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  1. I hope. Heck I think we're the best in the nfl but I just hope we can get away from butt hurt playcalling... then "Walla" SUPERBOWL!
  2. I'll hope and pray you're wrong about him lol.
  3. I know you asked him the question but I just wanted to give my opinion on it. Oh heck no, DQ should never be fired! Well Matt Ryan .... ? He still good! Let just hope and pray steve suckisian, becomes genius over night and no, I'm not saying that to be sarcastic..
  4. Great read man I hope we get it!
  5. Yes and you are right you have the right to worry about the Falcons coming into 2018 I just so much hate completely hate how others have the need to objective shun your opinion just because you have worries about this team while their heads are stuck in their butt pretending like we're the same team that went to the Super Bowl I applaud you for your opinion bro
  6. I would have never took the time to think about that but I think you just gave a good answer there..hmmmm? Would have never thought
  7. I mean look you could be right because I've been going off on sarkisian all year and still want this guy gone, but I hope he can resurrect our offense, but at the same time I don't even remember Shanahan being this bad when he was considered by our standards bad just think about it
  8. Do don't feel bad about your comment anytime a team comes out sleep like that and the other team is awake it's always cause for concern you have a right to your opinion you're a fan just like everybody else
  9. You wanna sammich too...
  10. X"The only thing that stood out to me is that Steve sarkisian needs to go" lol
  11. Duke is sometimey but he needs to step up his game seriously
  12. The only thing that stood out to me is that Steve sarkisian needs to go
  13. To me it doesn't matter who look good tonight! You can have the 93' Cowboys with Steve "sucks" sarkisian calling plays and I guarantee you that team wouldn't even make the playoffs....
  14. Look let's give credit to the old-timer Falcons fans guys these people have endured many many years of pain emotional pain probably to the point of not wanting to watch NFL anymore and they're still hanging in there so this gives me motivation and inspiration to hanging with my Falcons too