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  1. All I have heard or read is hearsay maybe he jj has Been unhappy I just don’t know that 100% . sure if he is unhappy , see ya and thank you. I kinda just want a reason , seems to me on the outside atl has been good to jj. The wife thing yes I agree but I would still want a reason. I guess in the end it doesn’t matter. As a fan I just don’t feel satisfied. No matter what we are a worse team without jj and some team will be way better for peanuts.
  2. Well anyhoo thanks for the food for thought I gotta class to teach ty
  3. I guess a want a reason why he doesn’t want to be here in atl
  4. What’s to complain about, I guess jj comes out and says hey I just want to move on. Then ok right now it’s all speculation imho
  5. I don’t know why he hates alt so much , they have been great to jj redid his deal when he time left on his contract and made him top paid receiver, loved by fans , with pitts they can win this year
  6. Do we know for sure that is what jj wants? We got one quote to sharpe when he didn’t think he was on air , players talk shish all the time to friends
  7. Ok that kinda makes sense, but he is a pro and will do his job regardless
  8. They want a first rounder but teams know we must get rid of jj nobody is going to give a first, when alt would almost for sure take a 2nd and 3rd
  9. I just can’t see why we would trade jj. For 2nd and 3rd round picks is what I hear. Even a first isn’t worth it. So many draft picks never pan out, why wouldn’t you keep the guy and win now? Salary cap, got to be a way to manipulate that, saints did it for what seems like 20 years. Unless we get defensive help and significant defense help , no way trade jj. Say we trade for a 1st next year , highly unlikely from what is being said. And the team that we traded with does well and that first rounder is in the 20’s or 2nd and a 2 3rd’s wow terrible move to trade for that. I can’t see trading
  10. Exactly. how many times have we got a high first rounder and they were crap or at least not good? I know there are a few more than Beasley and hence the draft crap shoot
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