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  1. Great post. I have been with the Falcons since the very beginning. The wrong with this team has been way more than the right. Although there have been a few noteworthy seasons they are to few and far between.
  2. Do not believe I was telling other people how to act just made an observation. Guess no one is entitled to any opinion but yours huh......
  3. Not every mobile qb is the answer. But it is room for thought. A drop back passer with this offensive line does not have much of a chance. Change is sometimes good.
  4. Wow I did not say that. I said something entirely different. I know the offensive line lacks. I am saying having a more mobile QB would be a plus with a offensive line like the Falcons have. It just an opinion don't get your panties in a wad lol.
  5. Wow name calling. Makes you bigger man huh...................
  6. Well I can see you did not read my whole post. What the heck was there to be laughing about on the sideline when your getting your butt kicked?
  7. I'm sorry but I feel our QB play is sub-par compared to other QB's in the NFL. Ryan does a few things ok then goes backward. I feel if we had a more mobile QB in this league we would stand a better chance or at least a offensive line that could block consistently. Ryan has some fire but in watching his sideline demeanor he was laughing and cutting up, I'm sorry that does not show me much. I know I will take heat over this just my honest opinion.
  8. Afraid another beat down by the Bucs. Hope not just not optimistic!
  9. Hey guys peel me up please...
  10. Some new actors, but same outcome. 0-4 if you count the preseason where none of are quote and unquote stars were allowed to play. Get ready for those who want to endure it another long season of losses. I see nothing that makes me think otherwise.
  11. I saw nothing in this group of backups that gave me hope. Franks was running for his life most of second half. No real holes for the running backs. As usual we got embarrassed and beat down for the most part.
  12. This team stinks from the top of organization to the bottom of the organization. They don't have a clue.
  13. There was a film called "Bye Bye Birdie" soooooo..........
  14. I saw a couple of players choking each other.....or maybe they were just massaging each other...
  15. I just knew we would recover that onside kick....LOL!
  16. Looks to me like in addition to coaching firings we need to fire some players especially the often hurt ones that can never stay healthy.
  17. Playoffs not likely, I guess miracles could happen, but I do not see it with this defense. Realistically this team might make it to 5-11 if they are very lucky is the way I see it. But again I guess miracles are possible in this case who knows for sure.
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