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  1. Like how MR has played this year. ( and since he has got here ) tonight, 380 yards, 80% comp %, all with no OL help, Imagine this team without all the injuries.?? I digress, 16 TD's( 2 rush) and what about 2000 yards? MR the next 3/4 years are his prime years,hate to see him waste them on the Falcons. they already robbed Matt of one SB...I am not saying the Falcons can't be good, but you all know this team is cursed right?
  2. the explanation was that his arm was going forward, the ball came out, then the QB tried to grab the ball after he felt it slip out of his hands. makes sense kinda, but still BS that. is a fumble 9 times outta 10 for most other teams
  3. Atlanta falcons are not the pats, or one of the NFL's darling teams, so we have never got the calls, even in the super bowl the pats had a lot of penalties that were not called, they had that miracle comeback with a little help from the NFL's lynch men. I mean the refs. teams like the falcons must pummel teams for a good stretch before the refs will even think about calling those penalties
  4. He was and has been one of are few bright spots on this pathetic defense, He almost won that game for us at the end. Makes me wonder is beasley a bust? and btw You gotta feel bad for MR, wow he has had an awesome start after he shook of the rust at that Eagles game. props also to ridley He has what double the TD's than JJ did all of last year. I will keep watching because I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to my diry birds lately ( turds ) And also nice thread from that Yoda avatar guy...402-4 when offense scores 36+ and has no turnovers. amazing stat falcons have 2 of the 4 L's wow Atlanta curse alive and well
  5. see above
  6. Just a shame, this team had so much potential, and all the injuries on D. no I am done, Maybe next year. credit to MR and the O though exciting to watch. Just can't have half a team and expect fans to stick around. This is the Falcons, doomed, cursed as many believe, or just unlucky, this team will never win a SB. 35 years and have been disappointed ever year, so again see ya next year.
  7. Yeah well after today, this loss, no one will be left on these boards and there will be plenty of space
  8. hey homer good game
  9. scrubs
  10. i was asking that Q about signing Reid and got a bunch of crap for it. instead they stay cheap, and fill in the spots with a bunch of scrubs, Panthers get reid to boot not for 5mill like these board homer vets said, just a little less than 2 mill. SMDH
  11. this D is total crap
  12. well it sure is heck didn't help
  13. Why would you not pursue Eric Reid? 5 year vet and one of the best safeties in the league. It's painfully obvious that this ATL D cannot and won't stop any team from scoring at will. Pay the man
  14. I did not say anything about giving up, we just going to have to outscore everyone.....and assume no lead is safe, and never go into prevent,