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  1. Without an explanation, I would say yes. Any more is gonna cost ya
  2. Let's just finally make some noise in the playoffs. It's long overdue
  3. Please please sign!
  4. Butbut but Matt Ryan has a noodle arm
  5. lol real housewives of ATL we remember you
  6. I bet I know a mod in these forums that won't make it to the game, because they've never been to a Falcons game and are not a real fan, but they will sure ban true fans of this team that do go to the games and put out hard earned money to see the Falcons play. But hey, I would love to go to a preseason or regular season game because I'm a REAL fan of this team, not some faker from 1400 miles away.
  7. Yes lets bring him back so we can trade him for more goods!
  8. Championship
  9. It's good to see the Hawks having some good young talent. Let's hope they don't trade them all away again
  10. VB might surprise some folks this season
  11. Personally I'm excited to see what these guys can produce
  12. Who is ready for some baseball,?
  13. Would you guys accept tim Tebow on this team?