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  1. Let's hope 'QB1' can turn things around.
  2. Would like to see some sort of control variable for receiver quality, and volume. Elite receivers streaking downfield, and only throwing to them when they're wide open, does not the "best deep passer" make.
  3. One more time. Since you seem to like formulae, I'll play along. 23 points == empirical, objective "I think these routes look creative, look at my photos" == subjective
  4. That was young Cam Newton-like.
  5. But most here are 100% convinced 'QB1' won't regress in the new regime.
  6. Dalton is awful. Glad I started Houston at D/ST, but not stoked to have picked AJ Green with my second round pick...
  7. One look at his grammar and syntax, and that much is clear.
  8. Well first of all, this thread is about the overall play-calling, not specifically how "creative" it is. And it's highly ironic that you imply a thread on "creativity," which is about as subjective a term as you can dream up, has any objectively probative value.
  9. You think my post was "racked up against bottom tier [opposition]?"
  10. Probably because we don't think there was much creativity shown last week? 2+2=4.
  11. Lots of people would rather keep their heads in the sand than load that .gif, my friend.
  12. My opponents, though certainly not always up to snuff, are probably not "bottom tier."
  13. TLV is very authentic; the majority of the clientele is ordering in Spanish (not that that's a perfect litmus test). Love Bell Street...those grilled steak&shrimp XLs will put you in a coma.
  14. "Tacos La Villa" on 41 is the best in the city, in my opinion.
  15. For all I know, NateDogg1215 is a heavy-hitter