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  1. Yes loved it, but would have loved it more if I was not a falcon fan,,,,, jeez they sould re-name this team to The falcon cardiacs!!
  2. Nothing is single handedly in the NFL, Maybe if the line played a little better, but yes not his best game, that being said STFU, How many times has he won the game? 37? I would say a lot more......
  3. season is early there is plenty of room for improvement. no team wants to be 0-4 when hit their stride. just hang in their....philly great defense, got beat up on Offense. but hey so are we , this is just the way it is in the NFL. I will take the Win next....Can't win the SB in Sept. any get what im saying. I remember a pack and giants team played crappy all year squeked into the post season then went on to win the SB, is my point.
  4. i concur.... ah men
  5. I agree Matt was horrible at least more than he was great. His turnovers and underthrows almost cost them the game. I realize philly is a good defense but dam. That under throw to jj that set a TD for philly was awful. that should have been a 90 yard score for jj. 2nd and six Matt had the check down for maybe 1st or close. all we needed there was to be patient and he forces it int triple coverage????? but nice read and throw to jj, thanking mathews for a TD. Final verdict this game did not need to be this close. Falcons could have put this game to rest after the 1st 5min of 3rd Q!!
  6. I concur to great DL's and our OL injury riddled
  7. what's the longest scoring drive from the Eagles 30 yards?
  8. if / probably will lose this because it's the same ol' Falcons CHOKE
  9. MR single lost this game
  10. NO!
  11. sad thing is without the 3 turn overs in the first quater shish could have gone the other why just to stupid on DQ and team not ready to play
  12. after matthews letting MR get smashed on the first play, i was like wth, are Falcons still in pre-season. After the blocked punt , hmmm they are rusty. Then watching MInny dance into the endzone basically untouched. I thought O crap We are in trouble. After MR/JJ pick, I was like game over. After the freeman fumble......I was like same old sh$t different season. WOW, totally unprepared, that is on DQ and staff,, Maybe they get there shish together by next week.
  13. OK Riddle me this. if MR throws the rock to JJ and jj falls down at the 5 yard line but rolls into the end zone and fumbles to Sanu is it a home run? or should we just punt?
  15. Like how MR has played this year. ( and since he has got here ) tonight, 380 yards, 80% comp %, all with no OL help, Imagine this team without all the injuries.?? I digress, 16 TD's( 2 rush) and what about 2000 yards? MR the next 3/4 years are his prime years,hate to see him waste them on the Falcons. they already robbed Matt of one SB...I am not saying the Falcons can't be good, but you all know this team is cursed right?