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  1. He is not the problem, he is a good QB, but he is mostly either running for his life or having to pass before he needs too. Get real people he's not the problem.
  2. I became a Falcon fan when they started. We were so excited when we were awarded the franchise. One of the biggest things that had happen in Atlanta back in the sixties. I am almost 69 years old and guess I will continue hanging with them till I depart this world, then the heck with them!
  3. It is not the head coach alone the whole coaching staff as well as the team are tanking. I honestly do not believe they will win another game this year. I hope I'm wrong. But I still believe it started with the preseason, and going in to the season with no motivation at all. No winning attitude, no real testing in the preseason and still wound up with hurt players. Loosing attitude.
  4. I got over it the same, don't think about unless someone brings it up. It's over and done in mind.
  5. You cannot really compare WR because each are unique in their own way. I would say Julio is one of the best, but with any their always room for improvement. Just my take.
  6. Wow

    Well he is 14-14 in the last 2 seasons not counting pre-season and playoff losses and or win. That is a 50% winning percentage I have seen a lot of coaches get fired for that kind of record. Just saying.
  7. Wow

    Reeves skid happen a season faster but it still happen with Quinn just took him a extra season. Let's just wait and see how long his skid happens. Draft is not going to fix the problem though.
  8. Wow

    How about Reeves taking us to SB and then what happen. Go back and look at the history of the Falcons then you will see why I said what I did.
  9. Move Quinn to DC get a new HC and Offensive Coordinator.
  10. Spot on!
  11. Agreed OL stank once again.
  12. The draft will not fix this team never has never will. You people are hoping to much on that! I have been around since season one and that has always been the hope of many other people. It has never done anything to fix this team. I don't know what the answer is. I don't think anyone does. How can you possibly be happy that we are now at the #5 pick, that just sad. Playing for a draft pic geez. It want fix anything. Look at the Patriots they go out and get no names and build a great team. Come on people. Grow up!!!
  13. Wow

    This team is no different than the teams of the past. A few good years nothing great then the downward spiral. This has been the same team since their inception. I know I have been with them from season one till today. Draft picks want fix this team, only the desire to win can. But that never happens for any sustain period of time with Falcons. I keep telling you people to get use to it. Enjoy the wins when they come. Endure the losses because they are going to come now for awhile. This team is in the give up stage. They might win a couple of more this year but don't hold your breath. Looks to me like they are regressing rapidly. They cannot run the ball so they are one dimensional. Defenses are going to eat them alive. Bad coaching also. I never see any adjustments after halftime. Same old same old. Sorry!
  14. Toss up after this game probably toss up my lunch....