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  1. Exactly. how many times have we got a high first rounder and they were crap or at least not good? I know there are a few more than Beasley and hence the draft crap shoot
  2. I did not say he was, I said mr liked tg not that he was part of mr mvp season bug I see how you could have thought that
  3. What are you saying ? I have had this account for 4 years
  4. um no, to be honest i dont like any Qb this year outside of Lawerence and i'm not sold on him either, again I think pitts is the BPA can't you read ? but IMO Lawerence is NUMBER 1 QB and they have the rankings right as far as QB goes
  5. That’s why they are called the Steelers get it! 🤪
  6. It seems they are very close in those regards but again I don’t have the exact stats and will get torched if I make a mistake so.....
  7. Me too besides his a freak of an athlete much like Julio that we traded away the farm for. We have a chance to get another JJ at the right spot
  8. Haha what facts? It’s all a bunch of people guessing . Heck at least 1 of the top 4 qbs will be a bust -watch. And can you guess which one Atlanta will take? At least Ryan was the number 1 qb. At 3 I like pitts at 4 , you are free to disagree. It’s just what I want to happen after reading and watching pitts .
  9. And you know how Matt loved Tony G JJ, Ridley pitts MR this is back to Matt’s mvp year talent with a better OL and just as good or maybe even better RB’s now can we find a D? I think it is better
  10. Watching a lot of film on Kyle and him being the BPA , probably the best player in the draft. According to many people. Also just seems to be a waste to draft the 4 th best qb and let him sit for two years.
  11. This is a no brainer pitts is not only the best player available but the best player in the draft end of story. How do you not take him. ? Trade down and fill needs? No this is a jj type player. Take the 4th best qb nah. Let’s win now, get pitts, you can always trade or draft a qb after Matt is gone. If the falcons pass on pitts at 4 , I will seriously question how smart the new staff really are.
  12. So we are getting our 2 1st rounders on the OL back from injury, we still have mathews and mack? How is the OL shaping up for this year? on the DL we got a new pass rusher Fowler to go along with Mckinnley DE and Jarrett DT in the middle . thoughts on the line DL ? looks like we got a starter from the ravens at TE. we got ridley and JJ of course MR and now Gurley at RB. Are we improving What do we need in this upcoming draft. I read Falcons could trade up to (th and get the best corner to replace butterfingers forgot name off the top of my head. thoughts?
  13. Yeas i have watched all of this teams piss poor performance, MR has not played as well as he can, nor the team. tons of penalties, turnovers, and mental mistakes....If not for a a miracle 4th and 3 play, or a great tackle they would be 0-3
  14. MR’s turnovers have killed us more than anything. Plus no blitzing brisset why? Make him make some bad throws at least, falcons are playing soft, zone zone zone. That being said the players are the ones that can’t get off the field, have they gotten a 3 and out through 3 games?
  15. Yes loved it, but would have loved it more if I was not a falcon fan,,,,, jeez they sould re-name this team to The falcon cardiacs!!
  16. Nothing is single handedly in the NFL, Maybe if the line played a little better, but yes not his best game, that being said STFU, How many times has he won the game? 37? I would say a lot more......
  17. season is early there is plenty of room for improvement. no team wants to be 0-4 when hit their stride. just hang in their....philly great defense, got beat up on Offense. but hey so are we , this is just the way it is in the NFL. I will take the Win next....Can't win the SB in Sept. any get what im saying. I remember a pack and giants team played crappy all year squeked into the post season then went on to win the SB, is my point.
  18. I agree Matt was horrible at least more than he was great. His turnovers and underthrows almost cost them the game. I realize philly is a good defense but dam. That under throw to jj that set a TD for philly was awful. that should have been a 90 yard score for jj. 2nd and six Matt had the check down for maybe 1st or close. all we needed there was to be patient and he forces it int triple coverage????? but nice read and throw to jj, thanking mathews for a TD. Final verdict this game did not need to be this close. Falcons could have put this game to rest after the 1st 5min of 3rd Q!!
  19. I concur to great DL's and our OL injury riddled
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