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  1. I'll sign on ... AHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. Hahahaha just trying to spread a little humor I mean our season looks like it's practically over smh thanks to Dan Quinn and our defense maybe next year
  3. Go wash your butt for 8:50 an hour is referring to the rescue missions that actually charge homeless people to wash their butt for money
  4. And they are also professionals they need to show some dignity and it's just none there and it all starts with the head coach I hope changes are made today
  5. Lol.... it means that the Falcons is smelling the individual all the way in Pittsburgh from behind his internet screen.. and it's distracting our team this madness needs to stop! we don't need to fire Dan Quinn, we should fire that fan lol
  6. I did just read a book, I just read you lol Go wash your butt for 8:50 an hour so my Falcons can win this game and stop smelling your stench of distraction Buwahahaha
  7. Hahahaha. You're crying now baby lol.. Awwww, you must know a lot about crack heads huh.. someone get him a hit, he's getting sensitive, he's feening right now lol... With powder lips lol it'll be okay Boy George lol
  8. I was preaching this last week but nobody is listening to me I just kept getting told on and on oh you're not a fan though the sky is falling I'll get out of here so I'm not surprised
  9. tack on 18 more years to that buddy I'll mop the floor with you
  10. 15 is an understatement for me I'm not Invincible but compared to you I am try me
  11. Oh by the way I can sit back behind the internet and talk as much crap as I can possibly talk in your goddang face too! Buddy u have no idea...
  12. Roses are red violets are blue that day your your grandparents probably died was a good day because ever since they had a grandson as dumb as you is probably the best option they probably do lol.... Oh I'll keep coming you autistic dog lol. Woof woof a full moon is coming out tonight don't let pups come out your @**
  13. Hmmm. You actually asked? You must be concerned about really wearing them u austistic *****