say, but I think there is strength in numbers when it comes to statistics on certain aspects of the game, to chase after an idea at one position is to weaken another, double up on everything and add depth and at least you have one area covered to where you can then build year 2 on what is needed. Just my opinions here folks. I just watch the games, I am not pro at all! Stay safe folks! Take care of yourselves and your family! Football is a game, life is the real challenge. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. OC's and DC's, regardless of the head coach to me are the most important thing of all. The GM brings in the talent "At least that's how it is made out to be", how that talent is brought in depends on who makes those calls I guess. I dunno. Fowler IMO, was he hurt this year? He done nothing that I can think of at all. I never liked the idea of basing a defense or offense around the schemes of 1 or 2 players, your just being baited when it comes to your approach in my opinion. I believe a well coached and healthy team who knows how to handle things will out weigh and overcome during troubled times in a game moreso than a couple of superstar "Well Known players I should say". Just my thoughts on the subject. I'm no expert that's for sure.
  20. LOL! So I must ask, as a football fan and not a FALCONS fan, and this question goes out to ALL FALCONS fans, who you rooting for? Bucs or Greenbay? I've gotta pull for the Bucs myself, and I hope the Bill beat the Chiefs. For as much as I can't stand a division rival, I am so SICK of those A. Rodgers commercials constantly! My hopes Bucs vs. Bill in the Superbowl. My Prediction, Greenbay vs. Bills in the superbowl. Bills seem the most balanced team in the AFC and that's why. We shall see.
  21. I am no crowning anyone. I am just saying it feels like the Falcons powers that be finally hired some people to put in charge that know what they are doing rather than "The Media Favorite". I mean the way this all went down, yeah there was some media predictions and media coverage "Not Much" but it's like the Falcons finally made the right choice. Yeah, they still have to play the games and win them, but I guess I have said it too many times that this just feels at least to me like a different hiring change, it's like the Falcons finally on those changes had a chance to get the best two available, or two #1's when it comes to GM's & HC's. Oh well, that is my opinion, time will tell about all that.
  22. I have got to say, while I hate to see so much failure over the past. Right now I am liking the direction the Falcons are going with in this direction hiring Arthur and Terry Fontenot. It's like the Falcons finally hired a real coach and a real GM. Please tell me why I feel this way? It's like finally they hired some people WILLING to make some decisions instead of passing the buck and pointing the finger towards others. YOU KNOW THE PROCESS and such things. We shall see and time will tell. Oh one more thing! LOOK! Less get one thing STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW FOLKS! It is not : Fonted! It is Fontenoted! 😄
  23. First off, haven't seen this in a while but : LOOK : This is TATF! But I will say : Let me guess, Drew Brees to the Colts next. 😄
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