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  1. Tommy Nobis hands down!
  2. He was trying to make the game a little closer looking than it was.
  3. I've been a Falcon fan for more than 50 yrs, through all the up's and down's. I never expect much but still remain hopeful after all these years. Miracles happen. I think being positive helps you live longer so maybe that will equate to a Super Bowl win during your lifetime!
  4. The Brotherhood will fix it..........right!!!!
  5. What I see with DQ is him just walking around sometimes looking at his little sheet of paper writing on it, I think he is drawing little pictures, told his linebacker coach to go and coach the linebackers, thought he was DC righttttttttttttttttt.....
  6. I tired of that brotherhood crap.
  7. Preseason matters! Sorry if you don't agree!
  8. Sorry to say but I agree. Eagles will beat us unless a miracle happens.
  9. This will be another typical Falcon year. High expectations but low effort! I saw nothing that told me different today. What I saw mostly was a team making more mistakes than plays. You can point in many different directions from bad coaching to poor play. But after following this team all these years from inception I don't really expect much more. My prediction for the year will be maybe at best a slight possibility of more wins than losses and if they by luck make it in to the playoffs they lose in the first round. This brotherhood crap means nothing and I'm tired of hearing that lame saying. Just being real folks beat me up if you like but I have been with this team from the beginning and I have seen it all!
  10. He is not the problem, he is a good QB, but he is mostly either running for his life or having to pass before he needs too. Get real people he's not the problem.
  11. I became a Falcon fan when they started. We were so excited when we were awarded the franchise. One of the biggest things that had happen in Atlanta back in the sixties. I am almost 69 years old and guess I will continue hanging with them till I depart this world, then the heck with them!
  12. It is not the head coach alone the whole coaching staff as well as the team are tanking. I honestly do not believe they will win another game this year. I hope I'm wrong. But I still believe it started with the preseason, and going in to the season with no motivation at all. No winning attitude, no real testing in the preseason and still wound up with hurt players. Loosing attitude.
  13. I got over it the same, don't think about unless someone brings it up. It's over and done in mind.