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  1. This team stinks from the top of organization to the bottom of the organization. They don't have a clue.
  2. There was a film called "Bye Bye Birdie" soooooo..........
  3. I saw a couple of players choking each other.....or maybe they were just massaging each other...
  4. I just knew we would recover that onside kick....LOL!
  5. Looks to me like in addition to coaching firings we need to fire some players especially the often hurt ones that can never stay healthy.
  6. Playoffs not likely, I guess miracles could happen, but I do not see it with this defense. Realistically this team might make it to 5-11 if they are very lucky is the way I see it. But again I guess miracles are possible in this case who knows for sure.
  7. Maybe it will snow so deep that they cannot pass the ball and the running game on snowmobiles are needed to have a fun game....lol
  8. I want to fly one of the drones beats watching the Falcons.
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