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  1. I thought this was TATF's? Apparently not.. 🙄
  2. This is all hypothetical of course. But I thought it would be interesting to discuss here. I know there are Cap issues and all that stuff. As for ME : OH HECK NO WAY I WOULD DO THIS AT ALL! Now back to the scenario..... Okay, give me a drums rolls please, and a thank you very much if you don't mind, and a hello what a great idea or you are the A-hole from WHELL! And it goes : What about trading Matt Ryan & Julio Jones for Aaron Rodgers? Would you do it? Would you want it? There are serious cap issues. But cap issues aside WOULD YOU MAKE THAT TRADE
  3. Let's get this straight Falcons fan! Right now! With all this moaning and groaning and complaining and analyzing and such things. NOBODY SAID : ##### TO : ATLANTIE! I thought you were all REAL fans! Nobody said "Pitt's to ATLANTIE!". LOL!!! I'm kidding seriously, some of the kind elderly folks with the NOODLE QB arms might get what I am talking about with the "Atlantie" comment. But I thought it would be worth a mention, and maybe a lil' bit of fun also. Too much stress around here about something that is meant to be a game for the fans. So, with
  4. I hope he does, because if the Falcons draft Pitts, Matt Ryan will show them all up in the NFC South. LOL! Cue the flame throwers in 3....2...1..... 😄
  5. Your comment is "The Pitts!".... I'm old, but I am sure there are some that know what that mean. And I am kidding. LOL!
  6. It's not the numbers, the only numbers that matter are the Winning the game numbers. It's kind of like having Julio Jones on the team, Julio doesn't have to go out and get 300 yards a game to be disruptive for the Falcons to win the game, all he has to do is show up and let the other team have to account for him, imagine, Pitts on the field with Julio and teams having to deal with them both, and then throw in Ridley and Hurst and Davis and so many other weapons on the Falcons offense. I guess I kind of got off topic, but as to your question, it's not so much Kyle Pitts putting up numbers, it's
  7. Gotta give that Baby some Kudos, she or he knows more about the Falcons than half this freaking forums complete user list does. Just saying. LOL!
  8. My mind just hit a speed bump after reading your reply. And actually your right, he might try and address "Team Needs". But he has said many times that he would prefer to draft the best player available regardless of team needs. And when you think about it, you don't get better by moving back and trading for future projects, you get better by drafting the best possible future players regardless of need. So far he's signed players in free agency like he said he would. We shall see. Just my opinion.
  9. The first task of communication is being polite. That being said if the Falcons don't draft Kyle Pitt's, 2021 will be a wasted season in my opinion. And thank you for being polite.
  10. I have been thinking a lot about the Falcons having the "4th" pick in the draft. I'm hoping they pick Kyle Pitts honestly. It's expected the 1st 3 picks will go QB, but then again they may not, but sounds like that is the direction those 1st 3 teams in the draft will go. So, my thinking on the "4th Pick" the Falcons currently hold, LOL I sound like DR EVIL with those quotes, sorry. I think because it has been said that Terry Fontenot said when it comes to drafting that you draft the best player available regardless of need, I think they should draft Kyle Pitts if he is there
  11. If he traded Takk at the time instead of releasing him how does that work concerning the cap? Or would it have had no impact at all?
  12. It's not every year that you get to pick as high as the Falcons can right now. The way I see it is pick the best player available rather than trading down. For the most part teams trade down and try and address needs and stuff like that. But picking the best player available will fill a need sooner than later. Just my opinion, if you have a chance to get the BEST player available, GET THEM! You don't improve a team by trying and hoping to develop players unless it's a QB. Anyway, that is my opinion. Flame away. 😉
  13. I hate myself for saying this! But I hope the Bucs win it all. For one, the NFC South never wins anything most all of the time, they get thrown some bread crumbs every now and then but that's all, bread crumbs. I honestly can't believe that I am rooting for Tom Brady, Antonio Brown and Gronk! When they were in New England I couldn't stand them. I guess I have grown so sick of Patrick M. being compared to so many people, even Michael Jordan today! I am SICK of hearing about the Chiefs! Truth be known, I'm old, so it's old school vs new school, so I've gotta roll with old schoo
  14. I apologize for starting this thread without mentioning some other greats. For one "Lynn Cain". I should have mentioned Lynn also. Like I said I was a kid at the time watching, all I knew was "BOTH OF THESE CATS ARE RUNNING OVER EVERYBODY!". So Lynn Cain's name should be in consideration also for the best of all time. It was kinda like Freeman & Coleman only these two players were men among boys running the ball on the field. I have mad respect for Lynn Cain, this dude was a beast also! But from what I remember the big plays at the time were made with only one or the other on t
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