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  1. I agree... I've been wanting Dan Quinn gone for awhile knowing it wasn't time for it to happen but if this is true then it's now time for Quinn to go...
  2. Top 5? Okay I'm going to go check stats... and I ain't talkin about padded stats at the end of the game when it doesn't matter after we've gotten our butts kick neither
  3. That's the whole point I'm trying to make! Matt Ryan without the Falcons in some case is a journeyman quarterback himself... Matt Ryan on another team wouldn't even be a starter and be successful... without the Falcons I believe personally Matt Ryan would be out the league or someone's backup at best.. just like Joe Flacco's on his way out possibly...
  4. Go get a footjob so you can have something to be happy about for once in your life lol
  5. I'm really not trying to be the bad guy for real, it was just my opinion earlier.. but there's a lot of Truth in this post you just wrote. 0 Super Bowl rings, that's what us as Falcons fans are looking for and nothing less. anything short of that is a failure. all I was just saying is that having Matt Ryan at the helm it's not going to cut it. 2016 was our only shot unless Matt Ryan becomes god next year
  6. But yo old lady was worth every dime lol... °°° sing along°°°°
  7. So you're telling me he was not MORE consistent but he was a Super Bowl champion with Tampa Bay... you know it takes consistency to pull that off something the Falcons wasn't in Super Bowl 51
  8. But wait, to really answer your question, the Brad Johnson, thing. wasn't Brad Johnson a little bit more consistent than Matt Ryan, no seriously?
  9. Trent Dilfer had the privilege to have a great defense and a historical defense at that!!! Brad Johnson, just had a great team that he worked along with in Tampa Bay. Matt Ryan in the Falcons with that dumb coaching staff at the time now weren't even mentally privileged or prepared for any games that were even considered on the line... My point I'm trying to make is that Matt Ryan isn't even a Brad Johnson! Trent Dilfer, yeah I see your point but even he was privileged with a great defense.. our whole team needs work we are one of the worst!
  10. It's sad that you think very mediocre of what talent and success really is smh We cannot win with Matt Ryan, you fool. 2016 was our best chance and he and ignorant boneheaded offensive coordinator and Dan Quinn and the rest of your mediocre family failed us all...
  11. Oh yeah and you too? you're another coward just like the rest of these fools around here. you cannot wait to jump on someone's bandwagon to attack one person opinion. you are a classic coward! I hope this not what defines our football team cuz if it is no wonder we suck...
  12. Oh we can take it personal *** throat lol. All I'm saying is that being a narcissist is a whole different level it has nothing to do with these boards.. if you were so complete within yourself you wouldn't have to jump on anybody's bandwagon to attack one person's opinion you fool.
  13. Narc, Narc, really dude? this is NOT a relationship bored.. Lol smh... dude shut up and get on YouTube...
  14. You are so dumb lol... Awwww I guess ever since the Falcons didn't have a good season you had nothing else to get aroused about... E.D. is a heck of a problem.
  15. I will stand my ground all i want. You're still dumb. And you're an autistic mangina with E.D.
  16. In my opinion i just think it's just some old hating bullcrap going on that has notbing to do with none of the above... I don't think Kubiak wants to come here
  17. Oh okay.. Didn't know that. But still, he wasn't even coaching this season... ??? So isn't he not tied to any teams?
  18. You are the first post on this thread to respond to me in a way that it sounds like you actually watch the Falcons instead of just being a fan of Matt Ryan
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