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  1. No that video does not show the hit Matt Shaub laid on a ref during his first tenure here. He's bloodied him up lol.
  2. If it was Madden I would, but you have a proven guy potential future hall of famer in Ryan it's hard to trade him. They would have to sweeten the pot a lot more for me to bite..... again if this was Madden I would do it in a heart beat lol.
  3. No.... Twitter is so dumb. I mean trading Ryan is salary cap suicide. It doesn't matter what we get we kill ourselves in the salary cap.
  4. Thoughts and Prayers for Neal. It looked like he knew right away
  5. He's saying, what if he wasn't touched. But I guess it's the same as a QB kneel. Play is over and they called the timeout.
  6. Timeout doesn't matter if there are 0 seconds left on the clock
  7. This is what I'm saying. Diving for a catch doesn't stop the clock until they are touched right?
  8. All they had to do was not tackle him for 2 more seconds lol very falcon esque way to lose the game
  9. They are also going to do a weekly captain that will change each game. Devondre Cambell is going to be the week 1 captain.
  10. I can tell you have thought a lot about Ryan ****ting himself lol.
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